How To Download & Install 2ndLine For PC – Windows & Mac


Are you looking for a secondary phone number based on the country of the United States or Canada? In that case, download the 2ndLine app to let you get a free phone number. This application can also be used for sending SMS or MMS to your loved ones or friends.

You can also call your relatives or anyone for free as long as they are using the USA or Canada based phone number. And even if your loved ones are located outside the said country, the 2ndLine app does not charge too much making it one of the cheapest providers of international calls.

If you do not have money to spend, it has a feature that lets you earn a credit that you can use for it by completing offers so you don’t need to worry about spending money.

This app was made exclusively for the Android and iOS devices. To people who are looking for installing the 2ndLine for PC on Windows or Mac laptop/computer, the only way to do this is to install and use and Android emulator software.

Install Android Emulator To Run 2ndLine For PC Windows 10, 8, 7 Or Mac

In this guide, we will only use the Android version of the 2ndLine app. Even if you are a Mac user, you can install this app from an emulator. In case you are wondering how the Android emulator program works, it creates a virtualized Android environment from your Windows or Mac computer.

Creating this environment from your PC will allow you to install different Android apps such as the 2ndLine app. For people who do not want to use their smartphones or tablet, this is very useful for them.

It also solves the limitation of the Android apps since you can run it even if you are using Windows or Mac Operating System PC. Installing the Emulator also does not consume too many resources. It is lightweight and does not require your computer to have a monstrous spec.

For people who are using a modern computer, it is almost guaranteed that you can run it. However, for older computers or laptops, make sure that your computer is capable to run it by reading the following information below.

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Requirements Of Emulator Program

  • Your computer must have a minimum speed of 1Ghz processor. It is recommended to have at least dual-core processors.
  • To install an emulator program and its apps, free your hard disk and make sure to have at least 20GB of space.
  • For Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 users, install or update the .NET framework. If you are a user of the Mac Operating System, skip this option.
  • Go to your graphics driver website and download the most current one to prevent glitches when emulating.
  • Enable the option for enhancing the virtualization. This option can be found in the UEFI settings or BIOS. For Intel users, enable the Intel-vt, for AMD processors, it is called AMD-v.
  • You need to make sure your PC has 2GB memory. These are the minimum requirements. The above 2GB will dramatically increase the performance. For folks who have below 2GB, increase the virtual memory or upgrade your computer to run the 2ndLine app properly.

Now proceed to the installation of the emulator. You can either choose between BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

How To Install BlueStacks App Player To Run 2ndLine For PC – Windows Or Mac

For the installation of BlueStacks, start by going to the official website that you can easily access by clicking this link. Find the download page and then download the installer.

Launch the BlueStacks’s executable setup file from your Windows or Mac. Then a new window will pop up and make sure to tick the “Accept” button and then click “Install”.

This will install the BlueStacks for about 10 – 15 minutes depends on the speed of your processor and internet connection. You find its new shortcut icon from your desktop after the successful installation.

Now, run this shortcut to open the BlueStacks. Open the Play Store app in case it did not shows automatically and then enter the details of your Google account. You can choose to sync your apps here or not. The choice is yours.


Now search for the 2ndLine app and then click the button indicating to download to start the installation.

Wait until it finished and when it does, you can find the shortcut of the 2ndLine app for PC. Click it to start using it.

How To Install Nox App Emulator To Run 2ndLine For Computer

If you already installed the BlueStacks, you can skip this part but if you also want to try this, go ahead just make sure that you have enough free space on your hard disk.

Now, get the installer from and then run it immediately once you have it on your computer.

Follow the on-screen guide until you complete the installation. Make sure that you have a good internet connection to finished the installation quickly.

After you installed it, browse the list of your apps and then launch the Nox App Player. Run the Google Play Store app and you need to enter the correct details of your Gmail here to access its apps.

If you are inside the Play Store app, click the search button above and start typing the 2ndLine app. Make sure to get the app indicating that the developers are from “TextNox, Inc.”.

Run this application and enjoy the full benefits of 2ndLine for PC.

Special Features of 2ndLine App

  • It allows you to receive and make voice calls using this app.
  • Send cute emojis, gifs, and stickers from your loved ones.
  • You can send and receive pictures sent to or from the 2ndLine app.
  • It features the transcription of your voicemail.
  • Has security that lets you set up a passcode to make sure that you are the only one who can access it.
  • You can set up a Google SmartLock so that you do not need to always type your account.
  • Has a call forwarding option.
  • Easily add your signature at the end of the text.
  • You can modify the ringtone, vibration intensity, and even the text alert tone.
  • Allows you to assign different ringtone and background for each of your contacts.

The following are the most basic features, you can read the complete list from their website if you are looking for a detailed one.

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Connecting with your loved ones made easily possible by this app. And thanks for the BlueStacks, Nox or another similar emulator, we can use and enjoy the 2ndLine for PC from our Windows or Mac computer.

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