Download Eufy Security For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

This article will show you the easy way to download Eufy Security for PC. Just read and follow the guide in this article in order to get the Eufy Security for Windows or Mac.

Without further ado, let us start discussing it.

Eufy Security App for PC

In today’s technology, improving the security of your home can be increased significantly. With the installation of an IP camera, you can instantly get a preview of the live feeds or current events of the viewable area. You can review what happens when you check the previous recordings. It can be managed and controlled when you use the Eufy Security app.

The IP camera is not the only one it can control, but also, other smart devices made by its developers, such as door sensors, and intelligent gateway. Most people might be comfortable with using and controlling their devices from smartphones, but some were not. They find that using a computer is more suitable for it and this is one of the reasons why people are looking to download and install Eufy Security on a computer.

In order to make it possible, we will discuss it here, so keep on reading.

Features Of Eufy Security


Viewing Of Live Feeds

Your IP camera can be viewed in real-time as long as you are connected to the internet and see what is happening around it even without touching or interacting with your device physically.

Logged Every Event

It allows you to automatically capture an important event that triggers based on your desired conditions.

Set Different Modes

There are multiple profiles that you can apply, such as “Home,” which is a default setting, “Disarm” which will remove the motion detector, “Scheduling” which will manage based on time, “Away,” and many more. It also includes the custom modes that you can modify according to your requirements.

Two-Way Audio

If your IP camera or CCTV has a speaker and mic, you can talk or start communicating with the people nearby your camera.

Cloud Record

Even if your device has a built-in memory, in some cases, it wasn’t enough to save the huge video files and pictures captured by your IP camera. With the cloud feature, you will be able to save your records on your online storage.

Encrypted Connection

You don’t have to worry about the security of your connection. Because when you connect using the Eufy Security app, your connection is safe because it encrypts your connection between the device and app.

Real-Time Notification

Even if you don’t monitor yourself, the AI of this application will automatically notify you of the current events or to let you know what is currently happening.

Motion Detector

With this feature, you will be able to know if someone is in the vicinity of your IP camera. When it detects motion, it can save a snapshot to your storage and has the ability to notify you.

Why Install The Eufy Security App?

With its easy-to-operate interface, you can connect and use your Eufy devices from this app quickly.  It supports the QR code reader so that you won’t need to type the barcode manually.

If you have multiple cameras, you can also set an alias or name to it to quickly and easily find the camera of your choice.


  • The video captured is of good quality.
  • It can accurately identify the motion and audio to alert to notify its users immediately.
  • It has two-factor authentication for additional security.
  • This application supports many different languages.


  • High-definition video consumes a lot of bandwidth.
  • It needs a fast and stable internet connection; otherwise, you’ll get an unable to connect to the application server error.

How To Download Eufy Security for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

To be able to use the Eufy Security app on Windows PC or macOS, you’ll have to install an emulator software. With an emulator installed on your PC, Android apps such as Eufy can be efficiently run on your computer.

There are a lot of Android emulators available online. But in this guide, we will only recommend installing the most popular for all – the BlueStacks emulator.

Many people know about it and use it because of its easy-to-use and straightforward functions. Before you install this emulator, you need to consider the following requirements.

  • You need a modern processor that has two or more cores. Also, the speed must be above 1.5 GHz to ensure that even a heavy task will be able to emulate on your computer.
  • For the RAM requirements, it must have above 4 GB or better. For computers with below 4 GB of RAM, try increasing the virtual memory instead.
  • See if you still have a free space on your hard drive. Ensure that it has 20 GB or above. If your computer is running out of space, you should free some more. You can either back up your files to the cloud or external storage.
  • Make sure that you have correctly installed the OpenGL and DirectX. The following can be installed using the latest graphics card driver.
  • If you use a Windows Operating System, install the latest .Net framework and Visual C++ Redistributable from the Microsoft website.

Once you have the following, you can now install an emulator.

Method #1: Download Eufy Security on PC Using Bluestacks

When you try to google an android emulator, you’ll find out that there’s a lot of it. For starters, you have no idea which one is the best.

But don’t worry because we from, will recommend the best one. Currently, the BlueStacks emulator is the best emulator to run the Eufy Security on your PC.

Now, to install this emulator, follow the steps below.


  1. Ensure that you are connected to the internet before you begin the installation.
  2. Download the BlueStacks emulator only from their official website. Don’t get the installer from another website to ensure the safety of your computer.
  3. Once you have the installer on your computer, execute it and install the BlueStacks.
  4. After you completed the installation, check the BlueStacks shortcut on your desktop and double click it.
  5. Now, set up the Play Store account, you can use your Gmail and log in here.
  6. Open the Play Store after that and start looking for Eufy Security.
  7. Download and install this app from the Play Store.
  8. After you completed the installation, you can run the Eufy Security on your computer from its desktop.

Method #2: Download Eufy Security on PC Using Nox Player

Another emulator that is compatible and able to download the Eufy Security app for Windows PC/Mac is the Nox Player. To get this awesome emulator, follow these steps:

  1. Get the most stable and current version of Nox Player here.
  2. Install the emulator once you finished downloading it.
  3. Run the emulator on your PC and set up a Google account.
  4. Enter the Play Store and look for the Eufy Security app.
  5. Click the download button to install this app.
  6. Go back to the main page of Nox Player and from here, you can find the Eufy app then click it.
  7. This will start the Eufy Security app for PC using the Nox Player emulator.


I want a standalone installer of the Eufy Security app for my PC, how can I get it?

As of now, the only way to install the Eufy Security for Windows/Mac is to use an Android emulator. The standalone installer of this application is not available for now.

Can I trust the BlueStacks emulator?

Yes, it is very safe. The BlueStacks emulator is a very popular emulator that many people are actively using it. If your antivirus warns you about it, you can add it to the exclusion list so that it won’t bother you anymore.

How to make the emulator faster?

In order to make it faster, your computer needs to be a modern one with at least a dual-core processor (see the complete details above). If the hardware of your PC is below the listed above, unfortunately, you cannot run it properly.

I get a virtualization problem on BlueStacks, how to fix it?

This indicates that the virtualization technology on your BIOS is not enabled. To enable this option, go to your BIOS. Once you allow it, save the changes and reboot your computer regularly. You will see an improvement once you do that.


The Eufy Security app is a nice to have application if you have their devices in your home or office. The good thing is, that you can run the Eufy app on your PC using the emulator program. Now, you won’t have to worry about a small screen on your smartphone since you can also check it from your computer.

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