How To Download Logic Pro X On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

Are you a music lover who is dreaming about becoming a musician someday? Or perhaps to be a music producer career, but you have no idea where to start? In that case, it is highly recommended to look for Logic Pro X because it is a fantastic tool as a stepping-stone for your dream.

If you are wondering who developed the Logic Pro X, this tool was made by Apple for their Mac OS. Many people find it a great tool for music editing, mixing, or even creating from scratch.

It has a lot of digital instruments ready to apply to your music, including special effects and built-in loops.

Most of you are wondering if you can download and install the Logic Pro X for PC. The answer is yes, and we will cover the installation guide of this app on Windows 10/8/7.

Best Features Of Logic Pro X


Logic Pro X is an excellent tool for music production. It has complete tools needed to make music. Even most experts are using it for their music. Here are some of the best features of Logic Pro X that many people find useful.

Automatically Saves Your Progress

Every work-intensive application needs to have it. With this feature, your work will be safe. You can avoid losing your progress in the case that the app crashed or your CPU suddenly turned off due to the power fluctuation.

Allows You To Record And Edit Directly

This feature can save you a lot of your time. You can directly take an audio recording and edit it from here. You don’t have to use another app to record audio and import it from the Logic Pro X.

Friendly User Interface

The graphical interface is advance and has a lot of buttons and tools for creating music. But you will surprise that Logic Pro X is easy to use the software. Even though you are a beginner, you can easily understand its function because it is built to use for everyone.

Tons Of Instruments Available

Logic Pro X supports over 750 different digital musical instruments. So, any instrument that you want to play or to add as an effect on your music can be found here, and you won’t run out of ideas.

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Requirements To Install Logic Pro X On PC

Installing the Logic Pro X on your Windows PC needs you to check both your hardware and software. Since this app was made by Apple for Mac OS, you cannot install it directly on a Windows computer or laptop.

However, you will be able to run the Logic Pro X on your PC from virtualization. Therefore, you need to have a software like VirtualBox or VMWARE.

In this guide, we will focus on installing it using VirtualBox. Before you download it, make sure that you have the following hardware and software requirements:

  • You must use a Windows 7/8/10/11 Operating System that supports 64bit architecture.
  • Your processor must be more than two cores, a single-core processor may also run it, but you have to expect that it may freeze and lag most of the time.
  • It is recommended to have more than 4 GB of RAM installed on your PC.
  • The virtualization technology must be enabled from your BIOS because it can increase the performance a lot.

If your PC is below the following or not powerful enough, you will not be able to run the Logic Pro X smoothly on your PC and will only cause you problems such as hang or freeze.

Installation Of Logic Pro X On PC  Windows 11/10/8/7

Now that you have already prepared your PC to install the Logic Pro X, next is to follow these procedures:

Download the macOS High Sierra

This is the Operating System file of the Mac, which is compatible with Logic Pro X. You have to search for the file with the “.vmdk” extension because the VirtualBox can read it. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this file in our website.

Get The VirtualBox

Download the VirtualBox installer from their official website from this link. Make sure that you get the latest version and then install the file that you have downloaded. To install it, all you need to do is to keep clicking the “Next” button until it starts the installation.

Setting Up The VirtualBox

Once you finished the installation, you have to set up the VirtualBox to make it work properly. Make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Click the “Machine” tab and then select “New.”
  • Type a name and then select the Mac OS X. For the version, click the macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • You need to set up the memory of the VirtualBox. If you have 4 GB RAM, it is recommended to use at least 50% of it so that the amount will be 2048 MB. After that, click the next button.
  • In this window, choose “Use an existing virtual hard disk file,” then hit the yellow folder icon to select the virtual hard disk file.
  • Now click the “Add” icon and then select the “.vmdk” file that you have downloaded externally and then click the “Open” button.
  • After that, highlight the macOS High Sierra file and then click the “Choose” button.
  • You will be back at the “Hard Disk” window. Click the “Create” button to proceed.

Editing The macOS Virtual Machine

Highlight the Virtual Machine that you created and then click the “Settings” icon. Now, click the System tab and set up the following:

  • Go to the Motherboard tab and then uncheck the “Floppy” and “Network” and set the Chipset as “TCH9”.
  • Select the Processor tab and then set up at least 50% of your processing power. For example, if you have dual-core, then set the other core for the Virtual Machine.
  • Lastly, click the Display and then go to the Screen tab. Setup the Video memory for 128MB and then click the “OK” button.

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Using The Command Prompt To Add Code To Your VM

Open the command prompt. If you don’t know how to do that, click the start menu and then type “cmd”. Right click it and then “Run as administrator”

You have to input the following code in the command prompt for additional configuration. Make sure that you do this one by one. Also, replace the word “VM_Name” with the name of your virtual machine.

cd “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\”

VBoxManage.exe modifyvm “VM_Name” –cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff

VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct” “iMac11,3”

VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemVersion” “1.0”

VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiBoardProduct” “Iloveapple”

VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/DeviceKey” “ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)AppleComputerInc”

VBoxManage setextradata “VM_Name” “VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC” 1

After that, your virtual machine is ready to run. Go back to VirtualBox, and you can finally click the “Start” button to run it.

Installing The macOS High Sierra On VirtualBox

To do this, you need to make sure that Mac is working and correctly installed. Just follow the installation and setup your country of origin and keyboard.

When it asked you if you want to transfer the information, click the “Don’t transfer any information now” and click continue.

From the Sign In window, you can enter your Apple ID here.  Otherwise, you can skip it for now and continue the installation by clicking the “Set Up Later” button.

From the next window, you must agree to the macOS License Agreement. Now, set up your computer and password to continue. Wait a bit, and the macOS will be installed on the VirtualBox.

Once you are inside the desktop, click the AppStore. If you did not setup your account, you have to log in here.

After that, you can now search for the Logic Pro X from it and install it. Finally, you have completed the installation of the Logic Pro X for PC. Have fun using this software.


Running the Logic Pro X on Windows PC is a bit lengthy, but once you completed the following, you will be able to use it normally from your Windows. In case you have any problems with installing it, feel free to write us your comment below.

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