Care Home For PC – Download And Install On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

IP camera is an important aspect and tool for security at your home or office. It makes you see and record whatever is happening around its vicinity. If your CCTV camera supported the mic, it could also record the audio around the area. Whether you are at home or on vacation, it can increase security and always get updated on any event happening around your place. These are all possible if you use an app to manage them. With an app like the Care Home, you’ll be able to control and access your camera whenever you are. In some cases, you would also want to control your camera on your computer. Unfortunately, you cannot download and install the Care Home for PC without using a workaround. That’s because its app was only made for smartphones or tablets.

But don’t worry or lose hope, because, in this guide, we will cover the method on how to install it on Windows PC or Mac. Before we do that, why not see more details about the Care Home app.

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Why Use The Care Home For PC?


The Care Home is an excellent tool for managing your IP camera. With this software, you don’t need to watch 24/7 from your monitor or screen.

It has an intelligent algorithm that can detect the motion and record important events so you won’t miss it when someone captures by your camera. This app is also easily accessible and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store without any complicated setup.


  • The Care Home app is free to use.
  • The user interface is easy to understand.
  • Setting up and connecting your camera is easy to do.
  • It supports recording on cloud storage even if you don’t have a memory card.


  • The motion detector is a bit sensitive even when you set it to low; it can sometimes capture unnecessary events.
  • You need an account before you can use the app itself.

Features Of The Care Home

360 degrees Fisheye Camera

It is compatible and can be used on an IP camera or CCTV that supports this type of lens.

Motion Detector

You can leave this app and set up the automatic motion detector that will create a snapshot and notify you immediately whenever it detects it.

Audio Detector

If your place is silent and does not have the usual audio around it, you can also set this app to capture an audio event and, of course, notify you whenever it distinguishes it.

Video Sharing

You can easily share the camera feeds or previously recorded videos on your YouTube account or Facebook.

Supports Two-way Voice Calls

If your camera has a mic on it, you can communicate with the people around your camera to see and hear what they say.

Allows Recording To Cloud And Memory Card

With this feature, you can ensure that the data won’t be lost since it can record to the cloud and your memory card at the same time.

How To Install Care Home For PC  Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Installation of the Care Home app on your PC is super easy to do. Even though it has no Windows or Mac, you can still use it on a computer.

You might be wondering how to do it. The answer is to use the Android version on your Windows PC or Mac.

In order to do this, there’s a crucial tool that you need. And this tool is called an emulator program. Without an emulator, you won’t be able to run it on your computer.

Now, before downloading an emulator, we strongly recommend to you that you have the following minimum requirements so you can avoid any possible headaches later.


  • Have at least a good processor installed on your CPU. The minimum is a dual-core that supports Intel-vt or AMD-V for virtualization.
  • The memory or RAM of your computer must be more than 2 GB. If you use an old computer that has below 2 GB, increase the virtual memory of your computer or upgrade your RAM.
  • Check if you still have a free space on your hard drive. Have at least 10 GB or more to ensure that you can download the installer of the emulator and Care Home on your Windows/Mac.
  • If you use a Windows OS, see if you already have the .Net framework and Visual C++ Redistributable. In some emulators, these are required, so make sure to have them.
  • To prevent graphical glitches, you must install OpenGL and DirectX on your computer. This is usually bundled with GPU drivers, so getting the latest version and installing it will also install the following.

Installation Of Emulator Program

Once you have everything ready, finally, the installation of the emulator is the next step. Installing it is really easy; just make sure that you follow the procedure below so that you won’t miss a thing.

  • Open your favorite web browser and start going to any search engine such as Bing or Google.
  • Now type the Bluestacks emulator and enter its portal.
  • Download the latest version of this emulator and save the copy to your desktop.
  • After that, open the Bluestacks installer to run the installation windows.
  • Follow the procedure indicated in the instruction to install it.
  • Once you have completed the installation, you can locate the Bluestacks shortcut from your desktop.
  • Run it, and the login page of the Play Store will appear, use your Gmail to fill up the details. Please note that this will only appear once, if you skip it accidentally, find the Play Store and open it to log in to your account.
  • After you run the Play Store, search for the Care Home and click the download button once you’ve found it.
  • Wait a bit, and once you completed the installation, find the shortcut so you can open the Care Home on your desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the emulator the only way to run the Care Home on my PC?

Yes, as of now, there’s no windows and Mac installer available, so the only way to run it is to use an Android emulator on your computer.

I don’t want Bluestacks, is there an alternative emulator?

If you don’t like the Bluestacks, you can use an alternative emulator, such as Nox Player. We recommend using it if you don’t like Bluestacks. The installation is like Bluestacks, so you won’t get lost in it.

I get a virtualization problem on the emulator; how do I fix it?

This error indicates that you don’t have virtualization enabled on your BIOS. If you enable this option, this error will go, and you can get more benefits such as fast and responsive emulation.

Can I trust this software?

Of course, the Bluestacks emulator nor the Nox Player are known around the world and used by many people. You can add it to exclusion if your antivirus warns you about it.


Even without the official version of the Care Home for PC, you can still control, and manage your camera from your computer by just using an emulator program. With this software installed on your computer, you can monitor the events from a more prominent and larger screen.

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