Download Curiosity Stream for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

Are you looking to get Curiosity Stream on your PC? It’s super easy to download on Windows or Mac! We’ll guide you through the quick steps. Unlock awesome features with just a few clicks. Download Curiosity Stream now and explore all the great stuff it can do on your desktop!

Curiosity Stream app for PC

Curiosity Stream has contributions from luminaries such as Sir David Attenborough, Michio Kaku, and Brian Greene; and it invites viewers to explore our natural world, delve into the cosmos, and revisit ancient history. CuriosityStream also features CuriosityKIDS, a dedicated collection for children, ensuring safe, educational, and entertaining programming for young minds.


App Name Curiosity Stream
Developer CuriosityStream Inc.
Release Date Sep 28, 2015
File Size 39 MB
Version Compatibility Android 8.0 and up
Category Entertainment

Curiosity Stream Features

Unlimited Streaming

Access an extensive range of documentary programming without restrictions.

Offline Viewing

Download shows to watch anywhere, anytime, without an internet connection.

High-Quality Content

Enjoy documentaries in 4K and HD on various devices.

Advanced Search Tools

Multiple search functionalities help users quickly find their favorite subjects.

Personalized Recommendations

Rate shows and receive tailored recommendations for related content.

Watchlist Functionality

Bookmark shows to watch later or resume from where you left off on different devices.

User Control

Manage subscriptions, including auto-renewal settings, directly from the user’s account.

How to Download Curiosity Stream for your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Download Curiosity Stream on your Windows or Mac with one simple click! For Android users, we’ll help you download an emulator app to run Curiosity Stream smoothly. Don’t worry if this is new for you—we’ll guide you every step of the way. Ready to enjoy Curiosity Stream? Download it now!

Method #1: Download Curiosity Stream PC using Bluestacks

Step 1: Start by visiting Here, you can find and download their special software. The Bluestacks app is like a magical doorway that brings Android apps to your computer. And yes, this includes Curiosity Stream!

Step 2: After you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, install it by following the instructions, just like building something step by step.

Step 3: Once Bluestacks is up and running, open it. This step makes your computer ready to run the Curiosity Stream app.

Step 4: Inside Bluestacks, you’ll see the Google Play Store. It’s like a digital shop filled with apps. Click on it and log in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Inside the Play Store, search for “Curiosity Stream” using the search bar. When you find the right app, click on it.

Step 6: Ready to bring Curiosity Stream into your computer? Hit the “Install” button.

Step 7: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the Curiosity Stream icon on the Bluestacks main screen. Give it a click, and there you go – you’re all set to enjoy Curiosity Stream on your computer. It’s like having a mini Android device right there!

Method #2: Download Curiosity Stream on PC using MEmu Play

Step 1: Go to, the MEmu Play website. Download the MEmu Play app, which helps you enjoy Android apps on your PC.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install MEmu Play. Think of it like setting up a new program on your computer.

Step 3: Open MEmu Play on your PC. Let it finish loading so your Curiosity Stream experience is super smooth.

Step 4: Inside MEmu Play, find the Google Play Store by clicking its icon. Sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Look for “Curiosity Stream” using the Play Store’s search bar. Once you find the official app, click on it.

Step 6: Hit “Install” to bring the Curiosity Stream to your PC. The Play Store takes care of all the downloading and installing.

Step 7: Once it’s done, you’ll spot the Curiosity Stream icon right on the MEmu Play home screen. Give it a click, and there you have it – Curiosity Stream on your PC, ready to enjoy!

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What is CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream is a streaming service focused on documentary and non-fiction content, offering thousands of programs across various subjects like science, history, and nature.

How much does CuriosityStream cost?

Subscription plans vary, but they typically offer monthly and annual plans.

Can I download shows to watch offline?

Yes, CuriosityStream allows you to download shows.

Is there content suitable for children?

Yes, CuriosityStream features CuriosityKIDS, a collection of educational and entertaining programs designed for children.

How often is new content added?

New documentaries and shows are added weekly to keep the content library fresh and engaging.

On which devices can I watch CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream is available on devices, like phones, tablets, TVs, and browsers.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel CuriosityStream at any time.

Does CuriosityStream offer content in 4K?

Yes, many documentaries on CuriosityStream are available in 4K quality, providing a high-definition viewing experience.

How can I manage my subscription?

Subscription management, including turning off auto-renewal, can be done through the user’s account settings.

What topics does CuriosityStream cover?

CuriosityStream covers a wide range of topics including science, nature, history, technology, society, and more.


CuriosityStream stands out as a premier destination for documentary and non-fiction enthusiasts, offering a rich array of content that educates and inspires. With its user-friendly features, high-quality streaming, and diverse programming, it caters to viewers of all ages.

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