WeTV for PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

If you want to watch dramas and movies without paying certain charges, the WeTV app for PC is definitely for you. It offers an excellent quality video that can make your drama time super enjoyable. Lovers of Asian dramas and movies must enjoy this application on their computers or smartphones.

To watch your favorite series through this app is easy and convenient as you can manage the forward, reverse, volume ad brightness of the video with just one touch. Many other features are there that make it favorable for users. The WeTV app is ideal for IOS, Android phones, and tablets.

Simply open the Google Play Store and write “WeTV” in the search bar and download it with just one click in a few seconds. But for computers and laptops, it’s different, and there is a specific method that we will reveal to help you download the WeTV app for Windows PC.

How to Download the WeTV App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

A vast variety of TV shows and dramas can be watched through the WeTV app anywhere you want. Though this is more suitable for android phones and tabs, it can also work smoothly on computers with emulators.


The purpose of emulators is to run android apps on windows seamlessly. So first step is to download a secure and trusted emulator for your PC.

Using MEmu to Download WeTV for PC

The MEmu is one of the best latest emulators which will help you to download the android apps from the app store to the computer securely. It can be downloaded from its official website in just a few seconds.

  1. After downloading the emulator, double-click on the file of the emulator to launch it on windows.
  2. Open the Home screen of the emulator and look for the Google play store in it. Click on the google play store and open it on the home screen of the emulator.
  3. Write the “WeTV” in the search bar of the google play store and click on its icon from the search result to install it.
  4. Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation process. Click on the option “open” to launch the WeTV app and enjoy it on the pc through an android emulator.

This is a simple and easy way to download android apps for the pc. There are many types of emulators available in the online market; you just need to search a bit and good for the best to have better results. Once you get this entertaining app on your windows, you can enjoy your favorite tv shows and series on computers.

Features of the WeTV App


WeTV is a great place to find shows and movies that you won’t find anywhere else. You can even add your favorites to your account and watch them on your computer or mobile device.

This app has many great shows, and they’re available to watch on your computer, tablet, or even streaming in some cases. Many features are there that can make you fall in love with this app. Below, you can find the notable features. It is beneficial to know the following before downloading this app.

  • WeTV app is now fully supporting a full-screen experience for videos. Once you stream video in full screen, you can now make it so that the video will show up on any Internet-connected device that has full-screen mode turned on.
  • When watching a video on the WeTV app, you can easily skip forward or backward 10 seconds by double-tapping the screen. It’s effortless to do.
  • The Help Center has been updated to include the Chat Support and network diagnostic tools. You can now find additional tools to help you diagnose your network issues, including network diagnostic tools, a Troubleshooting Guide, a complete list of the Tech Support FAQs, and a troubleshooting section.
  • You can browse through features and download your favorite shows to watch offline.
  • It provides subtitles in different languages for the convenience of various localities.
  • Movies, dramas, and variety shows are organized on different pages to make your search more precise and accessible.
  • The volume and brightness of video can be controlled by just one touch on the screen.

With all these traits, anybody from any region can enjoy the dramas and movies released worldwide. You will not face any buffering and difficulties in streaming videos if you have a stable internet connection.

It’s a free app available at the google play store but if you don’t want to wait for ongoing dramas and tv shows, then it’s better to subscribe to a premium account. A premium account will give you access to VIP videos that are mostly those which are still airing by channels.

FAQs About WeTV On PC

Can I install WeTV for a PC (Windows or Mac) without an emulator?

Unfortunately, the WeTV app was designed for mobile phones or tablets. The only way to use the app is to use an emulator. However, you can also stream on their website without installing the app on your computer.

Can I use the WeTV for free?

Absolutely! You can download and use WeTV for free. They also offer a premium subscription but it is not free anymore.

Can I safely use an emulator?

Yes, the emulator that we created in this article is trustworthy and does not have any harmful software.



Whether it’s drama or movie, you can access it on the WeTV app without any difficulty. Nowadays, Asian dramas are trendy worldwide. And this app provides a platform for international viewers to watch these dramas and tv shows with ease.

Even if you are not a VIP user of this, you can still watch a vast range of tv shows and dramas. It’s great to watch TV shows on your smartphone or tablet. But it’s also a lot better to have them in handy on your computer.

If you have a desktop computer, you can use a program like WeTV to discover what’s on the premium channels and get recommendations for your favorite shows. You can also download your favorite shows and watch them offline.

You don’t need to have a data connection for downloading and watching your favorite shows, but you need a data connection to watch premium channels. Now download this fantastic app on your pc and enjoy your leisure time by watching high-ranked tv shows and dramas.