Download Wort Guru for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

This article will teach you how to download and install Wort Guru for PC (Windows and Mac). Make sure that you read this article to learn how to get it working on your PC.

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Wort Guru app for PC

This application is a well-known classic word puzzle game that challenges the user’s cognitive abilities. Although the game is relatively straightforward, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to play with. Users have to string together the letters to form words in order to earn coins.

wort guru for pc

Every time the user plays the game, it helps them learn many new words. Users can have fun playing while learning something at the same time.

App Name Wort Guru
Developer ZenLife Games Ltd
Release Date
Apr 26, 2017
File Size
108 MB
Version Compatibility
Android 4.4 and up
Category Games

Wort Guru Features

Simple Gameplay

The app’s gameplay is simple yet very addicting. The fun of stringing letters together and the excitement of learning new words is very addicting. This is a very casual game that is very fun to play.

Multiple Levels

The app’s users won’t have to worry about completing every level. As there are more than 8000 levels in all, giving players virtually endless levels to play.


As players advance, the game likewise gets harder. The game becomes significantly more difficult as they advance in level, which is crucial to prevent users from getting bored. There are also hidden words that the users need to find at every level.

Offline Mode

The app also works without an internet connection so that users can play the game anytime, and anywhere they would like.

Simple UI

The game’s user interface is very simple. It allows new users to quickly play the game without any kind of hassle. There is no need to login to save the user’s progress.

How to Download Wort Guru for your PC? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

The Wort Guru app is available from Play Store. As you can see, it is an Android app for smartphones. Downloading and running this application on your PC needs you to have a special software called an android emulator. Now, I will discuss what you need to do in order to download the Wort Guru app on your PC.

When you search online for android emulators, you will see that there are lots of options. But we will focus on using two of the most popular android emulators. Once you download it, you will be able to run almost any android app from your computer and the Wort Guru is one of them.

Below, you will find two methods on how to get these emulators on your computer. You can choose any of these methods as they are both good and compatible with almost any Windows version.

Method #1: Download Wort Guru on PC Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download the latest Bluestacks on your PC. You can get it on their official website from here –
After downloading it, run the file and follow the installation wizard.

Step 2: Once installed, run the Bluestacks from your PC and wait for the home screen to appear.

Step 3: Find the Google Play Store app and then click it. Since this is the first time you open it, it will require you to sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 4: Type the Wort Guru app from the search bar to find it.

Step 5: Click the install button to start downloading the Wort Guru app. After that, you will find it on the Bluestacks home screen. Simply click its icon and it will start running on your PC.

Method #2: Download Wort Guru on PC Using MEmu Play

Step 1: Download the MEmu Play emulator from their website –
Once the download is completed, lunch the installer and follow the install wizard.

Step 2: After installing the MEmu Play, open it from your computer.;

Step 3: Look for the Google Play Store and open it. You must log in to your Gmail account to continue using it.

Step 4: Search for the Wort Guru app using the search bar on Play Store.

Step 5: Click the install button to get the Wort Guru app. Once installed, the shortcut of this app will appear on the MEmu Play home. Open it to start using Wort Guru on your computer.

Similar apps

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Is there an end to Wort Guru?

The app only intended for the game to have 8000 levels. But to this day, the application keeps updating to provide users unlimited fun and challenges.

Is playing Wort Guru good for your brain?

The app educates its users, helps them learn new words, improves their intelligence proportion, enhances user’s concentration, and improves their cognitive ability. This application is very good for the users’ brain.

What are the coins for?

Coins are used as a live-saving mechanism in the game. Coins can be used to purchase letters for the users to easily guess the word and complete the level.

Is Wort Guru free?

Both downloading and the use of the app are free to download in the app store.


This is a very good application for all the users who want to learn new words or even new language. It is very fun, addictive, and is very challenging. The app is also simple and very smooth. No problems in the app like bugs and glitches. It is working perfectly fine and the best part of the app is that it is completely free!

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