Download Wit App For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

The Wit is an app that you can use for sharing your ideas and information with everyone. Did you also know that this is an exclusive Android and iOS app? It means that there is no Wit for PC as of now.

It doesn’t mean you cannot use this app on a Windows or Mac. We can share the method and information on how to run it, but before discussing it, read more features about the Wit app for PC.

  • It allows you to find and follow people, depending on your interests.
  • You can check different drawings and stories shared by people using the Wit app.
  • It is possible to share your thoughts, daily tips, reviews, and many more.
  • The Wit app can give you an option to check various writing formats such as Blog, Chat, or Image type.
  • You can express yourself and tell an incredible story.

Now that you know some of its basic features, let us proceed and teach you how to download and install the Wit for Windows PC or Mac. If you like sending messages to your friends or loved ones, you can download and install the Voxer App For Windows & Mac for free.

Wit For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac) Download


Before you can install the Wit app on a PC, you might need to check several things. It includes checking the prerequisite hardware and software.

It is to make sure that you will be able to download and install this app on your computer without any issues or possible problems in the future.

  • The first one is to check if you have a good processor. You need to have a dual-core processor or better in order to use an emulator program efficiently.
  • It also needs a decent memory installed on your system. If you have 4GB and above, you’re good to go.
  • Check your hard disk if you still have a free space before you download and install the Wit app on your PC.
  • For software, start checking the Visual C++ and the .Net framework. Both need to get installed on your computer or laptop.
  • Make sure that your computer has the latest version of the DirectX and OpenGL.
  • Lastly, the drivers of the graphics card must be functioning correctly to make the emulation works.

If your computer or laptop has the following, you will be able to run the Wit for Windows PC & Mac. Next is to install an emulator so that you can finally use it.

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Using Bluestacks to Download Wit App for PC (Windows & Mac)


Finding and trying out the best emulator for yourself to run the Wit app is time-consuming. Some even have bloatware bundled, so we encourage you to install only the most popular and responsive, the BlueStacks emulator.

To install the BlueStacks, follow our detailed guidelines here.

  • Go to Google search engine and then find the BlueStacks. Since it is trendy, you will see it immediately.
  • When you browse its website, look for the download button and then click it. Don’t forget to download only the version compatible with your Operating System.
  • Once you finished the download, run it, and follow the installer’s instructions.
  • After that, the BlueStacks emulator will start to connect and download to the internet and be patient. If you have fast internet, it won’t take 20 minutes to install.
  • When you finished the installation, go to your computer desktop and open the BlueStacks emulator.
  • The first time you run the BlueStacks will immediately ask you to provide the Google Play Store account, so go ahead and use it.
  • Now, go to Play Store and then open it.
  • Start looking for the Wit app.
  • Once you found it, click the “Download” button and this will start the installation.
  • The BlueStacks will generate an icon of the Wit app on your PC, which you can run after the installation.
  • Go ahead and check it, if you cannot find this app, open it from the home of the BlueStacks.

And that’s the short tutorial on how to run the Wit on your PC. If your Play Store is blocked from your network and cannot access it, you can try installing it even without the BlueStacks account.

Read our guide below and follow it in case you are having trouble with Play Store.

Download Wit APK File And Use It

In this case, installing the Wit APK file is another option if you encounter a problem on the Google Play Store. It is an effective way to bypass the installation from the Play Store and account requirements.

But we still recommend installing from the Play Store in case you can access it for a more convenient way of installation.

Now to install the Wit for APK, you need to search for this file on the internet. Once you have the APK file, you can now open the BlueStacks emulator on your computer.

After that, open the Install APK option on BlueStacks and select it. Open the Wit APK file, and this will install it immediately.

Finally, you will be able to use the Wit app on your PC using this method. However, this won’t update it automatically.

In order to update it, you should get the latest APK version from the internet and then replace it.

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Increasing The Speed Of Bluestacks

Slow emulation speed is a common problem on emulators. It doesn’t mean that you have a slow computer or laptop.

The problem is usually caused by virtualization being turned off. If your turn on this option, emulation speed will increase drastically.

So you must enable this option. Now, if you are wondering how to allow the virtualization, you can do it by going to the BIOS menu.

Keep in mind that when you go to BIOS, you must not modify other settings incorrectly because it can cause problems on your computer.

You can go to BIOS when you press the Delete or F2 key repeatedly. Once you enable the virtualization, don’t forget to save it. And finally, you can boot your computer regularly.

See the performance of the Wit app on your Windows PC, and you will enjoy using it even more because of more smooth and responsive emulation.

Final Thoughts

It may not be available on Windows or Mac, but with emulator programs, you will still be able to use the Wit for PC. From your computer, you will enjoy using it even more because it has a big screen and faster loading times compared to a smartphone or tablet.

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