Download Stremio On PC To Watch Shows And Movies [Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac]

Back in the early 2000s or even before, one had to buy or rent a DVD to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. For a rented DVD, the time limit was less, and we had to return it soon after watching. It also cost a lot.

What if there is a need to rewatch a movie or show, but it’s unavailable? These problems were big back then until the digitization of film came, and many streaming platforms came into being.

These digital libraries would contain all the new and old movies, and just with a few clicks, we could easily rent out them or buy and download them into the PC for eternity.

Then there were some like me, who still wanted to attain all these movies and shows and enjoy them without paying a single penny. I was a broke student, but watching movies was my only hobby. It still is.

So, without crying any further, here is one app that helped me a lot by watching my favorite content. The title is Stremio, and as the name suggests, it has unlimited movie streaming – all of that for FREE!

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What Is Stremio?

The Stremio app is a free platform that is more like a one-stop for every type of content. A vast collection of movies, TV series, documentaries, Live TV channels, YouTube TV, and Twitch TV are available on the Stremio app platform.

So, the Stremio app works like this. Every major platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other famous streaming channels and all their shows are available on the Stremio. The user only clicks on the required show, watches some Ads, and then access the content in full HD quality.

The Most Highlighting Features Of The Stremio App For PC And Mobile


Let’s have a brief overview of the coolest features of the Stremio app:

It’s Trending

The Stremio app has become one of the most trending free streaming applications across the market. This is due to its inclusion of a comprehensive list of paid streaming channels and offering all of its content for free.

As a result, more and more entertainment-driven people subscribe to this new application to enjoy free content rather than paying monthly and separately for all the premium streaming sites. There is no limit to watching the shows either.

It’s Vast

The Stremio app, as mentioned before, includes a lot of streaming services. It means that the audiences get to enjoy a lot of content, new and old, on this free platform. Moreover, the searching was never that easy. Simply go to the search bar, and type the show’s name.

The Stremio app will show which platform features the shows, all of its related details, and by simply clicking on it, the audience gets full access to all the play. The easy searching with filters on the Stremio app has made searching relatively hassle-free.

It’s Quick

Whenever a new content or a show that a subscriber has been following for quite some time gets uploaded, the Stremio app becomes the first to notify the subscribers. Its quickness makes it worth downloading.

The smart guide at Stremio app makes sure to inform the users about the TV shows and movies they have watched and the shows they have left halfway. The Stremio app also shows suggestions related to the user’s choice. For example, if one is into watching horror movies, they will see more shows and movies related to the horror and thriller genre.

It’s Organizable

The Stremio app lets its users organize their content according to their choice. They can make a separate playlist for the movies and shows according to their mood.

For example, I have compiled a playlist for Valentine’s Day, Mothers day, My Wife’s favorites, and many more like that. The organization can also be based on recent watches, alphabetic order, genre, year, kids, etc.

It’s Synchronizable

The Stremio app is easily synchronizable. A user can synchronize the Stremio app with their calendar to keep track of when they last watched the movie, how long they have been watching the series, or when the new series is going to the premier.

It’s Castable

Like any high-profile streaming service, one can also cast a movie or show to any other device through the Stremio app. The videocast option is available at the Stremio app, and by simply clicking the button, the video will start to play on a more significant supported Smart TV or tablet.

It’s Extensive

The Stremio community is extensive. The Stremio app runs on add-ons. A user has to install an add-on if they want to enjoy a specific premium service. For example, if I don’t want to watch any Hulu content, I will not download its add-on.


  • Free streaming.
  • Multiple Add-ons.
  • HD quality.


  • Sometimes, the content is unavailable.
  • Some add-ons contain adult content.

How To Download a Stremio App On PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) – A Complete Guide

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There are two ways to get the Stremio app for PC. One is the Stremio beta version, and the other is by the emulator.

Installing The Stremio App PC Version On Windows & Mac

  • Go to
  • Go to the downloads.
  • Find the Stremio Beta version.
  • Download Stremio for Windows or Mac from the download page.
  • Install it and then run the Stremio app.
  • Enjoy using it.

Running The Android Version Of Stremio App On PC

To enjoy the Stremio app full version app, you have to use the Android app on PC. But to do this, you’ll need an android emulator.


  • Go to
  • Download the BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Launch the BlueStacks Installer once it is downloaded to your personal computer.
  • Once done, launch the BlueStacks Emulator.
  • Enter the Google ID (New or Old) to login into your account.
  • Now go to the Google Store.
  • Enter “Stremio” in the search to find it.
  • Download the Stremio app.
  • Stremio app is ready to be played on PC once you completed the installation.
  • Carry the same method to download the Stremio app on Mac in case you are using it.

Common Questions Regarding Stremio App On PC

Is Stremio illegal?

Stremio app is completely legal. You don’t get into trouble for using it.

Is Stremio safe?

The Stremio app is safe. However, some add-ons may not be secure.

Is Stremio free?

Yes, Stremio can be used for free.

Final Words

If one is on money-saving mode and a cinephile, then the Stremio app is the best way to enjoy unlimited movies and shows. Download the Stremio app on your PC and enjoy unlimited streaming for entertainment.

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