Download Kik Messenger On PC Guide – Windows 11/10/8/7


Kik is a messaging app just like WhatsApp and Telegram. It contains all the latest features and trends to make your chat interesting and ongoing.

This app gives you the same experience as you are sending messages on your smartphone.

What is Kik Messenger App?

Kik is a messaging app that was introduced in October 2009. It became quite famous just after its launch as it had more than 1 million users in just two weeks. The feature that makes this app popular is that you do not need to leave the app in order to open shared links in the browser. As this app has its own integrated browser, so you can open any type of link by remaining in the app.

Along with that, you can use this app with other messaging apps as well. It lets you know the status of your messages and sync your contacts from other messengers as well.

Features of Kik Messenger App


User-Friendly Interface

You don’t need to see long tutorials to use the app. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. You just need an e-mail to sign up and enjoy an amazing experience of chatting with your friends.

Recover Older Messages

This app lets you recover your older messages that have disappeared from the chat. You can retrieve your messages from the ‘history’ option. So, you do not need to worry if you have lost your important data, you can easily recover it in Kik messenger. This feature makes it a perfect messaging app to be used on PC.

Custom Built Features

You can make your chats attractive and entertaining through many customization features. You can add up your desired wallpapers in the chats. Also, you can set up a special ringtone for your friends and loved ones. In this way, you will not miss any of your important messages.

Invite your Friends

If you want to chat with your friend who is not on Kik, you can send him an invite. You can send this invite via an e-mail, text, or any other social media app to any of your contacts.


You will receive a notification whenever a message is received or sent so that you don’t miss any of your messages.

Unique Kik Code

Every user has their own Kik code. Using this code, you can easily connect with other people. You can find this feature in the settings tab.

Talk to a Bot

Another amazing feature of Kik messenger is “Kik’s Bot”. If you do not have any friends or if you have one but he is not free at the moment, you can chat with the Kik’s Bot. not only you can chat but you can also play and enjoy many other activities with the bot.

Other Features of Kik Messenger (PC/ Mobile)

It also includes the features of Video Chats, Groups Chats, and Multimedia Messages. You cannot only create groups of your friends and family but also you can find the groups of your interest and request them to add you. Along with the option of video calls, you also have the option of video chats as well.

Lastly, it has a wide range of multimedia that can make your messages a lot more appealing and entertaining. You can add emojis, gifs, photos, and many more.

How to Download And Install Kik Messenger for PC?

Kik messenger app is available for android and IOS. But, you can download it on your pc with the help of an emulator. As of now, this is the only way to run the Kik Messenger app on a PC.

To install it and run successfully without problems, make sure that you follow every step that is written on the next line.

How to Run Kik Messenger App On Windows PC using Emulator Software?


An emulator is that helps you to install android apps on the PC. There are many emulators available online but Bluestacks is the most trustworthy and it is free as well. You can easily download it with the help of the following steps:

Step 1: Open the official website of Bluestacks.

Step 2: Click on ‘Download Bluestacks’ from the homepage.

Step 3: Once the downloading is completed, launch the installer on your computer.

Step 3: Follow the process until you complete the installation, you can start using Bluestacks once you finished it.

Download Guide For Kik Messenger On PC – Windows 10/8/7

Once the emulator is installed on your PC, you can download Kik Messenger for your PC with the following steps.

Step 1: Open the Bluestacks Emulator.

Step 2: Now open Google Play Store by searching it from the search bar located at the top of the home screen.

Step 3: Open google play store and log in to your Google account using Gmail credentials.

Step 4: Now search for Kik Messenger.

Step 5: Click on the Install button and start downloading it.

Step 6: When the downloading is finished, you can view it on the home screen of the Bluestacks Emulator.

Cons of Kik Messenger App

Although Kik is a popular messaging app and has a wide range of functions. We have discussed its pros and features in detail but it has some cons as well. It is strictly not recommended for teens. As you can access many apps from this single app so you cannot check the particular activities of your children. Many of these apps contain inappropriate content as well.

Also, it does not require any phone number to contact a person that makes it much like a social media app. Due to this, anyone can access your children.

In order to avoid these problems, educate your child and talk to him about the other side of the internet. Try to answer their questions with logic and never leave them in curiosity. This is the only way you can save your children from scams.


Can I use Kik Messenger without downloading it?

No, you can’t use it without downloading it. Even if you access their website, it will require you to install it on your phone.

Can I use Kik on a Computer?

Yes! You can download Kik messenger for PC using an android emulator. The detailed steps are given in the article.


Kik is a great messaging app with a user-friendly interface and appealing graphics. It has many amazing features that make it different from other messaging apps. Also, you can download this app easily on your PC by the aforementioned steps.

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