Plex for PC Download – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

In this article, we will show you how to download Plex for PC. You will learn how to download and install this app on a PC by following the guide in this post.

What do people love to watch on Netflix or other similar applications? – The wide range of movies and epic TV series.

But there is a big issue with these streaming applications –there is no option to play local media stored on the PC. So what if there is an application that lets its users stream movies, add their local media, watch photos and videos, listen to music and podcasts, tune into live TV channels, and read the news? WOW!

The app in review today is called the Plex app and it has all these features, and the surprising factor is that it gives its subscribers a taste of free features.

What Is Plex All About?

Plex is a new multi-tasking platform that works two ways –it provides endless streaming services, and it also acts as a local media player.

Keith Valory and his team came up with an idea to develop an application that does everything or runs over any device. Funny that the other team members came up with ideas like adding photos, news, streaming, and other entertainment stuff. They all agreed to include all those features into a single app and make it a big scale.

The developers of the Plex app worked hard to make it compatible with many devices. Now, Plex is available on more than 20 digital devices, which include Smartphones, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, and home accessories like Amazon Alexa.

Wait, it doesn’t stop here. Plex has its media servers, routers, network-attached storage, and mobile storage. A user can access Plex using these devices too.

Features of The Plex for PC


Detailed insight into all the Plex app features:

Fascinating Interface

The Plex media playing interface is adorable and attractive. It gives a better look at local movies and pictures. It’s not limited to just beauty; the audience gets to have more advanced controls where they can change the aspect ratio, cast the movie to the TV, and add descriptions to the film with a fantastic poster. Whether it’s a movie or some audio, Plex gives a sophisticated playback.

Versatile Entertainment

What if the audience wants to see the movies on another device? People like to finish their films even if they have to switch from TV to mobile. Considering the case, the Plex app has developed its media library. After downloading the Plex app on any compatible device, just sign into the library, and the user-specific media library will appear soon after. Its developers guarantee plex’s security as they claim to use HQ SSL certificates for Plex media servers.

Endless Streaming

Plex provides endless movie and TV streaming for its users. Be it any genre or year, Plex will offer it to its audience. These are not just some movies; Plex provides free streaming for thousands of TV series and films from all over the globe. These movies will come with subtitles and different language dubs.

Television Binge

Who doesn’t love international TV channels? The Plex app provides more than eighty high-definition TV channels for its audience. Simply tune into the Plex TV and enjoy channels that include topics featuring cooking, lifestyle, world news, health, fashion, religion, telenovelas, and much more.

Musically Lit

There aren’t many streaming apps that provide live music streaming and local music playback. Plex is honored to provide its user with endless music playback as well. A user can enjoy local music from their phone and PC galleries or stream from Vevo music and other music streaming channels. The album art and playback quality are crisp and clear. The Plex app also improves the metadata of the music library.

Picture Perfect

Plex is heaven for those who love to do photography while listening to their favorite songs. This app also displays pictures. Not only its display, but the user can share it with others, and Plex gives the option to create a user-specific photo gallery. The gallery can be shared with friends and family.

Diversity Intensified

The Plex application is highly diverse. The developers of Plex have worked days and nights to make it available for most of the devices.

As of now, Plex is available on iOS, Windows phones, Google Play Store, and Amazon app store.

Plex is also compatible with running on computers, so it has a Windows and Linux software version for PC users.

Plex is also available on Smart TVs such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and Android TV. It also supports PlayStation, Xbox, VIZIO, and other gaming consoles.

A few sneak peeks of Plex’s pros, and cons are mentioned below.


  • Plex App provides free features.
  • Plex allows multitasking.
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Latest content for its users.
  • Free and dedicated podcast section.


  • Plex has a paid version to unlock full features.
  • Issues when casting to other devices.

How To Download Plex App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac)?

Method #1: Download Plex for PC (Windows)

There are two options – the Plex Windows and the live TV versions.

  • For the live TV version, go to the browser and then go to this link.
  • If you want the Windows version, go to, find the Windows download option, and then install it on your computer.
  • There’s also a Plex Media Player which can be downloaded from their website.

Method #2: Get Plex for PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to download Plex for Windows & Mac, you can also open your Safari web browser or Google Chrome and then watch from the link provided above.

Otherwise, you can also install Plex on your Mac. But this requires you to have third-party software installed on your machine. To install it, simply follow the procedure below.


  1. Download BlueStacks for Windows or Mac.
  2. Launch the emulator installer and install it on your computer.
  3. Enter Google ID from the accounts settings.
  4. Go to the Google Play Store and click the search button.
  5. Enter Plex: Movies, TV, Music & More.
  6. Hit download to start the installation of the Plex on your PC.
  7. Enjoy this software on your PC.

FAQs About Plex App

What does the Plex App do?

The Plex app will run live video streams, play podcasts and local music, display vibrant pictures, and many more.

Is Plex App legal?

The app itself is legal. People should follow their terms and conditions to avoid trouble.

Is Plex App free?

Yes, most of the Plex app features are free for the audience.

Can I safely install it on my laptop or computer?

Yes, as long as you download the official installer of the Plex app for PC or Mac, then you’ll have no problems. Downloading it from an emulator is also safe.


Plex for PC is a great free app that provides lots of fun, entertainment, and information to its users. Replace the local media player with Plex and enjoy.

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