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There was a time when Mexican telenovelas ruled the World. The era from the 90s to early 2000 was the golden age of these shows. There was no home where mothers and grannies wouldn’t tune into the TV to watch addictive shows like Maria la del Barrio or Rubi. Ah! Barbara Mori and Thalia were such beautiful goddesses.

Anyway, the trends of watching TV shows and Spanish novels are still in demand. With the rise of OTT services, the public is moving towards such platforms to watch their favorite local and international channels whenever they desire.

One entertainment application provides its users with the best entertainment, information, and lifestyle tips. This platform is called the ATRESplayer application.

This article will portray all details about the ATRESplayer for PC and how easily you can install it on a Windows 10/8/7 & Mac.

What Is The ATRESplayer App?

The ATRESplayer app is an entertainment and live TV platform where the users can enjoy a good range of series, movies, documentaries, and infotainment programs. In addition to that, users can also watch news channels to keep themselves updated.

Moreover, the ATRESplayer app provides its customers with a series of local and international multimedia channels in Spain and Latin America.

What Are The Key Features Of The ATRESplayer App?


Let’s take a look at some of the ATRESplayer app’s best features:

Live TV

One of the best things about the ATRESplayer app is that ATRESplayer will provide its customers the option to tune into live television, unlike Netflix and other OTT platforms. They can watch live news or the prime time soap opera. There are multiple live TV channels like Antena 3, Neox, Mega, IaSexta, Atreseries, and Nova that run multiple shows 24/7 daily.

Recommendation Watch

The trackers in the ATRESplayer app are one of the best features inside this platform. These trackers would keep a record of the shows a particular individual will watch. They will then use that data to show those TV programs and series that the users might be interested in. For example, if one is watching a comedy show, ATRESplayer will prioritize more comedy shows on the homepage.

Complete Shows

The ATRESplayer app allows the subscribers to get premium access to all the episodes of a show. That’s right. They can watch those shows all at once without waiting for them to be released on TV episode by episode.

The users will be entertained with top-class Spanish telenovelas and series like Amar Es Para Siempre o El Secreto de Puente Vijeo, Luimelia, La Voz, Pasapalabra. And if they want to enjoy international Spanish productions like Medzecir y Sila or Cuatro bodas y un funeral then ATRESplayer will show them all and much more.

Voice Over And Subtitles

The capabilities of the ATRESplayer app doesn’t just stop here. This epic utility also helps its customers to watch other language shows in Spanish. So if someone wants to show a popular English series to their parents who only understand Spanish, then ATRESplayer will help in that matter. Moreover, it also provides subtitles along with the voice over.

Movies On Demand

ATRESplayer doesn’t deprive its customers of classical movies. So if one wants to enjoy some Spanish classics or any foreign language film, then the ATRESplayer app will play it from their movies library. The users can also add a certain movie to ATRESplayer’s watch list to watch them later.

The ATRESplayer subscribers also get the playback option where the user can continue to watch their shows from where they left. Moreover, efficient notifications feed the customers with the latest information or releases about their favorite shows.

High-Definition Resolution

The video quality at ATRESplayer is much higher than that one normally sees on their TVs. There are no commercial ads between the video play so that the users can watch shows seamlessly.

What Is The Premium Subscription Of ATRESplayer?

The ATRESplayer app has a paid premium subscription with a monthly or a discounted yearly payment plan. With the ATRESplayer’s premium mode, the subscribers can watch unlimited original Spanish content from the catalog.

In addition to that, the premium ATRESplayer users also enjoy their favorite shows without any ads. Moreover, premium subscribers can also control live television. They can rewind a live broadcast of any show to keep up with its pace.

Moreover, the ATRESplayer app can run on two devices simultaneously, and the user can log into ATRESplayer from any device they like.

The crystal clear HD and 4K shows at ATRESplayer will keep the focus on the screens intact. And if the viewer is tired of watching a show, they can download it and watch the show later.

The Pros And Cons Of The ATRESplayer App


  • ATRESplayer app allows HD stream.
  • The user can watch exclusive shows before they arrive on TV.
  • ATRESplayer app contains no ads.


  • The ATRESplayer app free version contains ads.
  • Some content of ATRESplayer is blocked outside Spain.
  • ATRESplayer app sometimes freezes up during play.

How To Watch Shows Of ATRESplayer On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?

A user can watch their shows through the ATRESplayer app on the PC in 2 ways.

Through Online

  • Go to
  • Log in to the user account from the top right.
  • After that, start watching the shows.

Through Emulator

If the subscriber wishes to see the ATRESplayer app’s contents on their PCs, they can download an emulator for this matter. The procedure is quite simple.


  • Go to the browser and type
  • Download, install and launch the Nox Player emulator.
  • Enter the Google credentials into the Nox Player emulator.
  • Go to Google Play Store and type “ATRESplayer” by the developers ATRESMEDIA.
  • Download ATRESplayer on Windows and Mac using this procedure.

Internet Queries

  1. Does ATRESplayer Provide Free Live TV?

Yes, ATRESplayer provides free live TV.

  1. Is ATRESplayer Available Outside Spain?

Yes, but most of the contents might be unavailable.

  1. Is ATRESplayer Available On PC?

Yes, with the help of an emulator, it is available.


The ATRESplayer app has already gained massive success since its launch. Their team aims to provide more premium services in the future. Let’s see what else this app has to offer yet.

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