ColorNote For PC Download – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The ColorNote for PC is downloadable in Windows and Mac. All you need to do is follow this guide to get the ColorNote app for PC without a hitch.

What is ColorNote for PC?

When you find something useful, it is always recommended that you note the information so that you won’t forget it later on. However, what if you don’t have paper and a pen or pencil on you? And you just have your computer or smartphone with you. That’s perfectly fine, and you don’t need to get worried because you can get the ColorNote app to your device and start to create a memo. This application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. And the good news is, that you can also download and install the ColorNote for PC. If you are looking for a way to install it, make sure that you read the whole guide for installing it.

For now, we will tell you more details about the ColorNote app. In case you love reading eBooks, you can check the Libby App and install it on Windows or Mac.

Features Of ColorNote App


Organized Notes

When creating notes, you can apply different colors so that you can easily identify or distinguish your own memo. It also has a calendar that you can use for creating a schedule.

Widget Compatible

With this feature, you can create a sticky note to the home of your device for quick access.

List Maker

It allows you to create a to-do list, which is also useful in a situation where you are going to shop. After that, you can set your notes and mark them as done, so you know that you have finished the task.

Write A Diary

In this option, you can type anything you wanted or create a journal of the things that happen in your life.

Password Protected

If you have sensitive information or you wanted to keep it private, you can add a password to protect it so that nobody can access it aside from you or without giving other people your permission. The notes saved on your devices is also encrypted using a secure AES encryption so you can ensure that your memo is safe.

Notification System

If you are thinking about saving a note and then reminding yourself, later on, the ColorNote app has it. Just set a reminder on a specific date, and it will notify you immediately once it matched the date.

Notes Sharing

In case you want to share the information on your note with your friends or family, you can do it easily because this application has an option that allows you to send it via email, Twitter, or SMS.

Online Backup

One of the most important aspects of the ColorNote app is being able to sync the files on a cloud service. So, even if you lost your device, you don’t have to worry because you have a copy of it on the cloud. Also, the notes that you backup on the cloud are encrypted to ensure the safety of your files.

ColorNote App Importance

The ColorNote app provides a lot of useful features if you are looking for a good way to create a memo. As of now, the Google Play Store has recognized its great features and marked it as one of its Editor’s Choices.

This application is also easy to understand, and the go application that you do not need specialized skills in order to use it.


  • The ColorNote app has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which makes it easy to use.
  • You can make a color-coded note so that if you have multiple records, you’ll find it easily.
  • It can backup your work to the cloud so that you don’t need to worry if you plan on using it on multiple devices or if your device has been lost.


  • You have to click the sync button once you want to save it to the cloud; otherwise, you will lose your work.
  • It is not available on iOS.

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How To Download ColorNote For Windows PC/Mac

There are two methods of installing the ColorNote app for PC. Choose which one is the best for you. But before doing that, make sure that your computer has the following:

  • You need a dual-core processor that is capable of running 1.5GHz or faster.
  • The installed memory of your CPU must be more than 2GB or better.
  • It requires your computer to have a .Net framework, and Visual C++ Redistributable installed if you are using Windows as your Operating System.
  • Ensure that you have installed the latest graphics driver in order to avoid graphical glitches.
  • It needs considerable free space on your hard drive. Make sure that you have more than 10 GB of space or more.
  • Again, for Windows users, your Operating System must be Windows 8, 8.1, or 10.

Download ColorNote App for PC Using Windows Store

In this option, you can install the ColorNote app for your PC by going directly to the Windows Store. To start installing it, follow the procedure below.

  • Open another tab on your web browser and then go to Bing or Google search engine. Now look for the Windows App – Microsoft Store.
  • Click the search button and then look for the ColorNote Notepad Notes.
  • Once you found this application, click the “Get” button and then download it.
  • After you finished the download, open the start menu of your Windows and then search for it by typing its name on the search bar.
  • Click its icon, and it will finally start the ColorNote on your Windows computer.

Download ColorNote for PC Using BlueStacks Emulator

Another way that you can use to install the ColorNote app is by using an emulator program. But keep in mind that before you can use it, make sure that your PC has decent specs, see the information above for the requirements.

Because if your computer has below its recommended specs, you will only find yourself a problem. Now, to install it using an emulator, follow the steps written below.


  • Download the BlueStacks emulator from their official website. Type the BlueStacks download on any of your favorite search engines.
  • Click the download button from their website and save the installer to your computer.
  • After that, double click its setup file and start installing it.
  • When you completed the installation, the BlueStacks will have a shortcut on your desktop, so open it.
  • The BlueStacks will now execute the Play Store login, use your Gmail account, or if you don’t have it, create a new account then use it here.
  • You can now open the Google Play Store since you have logged in your account, now type the “ColorNote” and look for it.
  • Click the “Download” button to start the installation of the ColorNote on your PC and wait for it to finish.
  • When you completed the installation, go to the home of BlueStacks, and you’ll find the shortcut icon of the ColorNote app. Click it, and you can finally use it on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am afraid of viruses, is ColorNote app safe on my PC?

Yes, the ColorNote app is a safe and legitimate program. You can trust it and use it on your computer without worrying about a virus.

I used the BlueStacks method, but my PC keeps on freezing. Help!

The BlueStacks is an emulator program and relies heavily on your hardware. If your computer is not powerful enough, you cannot use it properly.

Another one that you need to consider checking is the virtualization technology. When running an emulator, you need to ensure that this option is turned on from the BIOS menu.

This will make the emulator program utilize your hardware more efficiently; thus, it will run faster and better.

I own both iPhone and an Android phone; how can I transfer the ColorNote notes data to iPhone?

Unfortunately, there’s no official version of this software for iOS. The only workaround is to use alternative software such as Google Keep or Evernote since those applications exist on both iPhone and Android.


Creating notes is an excellent way to save important events, information that you need to do, or to keep information. Even without a pen and paper, you can write notes by just using your smartphone or computer from powerful software such as ColorNote for PC.

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