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To upload your favorite and useful Android apps into your Fire TV, you must use an application called Apps2fire. This application will make it possible to run and launch the apps into your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

It will also let you download other APK or apps from your mobile to your Fire TV. This is very useful for people who always use their smartphones and wanted to watch a TV at the same time.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to run the Apps2fire for PC both on Windows or Mac. The method to do this is simple but first, read more about the Apps2fire features. Also, check the article about the Goonj App and install it on Windows or Mac for Free.

Features Of This App

  • It allows you to push or transfer the apps of your smartphone into your Fire TV.
  • It allows you to easily run and enjoy the apps into your TV.
  • You can control or uninstall the apps from the Fire TV.
  • The uploading of files into Fire TV such as MP4 for a movie or video clips is possible, including pictures with JPG or PNG file extension.
  • You can also manage such as rename or delete the files inside the SD card of your Fire TV.
  • Has an option to let you capture a screenshot from the TV screen.
  • Easily connect from your device using its scanner.
  • Control the Fire TV to let you pause or restart it.

With its many features, it is normal for us to look for a way to install the Apps2fire from your PC. Now read the next topic.

Preparing Your Laptop Or Computer To Run Apps2fire For PC On Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac

Since you already know that this application is for Android or iOS, you need another program to let you use it on the Windows or Mac Operating System. The only way to do this is to use an emulator program.

Emulators basically create an Android environment inside your computer that if you run APK apps inside it, it will think that you are using a real smartphone or tablet granting you the ability to install and use including the Apps2fire App.

This allows us to run Apps2fire for Windows or Mac depending on which Operating System you are going to use. To ensure that your PC will run it, check the following before you proceed for installing it.

  1. Have at least a decent RAM installed in your System Unit. Its minimum requirements are 2GB but the recommended one is 8GB.
  2. You need to make sure that your PC has enough storage. The recommended one is to have a minimum of 20GB. Running below 20GB will still run it however, it is good practice to let your computer have a free breathable space to prevent lag.
  3. Update your Windows or Mac to get the latest patches and fix for improving performances.
  4. For Windows users, go to Microsoft website and download the .NET framework then install it. In the case of Mac users, you do not need to do this part.
  5. Download the best and latest driver for your graphics card from your manufacturer’s website. If you don’t have a graphics card, it is most likely that you are using a built-in one from Intel or AMD.
  6. Lastly, enable virtualization from the UEFI or BIOS of your computer to experience a smoother and faster emulation.

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Which Emulator To Choose For Apps2fire App For Windows Or Mac?

If you browse the internet and search for it, you can find a lot of information about emulator and lots of developers for it. However, if you want to ensure before you install the emulator to get the best and fastest one, you might be wondering what to choose.

You don’t have to worry about this because we are going to tell you which emulator to install in here. And these emulators are no other than BlueStacks and Nox App Player.

If you asked, why did we picked the following? Because we run an intensive comparison between emulators and find out that both BlueStacks and Nox App Player are the top of the line.

So, the following emulator will surely run the Apps2fire for PC without any problem or issues.

Installing Nox App Player Emulator

One thing that we liked about the Nox App Player is its nice, clean and dark themed style of it. Nox App Player is also very fast and best for playing intensive or hungry resource games. So running Apps2fire app is a piece of cake for this emulator.

To install the Nox App Player, you have to visit the official website of this emulator. Look for the download button and then click it to start downloading it into your PC.

Launch the installer from the Downloads folder of your computer and follow its instructions. It will start to download from the background after that.

Once the process of installation has completed, run the emulator from the list of your programs. Open the Google Play Store app and provide the details of your account to continue.


After that, the Play Store will bring you to its list of apps. From here, search for the Apps2fire app and click the download. This will also automatically install this app into the Nox Player Emulator.

Wait until it finished and run the Apps2fire from your computer or laptop and start connecting your Fire TV from it.

Installing BlueStacks Emulator

For other people, BlueStacks is still the best since it is one of the earliest and maintained carefully by developers. That’s why lots of people stick with this emulator program. Choosing it for running Apps2fire is also a good option.

To download and install the BlueStacks emulator, go here and find the download link from its website. Run the installer and accept the Terms and conditions from its package.

Wait until it finished and run it. Unlike Nox App Player, running it for the first time will bring you immediately to its Google Play Store login page. Make sure to provide the correct details and then continue browsing the BlueStacks.

Look for the Apps2fire app from the list of its apps by simply searching for it. Now once you found it, click the download button to start installing.

Finally, you will be able to run Apps2fire for Windows or Mac once the download has completed.

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Closing Words

As of today, this is the only way for using the Apps2fire for PC. But don’t worry since you can benefit from the emulator’s speed performance since it uses a powerful computer core compare to slower processing smartphones and tablets.

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