WiseView On PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – Security For Home And Office

Why do we need security? When we build our homes, we erect walls around them and make doors so that no trespassers or thief enters inside and harms us. Times are changing, and a need for better security is crucial.

For added security, we install cameras in our homes. But one cannot do 24/7 surveillance on the cameras, and sometimes our negligence can cause a significant risk to our loved ones’ lives.

A system where a camera can alert us about any suspicious activity and intruders is one of the best solutions, so I am going to review the WiseView monitoring for PC and mobile which gives you 24/7 protection and timely alerts so you can take timely actions.

How Does The WiseView App On PC Or Mobile Work?

The WiseView monitoring app is a surveillance program that connects your security cameras for live video CCTV footage of your home and office. The WiseView app connects with the cameras (especially Hanwha Techwin’s Security Products) through their IP and a local network connection.

You can then connect with your security cameras through the WiseView application and monitor what’s happening around at any given moment. This seamless security service is available both for Android and iOS, and you can get WiseView for Windows 10/8/7.

More Details About The WiseView Application


Let’s explore some more WiseView facts and details:

Crystal Clear Resolution

What’s the point of having a costly surveillance system when you cannot pay attention to little details? The WiseView app does not output a bad resolution video; instead, it shows the maximum camera capability.

For seeing the best results on WiseView, install high-resolution cameras so that the app shows you every bit of the room.

Cameras Addition

What if you want to secure the whole of your home or office building? You install more cameras in different locations to get maximum security.

Luckily, the WiseView app understands the security concerns and lets you add more cameras for safety. What I like about this feature was that all cameras were quick to respond.

There wasn’t any lagging due to the addition of newer cameras, and their performance seemed quite fair. The video quality was the same with one camera as with 3 or 4 more cameras. I truly loved this feature!

Capturing The Moment

What if you want to capture a particular moment through WiseView? Well, the WiseView app also gives you this authority by letting you record the live footage of your home or office through the camera. This functionality is handy when you want to investigate an intruder or witness your child taking the first steps.

The pictures and snapshots are saved into your WiseView app, and you need to export them to your local storage to view them.

Uninterrupted Live Feed

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a clear live video? It’s much helpful during investigations and other matters. The WiseView app provides a crispy precise live feed to its users. The motion movement captured by WiseView is in a flow and uninterrupted.

A caution here is not to use the cameras where you think that security isn’t needed for some time so that the WiseView app can show you the best live footage of your home.

Playback Option

Have you missed something important? Do you want to look back at your WiseView surveillance at a given time stamp? No problem at all!

The WiseView application has a playback option in its menu where you can go back to your live footage and see something important that you have missed. The WiseView playback option lets you select a date from the calendar and a given timestamp for a better and quick search.


You don’t necessarily need to switch in the WiseView app from one camera to the other. The WiseView will show you a side-by-side view of your cameras. Let’s say that you have four cameras added to your security system; then, by selecting the four window view, you will be able to monitor footage of all those four cameras simultaneously. Problem solved!

Good Points About The WiseView App

I would be remiss not to mention the pros of this brilliant WiseView surveillance application. First of all, this app is free. Unlike other monitoring applications that charge you a whopping amount of money for an expensive subscription, this WiseView app is a relief for cheaper security solutions. The WiseView live-stream footage is as good as any costly surveillance app on the store.

Bad Points About The WiseView App

Although the WiseView app is free, some irritating bugs do not let the customer watch the CCTV footage. There are some issues with WiseView and mobile data connectivity also. Adding the cameras to the WiseView app can create problems and sometimes fails to connect.

How To Watch Live Video Through WiseView On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?

YouTube video

The WiseView application can be used on your PC too. All you need is an Android Emulator for this job, and you can then use WiseView on Windows and Mac. For this, you need the LD Player emulator.


  • Go to the website www.ldplayer.net.
  • Download the official LD Player Android Emulator on their official download page.
  • After downloading the LD Player, click on its icon, open the installer file and then press the install button, and finish its installation.
  • Now you need to enter the Google ID and password in your LD Player’s Google Play Store.
  • In case you do not have an account for it, you can create one and use it here.
  • Now move towards the Google Play Store and go to the search bar.
  • Enter the app’s title “WiseView” by Hanwha Techwin.
  • Hit the download button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once you are done downloading it, you can start enjoying 24/7 surveillance through the WiseView app on your PC.
  • Repeat the same procedure to get WiseView on Mac in case you don’t use a Windows computer.

Related Queries

What is WiseView?

WiseView is a live video surveillance app that can be used anywhere such as at home or the office.

Is WiseView free?

Yes, the WiseView app can be downloaded for free.

Is WiseView a good video surveillance app?

Yes, according to our test, the video quality of WiseView is terrific, so it’s recommended.

LD Player runs very slow on my computer, how do I fix it?

Your PC must have 4 GB RAM, at least. The processor of your CPU needs to be fast that can run at least 1.5GHz. Also, the more processing core you have, the better.


WiseView is a decent surveillance application. If you do not desire to spend bucks on buying an expensive home security app software for your computer, then downloading and using the WiseView on your PC is best for you.

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