JioTV For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In this post, we’ll discuss the necessary steps to download the JioTV For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac). Read and follow the steps here to get the JioTV app on PC.

India is the hub of entertainment. There is no doubt that the Indian film and drama industry has revolutionized globally. From the maestro Satyajit Ray to the Oscar-winning music of A. R. Rehman, India has proved that they know the game well.

Talking about entertainment, many digital new platforms are emerging in this global IT hub. The public is transitioning from cable TV channels to internet ones due to the cost efficiency it provides.

Who would want to miss a platform where they can watch their favorite shows, premium international content, Live news and sports, and much more, all in HD and free?

Luckily, there is an app named JioTV app that provides all of these features and much more. JioTV already has three million-plus active subscribers, and more are installing this utility on their devices.

This article will tell about the JioTV app, its features, and the download procedures, so stay tuned. It will also discuss here how to run the JioTV for PC, both Windows, and Mac.

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What Is JioTV?

JioTV is an Indian entertainment and news platform that allows its customers to access Live TV channels up to 500 in quantity. JioTV is also a multilingual platform that shows programs in different Indian languages.

The JioTV app is an excellent tool to carry the Indian TV wherever desired. The TV guide at JioTV and other tools also come in handy to best accommodate the user with the latest shows.

The channels inside the JioTV app are as diverse as the country. One would find sports, health, religion, entertainment, music, lifestyle, cooking, business, crime, nature, and many other sub-genres channels in this app.

The JioTV app is designed to work smoothly on cellular networks as well.

Best Aspects Of The JioTV For PC


Let’s see what the JioTV app has to offer.

Catch-up Plan

One of the most striking JioTv aspects is its seven days catch-up plan. This plan is specifically designed for JioTV subscribers to watch their favorite programs. The 7 catch-up plans make sure that the user does not miss any episode. The plan consists of a catalog of the shows that they might have missed last week. In this way, the subscriber can never miss a program.

TV Guide

The JioTV app provides an ultimate TV Guide to its subscribers. This TV guide has got a catch-up plan and other filters that help people to find their shows. The TV guide filters are based on language, the genre of the show, year, director/actor, or any other type that assists in finding the program better.

Multiple Languages

The JioTV app is a multi-lingual platform. As India’s audience is diverse, Hindi is the most spoken language, so JioTV contains much Hindi content. Apart from Hindi language shows, the users can enjoy shows in Bengali, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Gujrati, and many other local languages.

Diverse Shows

The JioTV app has shown versatile genres. The users can tune into a sports channel to watch Indian cricket matches or watch daily Indian soaps, or they can also turn towards watching adventure or tourism shows. Genres like mystery, kids, music, comedy, emotion, lifestyle, reality, history, and many more are also available on the app.

Favorite Channels

The JioTV app lets users select their favorite channels. These channels will then be displayed on priority, and the user will see more of their content. Adding a channel in favorites also allows the users to receive periodic notifications about new shows running on those channels.

Reminder Notifications

The JioTV app has another option to set reminder notifications on certain shows. For example, if there is a new show coming soon, one can set a reminder notification for it so that JioTV can announce its premiere.

Record And Watch

The JioTV app also provides an efficient feature that allows a particular individual to record the show of their liking. This recorded show can later be seen anytime they want. Recording JioTV shows through Wi-Fi is recommended, however.

Quality Selection

Higher quality means higher data utilization. Not everyone can afford to lose mobile data too soon. That is why JioTV allows its users to choose from three video resolutions. They can either go for low or medium-quality videos to save data and money or opt for HD quality to see shows of the best video quality.

Good Ones

  • JioTV app is free to subscribe to.
  • The playback can be rewind or fast-forward.
  • Data save mode for low data usage.
  • Multiple-Windows support.

Bad Ones

  • JioTV app contains lots of ads.
  • The JioTV app suddenly crashes sometimes.
  • Sometimes channels buffer for a long.

How To Download The JioTV App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)?

JioTV app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. Although JioTV for PC can be watched online by surfing their website, there is no dedicated program designed for Windows or Mac computers. That is why an alternate method through Android Emulator can help JioTV users to enjoy using the app on their PCs.

To get the app, follow these steps:

Using Bluestacks to Download JioTV for PC – Method 1


  1. Open the browser and go to
  2. Download BlueStacks by clicking the download button. For a more detailed explanation about BlueStacks, see it here.
  3. Install and launch the emulator.
  4. After that, go towards Google Accounts.
  5. Add a Google ID.
  6. Now go towards the Google Play Store.
  7. Enter the title “JioTV – News, Movies, Entertainment, LIVE TV” by Jio Platforms developers.
  8. Hit download and wait till JioTV installs.
  9. JioTV app is ready to use.
  10. Mac users can get the JioTV app using the same procedure.

Using Nox Player to Download JioTV for PC – Method 2

  1. Download the latest version of the Nox Player and install it.
  2. After installing the Nox Player, open it from your computer.
  3. Hover your mouse over the icon of the Play Store to run it.
  4. Now, since this is the first time running the Play Store, it will ask for your account, simply enter it to log in.
  5. Start the search of the JioTV once you are inside the Play Store.
  6. The next step is to click the download button to get the JioTV.
  7. After the download, the JioTV for PC is ready to use. To get it working, open the home menu of the Bluestacks and then click its icon from it.


  1. Is Jio Live TV Free?

Yes, it is free.

  1. How Many Channels Are In JioTV?

Almost 575+ are inside the JioTV app.

  1. Can I Watch JioTV On Laptop?

Yes, you can go to their website to watch live TV.


The JioTV app is another game-changing Indian app that has achieved widespread popularity in India and internationally. It is free, flexible, and entertaining. What are you waiting for? Download the JioTV app for PC and start watching from your Windows/ Mac.

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