Download ToSee For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

ToSee is an app that you can use for viewing your smart IP surveillance camera. With this software, you will be able to manage the necessary settings of your CCTV devices. You will also be capable of controlling it remotely by viewing the camera in real-time or browsing the past video incidents on your cam.

With the ToSee app, you can set a human motion detector. Whenever this surveillance camera app detected a movement, you will be instantly informed by popping a push notification on the device where the ToSee app was installed.

Due to the usefulness of this app, many people wanted to use ToSee for PC on Windows or Mac. However, they cannot find an installer that can be installed for Windows or Mac.

To install the ToSee app for PC, you must use another program for running it. This program is the emulator for Android. The emulator works by creating or replicating the Android Operating System inside your laptop or computer.

This will solve the compatibility limitation of the Android apps and run the software such as ToSee on the PC. For people who aren’t convinced about it, you can try to see the description of the emulator by a simple google search.

There’s nothing shady about the emulators. Lots of people, including us, use it to run Android apps or games on a computer. Now, if you want to continue installing ToSee for PC, read the next step to prepare your computer for the emulator program.

ToSee For PC Windows & Mac Requirements

The first step that you need to do is to check if you have a computer capable of running it. The information will be provided below so read and follow it carefully.

  • Before you install an emulator, check if your processor has a 1GHz speed. These are the minimum requirements for any kind of Android emulator. If you have a faster one, it is much better.
  • Check your computer hardware if there’s a minimum of 2GB of RAM. Again, this is the minimum requirement, but we suggest that you must have 4GB of RAM. The apps nowadays run smoothly with plenty of memory.
  • Also, check the SSD or HDD installed on your computer. It must have free space of around 10 – 20 GB. This is to prevent your computer from being congested with files that can slow down the process.
  • Check if your graphics driver installed is using the latest version. In case not, you can download the updater file from the website of NVIDIA or AMD. Installing the latest package will fix most issues related to graphical errors.
  • After that, update also the frameworks of your Windows OS. This includes the .Net and Visual C++. Refer to the Microsoft website to install and update it. For Mac PC, you don’t have to do it.
  • Set the Virtualization Technology enabled. If this option is enabled, emulating apps like ToSee for PC will be a lot faster.

The next step is to choose which emulator would you like to install. We picked only the best available one that you can download and install for free. These are Nox App Player and BlueStacks emulator.

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Download ToSee For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

There are multiple emulator program options. However, one of the best emulator programs that is respected by many people around the world is the Nox App Player.

The Nox App Player can easily run and emulate the ToSee app for PC with ease. Many apps will also run into it and you will be able to use multiple Android apps from this Android emulator.

Download the Nox App Player emulator by clicking the link. It is important that you have a stable internet connection since the file is around 300 MB – 500 MB. Save the installer on your desktop.

After you finished downloading the installer, browse your desktop and run the setup file of the Nox App Player. You must follow the prerequisite of this emulator program to continue installing it.

Wait for the installation to finish and then run the Nox Player. Head to the Google Play Store app and you must input the details of your Gmail. Create an account if you don’t have it.

Open the Google Play Store and the next step is to find and install the ToSee app. You find it and install it if you use the search button located in the above Google Play Store.


Install and wait for it to finish. You will be able to see a new icon from the home if you go back. This means that you have successfully installed the ToSee app for PC on Windows or Mac.

Click the icon to start using the ToSee app and start connecting your CCTV device to this app.

Using BlueStacks Emulator to Download ToSee on PC

Talking about the best emulator programs, undoubtedly, BlueStacks is one of them. This android emulator is also the most known and popular among emulators. They are the first android emulator that made it possible to use the apps like ToSee on PC.

Many people are also using it and lots have an outstanding experience when emulating their app. If you want this emulator, you can get it by visiting their website at this link.

Assuming that you finished downloading the BlueStacks installer, follow the information to install it successfully:

  1. Double click the BlueStacks installer to start the setup.
  2. You must agree to its Terms and Conditions so make sure to check it.
  3. Choose the path where you want this emulator to install or just leave it for default settings.
  4. Click the next button. If you can’t find it, just click the Install button.
  5. Your laptop or computer must be connected to the internet since it will download the files and install them automatically.
  6. Once the installation has finished, go back to the desktop and double-click the BlueStacks emulator program (not the installer).
  7. Now the BlueStacks will start, and you will be asked for your Gmail account automatically. Enter your account to continue using it.
  8. Go to Google Play Store and start looking for the ToSee app by searching for it.
  9. Click the install button and wait for it.
  10. Two shortcuts will be generated, one on your desktop and the App drawer. This is the ToSee app so click it to start using it.
  11. Configure your surveillance camera from this application.
  12. Congratulations, you have installed ToSee for PC successfully and use this app from your computer.

ToSee APK Installation Method

Some of us are already satisfied by using the Google Play Store to download an app such as ToSee. However, there are also people who do not feel comfortable when using the Play Store, especially those who wish to skip the account integration.

The good news is, that you can still use the ToSee app for PC by using an alternative way of installing it. But remember, this method will still require you to have an emulator installed.

To start it, go to Bing or Google then search for ToSee APK. After you got the APK of this app, run the emulator program on your computer.

Start dragging the ToSee APK file into the windows of your emulator program. The installation window will appear. Click the “Install” button and wait for it.

After that, the ToSee app shortcut will be generated from the app. Click it and start using ToSee for PC from your Windows or Mac computer.

While this may sound like a superior way of installing apps, it has a disadvantage though. The apps installed using APK won’t update themselves automatically.

To update it, you must download again the APK and install it again so it’s a bit of a hassle if you don’t regularly check the app if it is the latest.

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Features Of ToSee App

  • Users who use it on smartphones or tablets will enjoy its low power consumption to keep their battery healthy.
  • It supports two-way audio so you can communicate using a camera.
  • It allows you to view or manage multiple cameras using this app.
  • You can easily set this app to start capturing videos.
  • The ToSee app can be used for detecting motion and alerting you immediately.
  • You can expand the view by using the panoramic camera features.
  • It can capture a video even in a dark place due to its IR night vision.

Final Words

Connect and start monitoring your camera from home and office even without using a smartphone and tablet. Using an emulator, you’ll be able to use the ToSee app for PC and view the camera feeds from a big-sized screen.

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