Monitor Everything With ASee+ On Your Windows PC/Mac

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Looking for a way to use the ASee+ for PC? You’ve come to the right place. Let us discuss how you can download it.

But before that, let us discuss what’s all about the ASee+ and its features.

ASee+ For PC And Mobile Introduction

Securing your property has never been that much of a need when it is now. The sudden increase in theft crimes is what keeps home unsafe. Sometimes putting a fence is not sufficient; another extra step is crucial.

In these desperate times, adding home security cameras might be an easy solution. Firstly, it protects homeowners from burglars. They won’t break into a house with cameras. Secondly, it also helps people to monitor their homes while they are away for a vacation.

But how do you monitor homes or offices through cameras while staying in a remote location? Well, that’s easy as ASee+ is an excellent utility that would allow its users to do their home surveillance anywhere and anytime.

What Is The ASee+ App?

The ASee+ app is a home surveillance tool that is designed for Android and iOS devices. This security app allows its users to take control of the cameras and video encoders. They can then access these cameras whenever they like.

The ASee+ app also displays a live stream of what’s happening around the house. The users can also perform other camera functions as well as save the live footage for later use.

The Main Features Of ASee+ App – Windows PC/ Mac


To know more about its working, let’s dive into some detailed features of the ASee+ app:

Authentication Support

The ASee+ app makes sure that only authentic users can access the app and related cameras. This is why ASee+ has deployed a secure authentication protocol that restricts others from logging into the camera. Only trusted members could access the cameras. The ASee+ app’s setting lets the administrator add or remove new people that can authorize the security cameras.

Landscape/Portrait Modes

For better surveillance for sharp eyes, the ASee+ app lets its customers watch the camera videos on either landscape or portrait mode. If the room is wider than the landscape mode would capture everything from the window to the door. If the room is longer than wider or if the user wants the camera to focus on a particular item, then portrait mode would be the best in this case.

Unlimited Live

The ASee+ app will let its users monitor their homes 24/7. The live video streaming option in ASee+ is not limited to a specific time. You can turn on the ASee+ app on their devices while having a cellular or Wi-Fi network. One fascinating thing about ASee+ live stream is that it provides ultimate security as no third party interface is connected to the video. The users get a direct video link from cameras to the app.

Camera Controls

The ASee+ app provides its customers the ultimate camera controls. Now the users can perform more actions with the help of their cameras and the app. If the camera supports motion movements like Pan, tilt, and zoom, the ASee+ app will also let the users use these functions. If they want to zoom into a particular object, then they can hit the + button on the ASee+ screen to zoom in and – for zoom out. Likewise, if they want the camera to move its focus to further left/right or up/down, then they can use the pan and tilt options, respectively.

Screenshot Capability

What happens if a thief tries to break in or if those dogs inside are up to a mission? The ASee+ app will let users take screenshots of important moments to help them in the future. Users can save these ASee+ screenshots in the local storage, where they can retrieve them anytime.

Free Version

One of the most remarkable ASee+ app’s features is that it comes with no price. The user does not need to enter any credit card information to buy ASee+. They only need to download this surveillance app and connect their home cameras with it and Voila. The ASee+ app is free of cost and hassle. Although the free version of the ASee+ app comes with some apps, if the user can afford it, they can switch to the paid version that only costs ten bucks.

IP/DDNS Change

The ASee+ app allows its users to change their IP address and DDNS for more security. They can also make changes to the ports for remote and internal connections. That way, no one can access the cameras illegally.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of The ASEE+ App

Here are some ASee+ benefits and disadvantages.


  • You can use the ASee+ for free.
  • ASee+ app supports live streaming and snapshots.
  • This application works well on the iPhone and iPods.


  • It does not show all cameras at once.
  • ASee+ app contains ads.
  • There are reported cases that the ASee+ app doesn’t work well on mobile data.

How To Monitor Locations Using The ASEE+ App On PC?

Although the ASee+ app is designed for smartphones, sometimes it is too difficult to do surveillance on smaller screens. There is no ASee+ version for Windows or Mac, but you can still use this app with the help of LD Player or any other well-known Android Emulator.

To know how it is done, follow the simple steps:


  • Firstly, go to the browser and type
  • Now download the LD Player emulator.
  • Launch the LD Player installer after downloading.
  • Now, wait till it’s installed.
  • Launch LD Player.
  • Now go to Google Accounts.
  • Add a new or existing Gmail.
  • Go towards Google Play Store.
  • Enter the title “ASee+” by the developer “meyetech”.
  • Hit the install button and wait till ASee+ installs.
  • The ASee+ app will soon show on the main page of LD Player.
  • To download ASee+ on mac, follow the same technique.


  1. Is this application free to use?

Yes, it is free.

  1. Does ASee+ contain ads?

The free version of ASee+ contains some advertisements.

  1. Is ASee+ any good?

Yes, ASee+ is a free, secured, and reliable app to monitor your surveillance camera.

Final Words

ASee+ is an affordable yet innovative home security solution. It provides full-fledged security wherever the homeowner is. Using this app will guarantee a safe place to live in. With the simple method above, you can easily install the ASee+ for PC to monitor your cameras from your Windows or Mac.

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