Trovo For PC – Perfect Gaming & Streaming App for Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

In this article, we are going to show you how to download the Trovo for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac). In order to download it without any problems, make sure to follow this guide.

Video games were never out of fashion. Since the day they arrived, these games created a fan following that never left them. Even now, you will see people playing and streaming old games because they feel related to them, and it becomes nostalgic.

The advent of video games created a whole new industry, and more people started focusing on developing these games for entertainment and productivity. If we look at the present cultural reset of video games, then it is pretty epic.

First-person shooting games like PUBG, Sci-Fi games like Oculus, Adventure story mode games like GTA and Cyberpunk 2077, and other similar games have taken over our gaming industry. This revolution created a new thing called Live Game streaming.

The purpose of live game streaming was to show the audience how you play a game, complete rounds and master the game, interact with the audience, and make them your fans. This live streaming thing made a global community of gaming enthusiasts, which has become one of the most significant communities.

There are many apps to live stream your games ideally, and one of them is the Trovo app we will discuss today. You will also learn in this article how to use the Trovo app on your PC so keep on reading.

What is Trovo App?

The Trovo App is an epic live streaming platform for enthusiastic gamers, followers, and those who love entertainment. It is an extravagant forum where people would watch their favorite gamers aggressively following their passion through gaming. They would enjoy watching them play and interact through chatting.

The Trovo App is a global platform that unites fans from all over the world. You can enjoy gamers playing action games, share your personal gaming experience, and join different entertainment communities inside to get more insight about your favorite games, gamers, creators, etc.

The Trovo App is for those who want to build a bridge between them and the gaming masters. Let’s explore more about this beautiful gaming app:

The Best Features Inside The Trovo App


Here is what might surprise you inside Trovo.

Endless Streaming

The Trovo App has become one of the gamers’ favorite platforms due to the endless streaming they enjoy inside. There are thousands of favorite gamers that one can get access to. People can also enjoy live streaming of their most beloved content creators and vloggers. There is no end to the streaming inside this app, and users have already loved how diverse everything is inside.

Smoother Experience

Compared to other streaming apps of the same category, the Trovo App is a popular choice because most people love how smooth the app works with no issues in the mobile or PC app.

Customized Recommendations

There are tons of things you can browse inside the Trovo App due to its diverse nature of streaming. However, the developers have carefully added a smart AI system inside the app to capture what the users are interested in to show them similar streamers and streaming. For example, if a person is into FPS shooting game live streams, the Trovo App will display the top streamers playing such games.

Intense Interaction

Although all streaming services let the fans interact with their favorite streamers, this Trovo App adds more fun to the live chats. Like other apps, Trovo will allow the users to chat in real-time with the streamers, but there is much more. A separate chat room is created as soon as new streaming starts. You can interact with other fellow commenters on the post; you can directly question the streamer or ask about a question. Moreover, you can also use interactive tools like casting spells and sending emotes during the live chat.

Easy Support

The Trovo App cares about the support that fans can give to their favorite content creators. More fan following and subscriptions mean more chances for the streamers to rise to the top. You can support your favorite streamer by subscribing to their official streaming channel, engaging with them in the chats, and sharing the streams with other people who might be interested. Doing it will ultimately make the streamer popular day by day, and you’d also receive updates about them.

Personal Profile

Every fan has their own identity on the Trovo App. When you log into the Trovo App, you get a lot of options. You can earn many badges when you progress in the app by following more people and doing more engagements. If you want to stay and look unique, you can customize your Trovo profile and personal page. It will help more users to recognize who you are.

The Pros/Cons of The Trovo App

Here are some benefits and disadvantages of this app.


  • Unlimited streaming.
  • Easy support to the streamers.
  • Profile personalization.
  • Both PC and Mobile versions are available.
  • Worldwide popular.


  • Notifications arrive late at times.
  • Casting to the device has glitches.
  • The latest UI is tricky.

How To Download Trovo App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

There are two ways to enjoy the Trovo App on your PC, you can pick one of them. Or try both of the methods.

Accessing Trovo App on PC From Its Website

  • Open your browser.
  • Go to entering, sign up to Trovo.
  • Enjoy the streams.

Download Trovo for PC (Windows & Mac) Using LD Player

You can download an Android Emulator named LD Player. It’s fast, efficient, and works perfectly for game streaming apps.


  1. Go to and download/install LD Player.
  2. Once installed, launch LD Player.
  3. Add your Gmail in settings.
  4. Go back and open Google Play Store.
  5. Type “Trovo Live Stream & Games” in the search and go on.
  6. Open the Trovo App’s page, hit install, and let LD Player get it.
  7. It will soon start to show on LD Player’s main screen. Enjoy!
  8. Repeat the same procedure to get Trovo on macOS.

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  1. Is Trovo Good?

Yes, it’s promising and emerging. Many people also recommend using this app.

  1. Can I Open Trovo on Google Chrome?

Yes, you can. By going to their official website.

  1. Is the Trovo app free?

Apart from sending charms, most of Trovo is free.

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The Trovo App is community-driven for energetic gamers. Get it now to be a part of the Trovo community.

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