X Plus Messenger on PC: Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac Download Guide

X Plus Messenger is one of the top-ranking communication apps that use Telegram API and the latest features. It got remarkable appreciation from its users regarding its modern options and efficiency of work. According to its review and ratings, it has 4.2 stars on the page of google play store. More than 500,000 installations are registered yet, making it stand on the top spot of Google Play Store apps.

X Plus is developed for IOS and android phones or tabs, so downloading it on smartphones doesn’t need any extra effort. Just visit google play store or Apple app store and write X Plus Messenger on the search bar and click on the install option.

After a few seconds, you will find X Plus in your android phone ready to use. But if you are a laptop user or a PC and want to download X Plus Messenger on your PC – Windows 11, 10, 8, & 7, you have to follow a different method. In this post, we will learn about the procedure of downloading this stunning communication app on a PC.

How to Download the X Plus Messenger on PC?

Android apps are specifically for the android environment so if you want to install them in the Windows state then you need to deceive the system. For generating an environment similar to the android device we need a specific tool that is called an emulator. The work of the emulator is to develop the properties of an android device on your computer. Now Windows is ready to download the X Plus communication app through the emulator on a laptop or pc.

To install the emulator, just visit the website of the required emulator and click on the emulator file to start its downloading. There are many emulators in the online market, but the expert choice is LD Player which is the most trusted and reliable one.

LD player will make your computer able to download android apps smoothly and quickly. It will not make your Windows heavy and slow, so you can use it without any worries. The following procedure is quick and straightforward just act on the given instructions and start using the X Plus Messenger on the laptop.

Download X Plus Messenger App on PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 Guide

Below, you’ll read the step-by-step details that you need in order to install this app. Ensure that you follow all procedures to download the X Plus Messenger app on PC successfully.


  • Open the emulator on the screens of your computer or laptop.
  • Now Home Screen of the emulator will appear in front of you. Look for the Google play store that is pre-installed in the emulator.
  • Open the Google play store on the Home Screen of the emulator.
  • Sear for the X Plus Messenger app in the Goole play store and click on the “install” to start the downloading.
  • After a few seconds, you will be able to interact with your friends from your laptop successfully.

The primary purpose of X Plus on your Windows PC is to enable you to send text and multimedia messages to your contacts and exchange voice and video messages with them. You can send text messages to your contacts, share photos, and videos, and make audio calls on your mobile phone or laptop.

The whole procedure of installing X Plus is not very complicated; you can complete this task within five minutes without seeking any help from experts. After learning about the downloading process of the X Plus, let’s move on to talk about the technical details of the communication app.

Features of the X Plus App

Now you know that you can use this Android or iOS app on your laptop. Even if it is not officially available for Windows. After learning about the whole procedure of downloading, it’s to use this app. Before using the X Plus, let’s check out the technical traits of the app.


  • X Plus will not disappoint you with its instant messaging option.
  • In chats, you can use various types of stickers and animated emojis to express your emotions.
  • Documents, photos, videos, and links can also be shared through X Plus.
  • Other than one-on-one chat with your friends, you can create or join groups of your friends and family.
  • For managing chats, X plus is decorated with the latest features like a secret chat with your friends. The confidential conversation will use end-to-end encryption to prevent any leakage of information to the server.
  • You can also add passwords to hide your chats and contacts to increase the level of security.
  • When you are busy and you cannot answer your friends then you can set automated responses. It will send a message to your friends automatically without disturbing you.
  • Other than text messages X Plus also supports voice and video calls.
  • You can turn in the notification for a specific contact which will give you an alert when that person is online.
  • The Voice changer function can also be experienced in this app.

Plenty of features are still there which collectively increase the performance of the X Plus. You can keep your friends and family close to you by using this interacting app.

You don’t need to be worried about the safety of your device and your personal details, the account on the X plus is quite safe to use.

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Final Words

X Plus Messenger app is a voice and video chat app for Android phones. You can use it on a PC, or laptop using the tricks above. Chats and video calls with families, friends, and family members around the world are no longer any complicated things with X Plus.

Develop long-lasting relationships with people you know and people you don’t. Plan and work together in the video calls. X Plus features dynamic voice chat, dynamic video chat, asynchronous messaging, phone numbers entry, contact lists, and a mobile keyboard.

It is highly customizable and simple to use. So you can adapt it to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

We hope that the guide for downloading X Plus Messenger for PC and a detailed explanation of its features will help you to use this app in a better way.