Free Download OMGuard HD For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Looking for a useful app that you can use to connect your surveillance camera? In that case, you must check the OMGuard HD app. Connecting your camera with this app will allow you to manage your IP camera easier and faster.

If you don’t know about this, the cameras connected with this app will enhance the quality of the video feeds using its improved algorithm. It is also easy to connect your CCTV camera in the OMGuard HD app making it a hassle-free setup.

The OMGuard HD is an app available for devices running iOS and Android Operating System. While some of us will search for the version for the computer, you cannot find it that way. Since this app is exclusive only for the said devices only.

Running OMGuard HD for PC on Windows or Mac laptop and computer will require you to use a method in order to run the Android OS on your computer. This method is really easy to do and does not harm your computer.

If you want to continue to use this method and use OMGuard HD for PC, you might need to read more information before you do that. Also, check this article for more similar app – Free Download VSS Mobile For PC Windows & Mac.

How To Install OMGuard HD For PC On Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The first thing that you need to ensure before installing OMGuard HD for PC is the capability of your computer or laptop. It is important that you check it first so that you won’t waste your time and effort in case your PC cannot run it.

  1. Check your computer if you have a 2GB RAM installed. If you have more, then your computer or laptop won’t have any issue when it comes to memory.
  2. See if you have plenty of free space before downloading and installing an Android emulator. Most android emulators require only a free 5GB space and above.
  3. The computer or laptop graphics driver needs to be updated to the current or latest package. This will fix most compatibility problems of an emulator program and of course, the OMGuard HD app.
  4. DirectX 9 or better is also a requirement before installing an Android emulator program. So, make sure to also install this.
  5. For Windows OS users, you also need to install or update the .Net Framework. If you are using Windows 10, you can also update your OS to include and install the latest package automatically.
  6. Visual C++ is also a requirement for some emulator so make sure to install or update your Visual C++ Redistributable.
  7. And one of the most important requirements of an emulator and the OMGuard HD for PC is the Virtualization Technology. This option is very important if you want to make emulation faster and better. Otherwise, you can leave this option and still run an emulator without it. You can find this option from the settings of the BIOS or UEFI during boot up.

Make sure to follow everything above, to ensure that you can run the OMGuard HD app for PC.

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Download Nox Player Emulator To Run OMGuard HD For PC On Windows & Mac

The emulator that you can use for running OMGuard HD app is Nox App Player. This emulator is easy to operate or use and does not hog the resources of your computer. Making it one of the fastest and lightweight emulators that you can download without the use of a credit card.

Nox App Player is also easy to download. They have a simple and elegant design website so that anyone can download it easily. Just click the download and save the installer into your computer.

Download Nox App Player Here

Installer file is around 300 – 500 MB so wait and be patient while you are waiting to finish the download. Run the installer after you have completed the download.

To install this emulator into your computer, follow what it says by agreeing for its Terms. If you have spare time, you can also read it whole to fully understand it or just click the “I Accept” button and after that, the “Install” button.

Now it will start the installation, you can have a coffee while you are waiting for it. Once it finished, launch the Nox App emulator and go to the Google Play Store.

Opening the Play Store will pop a new window that will ask for your Gmail account. You have to provide the correct account of your Gmail. In any case that you cannot enter or you have no account for it, create one and use it here.


Now search for the OMGuard HD by searching for this app inside it. Click install and wait for it. The Nox App will create a new icon from the Home once the download has finished.

Go back to the home of the Nox emulator and launch this app. Now you have the OMGuard for Windows or Mac.

Installing BlueStacks Emulator and OMGuard HD App For Windows Or Mac

You might be asking if there’s another emulator that will surely run the OMGuard HD for PC, the answer is the BlueStacks emulator.

Like Nox App Player, it is considered one of the best emulator programs that you can find on the internet. It has also a million users around the world and one of the most trusted emulators available online.

To download and install this app, you can go and visit and download the installer.

Assuming you have the installer saved on your computer, double click it and it will start the setup of the BlueStacks. Like Nox, you must accept the terms before you can install it. Now click the “Install” button and the setup will start connecting to the internet so make sure you have a stable connection.

After you finished the installation, double click the BlueStacks from your computer to start it. You will be prompt to enter your Google account immediately. Enter the account details and start using the Google Play Store.

Search for the OMGuard HD using the Play Store search button. Now click download and this will start installing the OMGuard HD for Windows.

After you finished installing this camera controller app, you can now use it by going back to your computer desktop. You’ll see the icon of OMGuard HD so double click to use it.

Sync your camera and configure the settings of OMGuard HD for PC. Now you can enjoy using this application from your laptop or computer.

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OMGuard HD APK Installation

There’s another way to install the OMGuard HD app, and this is by using the installer package called APK. If you think you can use this APK into your computer without an emulator, I’m afraid that you still need it.

This is just another method for installing the OMGuard HD. So if you have already installed it, you can just skip it. Otherwise, if not, you can try it.

First, you have to download the OMGuard HD APK from the internet. You can easily download and save it into your computer if you search for it. Now, run either BlueStacks or Nox Emulator.

Drag the APK file into the window of the emulator installed on your computer/laptop. Then follow the on-screen procedure to install the OMGuard HD app for the computer.

You’ll have it install once you follow it and that’s it, you have finished installing the OMGuard app for Windows or Mac. Now you can start managing your CCTV into your computer.

Just in case you’re not familiar, the APK won’t update itself automatically. If you want to install a new version, you need to search for another APK and install it again. This is the disadvantage of using APK to install an app into the Android device or emulator.

The Features Of This App

  • The developers made this app easy for everyone so that anyone can understand how it operates.
  • It allows you to move your smart devices by using its PTZ controller.
  • You can review the captured events with this app.
  • Configure the settings for the camera motion detector to notify you whenever this app detects it.
  • The recorded file of this camera controlling app can be configured as HD.
  • You can run the OMGuard HD for PC easily and of course, with other Android-compatible devices.
  • Watch the current events using its real-time monitoring feeds.

Final Words

Running OMGuard HD for Windows or Mac made easily by the best Android emulators such as BlueStacks or Nox App Player. With the following emulator, you will be able to check and review events from the bigger and better monitor screen of a computer.

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