WATCHED Multimedia Browser – PC Installation Process (Windows And Mac OS)

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The WATCHED Multimedia Browser is an app that combines a media player and a browser. Combining these two features will result in a perfect way for entertainment. It was designed to work with Android and iOS devices. If you are a computer user and wanted to download the WATCHED Multimedia Browser on PC, you must understand that there is no direct application for Windows and Mac.

But that does not mean that you cannot use the WATCHED Multimedia Browser for PC because there’s a workaround that you can do so that you will be able to install this fantastic app into your PC.

Read along to find out the details about this software.

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Installation Requirements Of The WATCHED Multimedia Browser for PC

Installing the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app on Windows PC/Mac requires your computer or laptop to be powerful enough to run an emulator.

Because there is no official software of this app for computers, the emulator is the only way to run it for now. To ensure that your PC will be able to run an emulator, check the system requirements below:

  • It requires multiple processors. If you are using a single core or a bit outdated computer, then you have to expect that it may not run properly.
  • It needs plenty of RAM storage in order to run correctly. By having at least a 4GB RAM or more, you can run the WATCHED Multimedia Browser on PC.
  • You must update the graphics driver of your computer. This will also install the DirectX and OpenGL, which is a vital requirement of an emulator.
  • Ensure that you still have enough storage on your hard drive. An emulator consumes a lot of storage, especially if you plan on adding other apps aside from the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app.
  • You also need to install or update the .Net framework and Visual C++ Redistributable. Get the package compatible with your Windows API. Keep in mind that this is only applicable for Windows OS, not Mac.

When you have the following requirements, you are now ready for the installation of the emulator and the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app.

How To Download And Install WATCHED Multimedia Browser On PC Using Emulator

The emulator is a crucial app for installing the WATCHED – Multimedia Browser on computers. In order to install an emulator, follow the written steps here.

1st Step: Get an emulator, specifically, BlueStacks. You can either check their website or click this link for the tutorial.

2nd Step: Launch the installer of the BlueStacks to start the installation window.

3rd Step: Read the installation wizard requirement or simply continue clicking the next button.

4th Step: Accept the license agreement for the BlueStacks in order to click the install button.

5th Step: You will find the shortcut of this emulator on your desktop, double click it to start.

6th Step: Open the Play Store app and set up your account. If you don’t have an account, create a new Gmail address and use it here to login.

7th Step: Go to the website of WATCHED and then find the APK download section and click it.

8th Step: After you completed the download, double click the APK installer file, and it will automatically run on BlueStacks.

9th Step: Open the shortcut of the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app on your PC by locating it on the BlueStacks emulator, and this will open this app on your computer.

WATCHED Multimedia Browser App Installation On Windows And Mac Guide

If you don’t want to use an Android emulator, you can still use the WATCHED Multimedia Browser on your computer. All you need to do is to access their website and then go to the download section.

After that, click the Windows or Mac version and you will start the download for this app. Once you completed it, open the file and then install it on your PC.

You’ll have a new shortcut on your computer. Double click its app to start using this application on your PC.

How To Use WATCHED Multimedia Browser?


When you first time opens this app, there’s nothing in there. First, you have to provide its source by clicking the plus icon at the upper right corner of the app.

After that, you have to enter the server source of the movies by providing it a URL and then hit the continue button. Otherwise, you can also select a file for an alternative way of loading the URL. Once you completed that, it will show you the list of TV shows or movies.

Now, you can click whatever show you want and then select its streaming server. Most of the time, the servers are not available even though you click it. You must find it yourself which one is working.

And that’s how you can use the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app.

Most Common Questions

How do I set the screen orientation into landscape mode?

In order to make the display as landscape, then you have to enable the TV mode from its settings. Clicking it will tilt the display into the landscape so you can watch the show on the full screen.

I am looking for an installer of WATCHED Multimedia Browser on my PC, where is it?

Sadly, there is no executable installer for both Windows and Mac. The WATCHED Multimedia Browser was only made for smartphones and tablets. Running it on PC will require you to use an Android emulator.

BlueStacks is not working for me, any alternatives?

If the BlueStacks is not working and you want an alternative, you can try using the Nox App Player, which is also perfect for emulating the WATCHED Multimedia Browser app on your PC. It is fast and can be trusted as well, just make sure that you uncheck the bundleware during the installation so you can avoid potentially unwanted programs.

My computer becomes slow when using any Android emulator, help!

This is very common if your computer is not fast or good enough for the emulator. Please see the installation requirements that we already provided in this article and see if your PC is capable of it. Also, since an emulator generates a virtualized Android OS, you might consider enabling the virtualization on your BIOS to enhance the performance.

Will I get a virus if I install it?

No, the WATCHED Multimedia Browser can be safely installed and will not harm your computer.


Having the ability to watch your favorite show on either your phone or computer provides a great way of entertainment. With the WATCHED Multimedia Browser PC, you can see and watch your favorite TV show on a bigger screen monitor. In comparison, the smartphone version gives you a portable and comfortable way of watching TV. Your choice is yours to make which one if the best for your needs.

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