Download ClickMeeting for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

This article is designed to be your complete guide for effortlessly downloading and installing ClickMeeting on your PC (Windows and Mac). By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily get ClickMeeting up and running on your computer. Once the installation is done, you can begin to explore and make the most of all the app’s features and functions.

Now, without any delay, let’s begin the process and get started on bringing this wonderful app to your computer.

ClickMeeting app for PC

ClickMeeting is the go-to choice for those seeking seamless knowledge sharing and collaboration on the go with its sleek user interface and impressive audio-video quality. In today’s fast-paced world, engaging in professional events and webinars while on the move is crucial.

clickmeeting for pc

App Name ClickMeeting Webinar App
Developer ClickMeeting Sp. z o.o.
Release Date Feb 16, 2012
File Size 116 MB
Version Compatibility Android 7.0 and up
Category Business

ClickMeeting Features

Background Operation

ClickMeeting now operates in the background, ensuring that your event continues uninterrupted even when you switch to other apps or leave your device idle for extended periods.

Streamlined Interface

Forget about screen-swiping to view presentations, presenters, and chats. ClickMeeting offers an all-in-one screen experience, making it easy to follow and engage in online events.

High-Quality Audio-Video

ClickMeeting delivers exceptional audio-video streaming quality, ensuring that your virtual meetings are clear, crisp, and engaging.

For Attendees: What to Expect

  • Effortless Joining: Joining online events has never been easier with ClickMeeting.
  • Comprehensive View: Enjoy a single-screen view that includes presentations, presenters, and chat interactions.
  • Superior Streaming: Prepare to be impressed by the top-notch audio-video quality.

For Organizers: Unlock Powerful Tools

  • Monetization: Host paid webinars and monetize your online expert events effectively.
  • Social Media Integration: Broadcast your events live on platforms like Facebook and YouTube to expand your reach.
  • Cloud Integration: Access and share files seamlessly from your preferred cloud storage services, including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  • Marketers: Conduct marketing webinars and product demos to engage and convert leads.
  • Sales Teams: Host sales events, pitch products, and close deals effectively.
  • Remote Teams: Keep remote teams connected and engaged with seamless online meetings.
  • Online Educators: Deliver engaging online courses and training sessions.
  • C-Level Executives: Conduct high-level executive meetings and strategy sessions.
  • Professional Associations: Organize meetings and conferences for association members.
  • HR Specialists: Facilitate virtual HR meetings and training programs.

Types of Online Events on ClickMeeting

  • Live Webinars: Schedule live webinars for real-time engagement, ideal for onboarding, training, and product demonstrations.
  • On-Demand Webinars: Pre-record webinars for on-demand access, perfect for generating leads and delivering online courses.
  • Automated Webinars: Schedule webinars with pre-recorded content enriched with interactive elements like CTAs, video clips, or surveys.
  • Online Meetings: Organize planned or impromptu online meetings for real-time collaboration with up to 25 participants.
  • Huge Virtual Events: Utilize webcasting technology to reach up to 10,000 viewers in large-scale virtual events.

How to Download ClickMeeting for your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Downloading ClickMeeting on your Windows or Mac computer is very easy! Just follow these simple steps. First, you’ll need an Android emulator, a handy tool that lets you run Android apps on your computer. Once you have the emulator set up, you have two straightforward options to download ClickMeeting. It’s really as easy as that. Let’s begin!

Method #1: Download ClickMeeting PC using Bluestacks

Step 1: Start by visiting Here, you can find and download their special software. The Bluestacks app is like a magical doorway that brings Android apps to your computer. And yes, this includes ClickMeeting!

Step 2: After you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, install it by following the instructions, just like building something step by step.

Step 3: Once Bluestacks is up and running, open it. This step makes your computer ready to run the ClickMeeting app.

Step 4: Inside Bluestacks, you’ll see the Google Play Store. It’s like a digital shop filled with apps. Click on it and log in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Inside the Play Store, search for “ClickMeeting” using the search bar. When you find the right app, click on it.

Step 6: Ready to bring ClickMeeting into your computer? Hit the “Install” button.

Step 7: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the ClickMeeting icon on the Bluestacks main screen. Give it a click, and there you go – you’re all set to enjoy ClickMeeting on your computer. It’s like having a mini Android device right there!

Method #2: Download ClickMeeting on PC using MEmu Play

Step 1: Go to, the MEmu Play website. Download the MEmu Play app, which helps you enjoy Android apps on your PC.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install MEmu Play. Think of it like setting up a new program on your computer.

Step 3: Open MEmu Play on your PC. Let it finish loading so your ClickMeeting experience is super smooth.

Step 4: Inside MEmu Play, find the Google Play Store by clicking its icon. Sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Look for “ClickMeeting” using the Play Store’s search bar. Once you find the official app, click on it.

Step 6: Hit “Install” to bring the ClickMeeting to your PC. The Play Store takes care of all the downloading and installing.

Step 7: Once it’s done, you’ll spot the ClickMeeting icon right on the MEmu Play home screen. Give it a click, and there you have it – ClickMeeting on your PC, ready to enjoy!

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Is ClickMeeting suitable for small businesses?

Yes, ClickMeeting caters to businesses of all sizes.

Can I monetize my webinars with ClickMeeting?

Absolutely, ClickMeeting allows you to host paid webinars and charge attendees for access.

Is ClickMeeting compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, ClickMeeting is downloadable on Apple and Android.

What is the ClickMeeting participant limit?

ClickMeeting supports up to 25 participants in an online meeting.

How can I integrate ClickMeeting with my preferred cloud storage service?

ClickMeeting offers seamless integration with cloud storage services.

Can I host automated webinars with ClickMeeting?

Yes, you can schedule and host automated webinars using ClickMeeting.

Is ClickMeeting suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely, ClickMeeting is an excellent choice for online teachers and trainers.

Does ClickMeeting offer analytics and reporting features?

Yes, ClickMeeting provides comprehensive analytics to track the performance of your online events.


ClickMeeting is a versatile online event platform that caters to a wide range of users, from marketers and sales teams to educators and HR specialists. Its feature-rich app, impressive streaming quality, and background operation capability make it a standout choice for hosting and attending online events. With ClickMeeting, you can inspire, teach, sell, and collaborate seamlessly in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re a startup, a large enterprise, or an educational institution, ClickMeeting has the tools and flexibility to meet your unique needs in the world of online events.

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