iSmartViewPro For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac) – Free Download

iSmartViewPro for PC – Learn how to download and run this app on Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac.

In recent times, people have usually faced difficulties when trying to manage security in their homes, shops, malls, and marketplaces. The most ideal capability is required to properly handle this as it is a very sensitive issue.

iSmartViewPro is a mobile app that gives you the ability to connect several cameras seamlessly on your phone. This implies that different areas of your home and business can be easily monitored from your phone.

Although many users prefer to run this amazing app on their PC. However, running iSmartViewPro for PC is quite easy and straightforward.

This article reveals the easy methods of how this software can be used on both a laptop and a desktop computer. Setting up the whole process will only take a few minutes which means you will be up and running as soon as possible.

Benefits and Features Of iSmartViewPro

iSmartViewPro provides many security benefits. If you intend to monitor and keep an eye on your home or marketplace, all that is needed to be done is to simply log in and watch all the happenings in your home. This app also allows you to take screenshots of video feeds.

iSmartViewPro also comes with amazing features that will help you record and save footages that can be watched later on. This app can also help to monitor and manage CCTV footage on your PC.

The app also comes with a feature where you can set motion triggers that will send an alert when someone moves in front of the camera.

Performance Of iSmartViewPro

This software was developed to create a seamless connection between multiple cameras and your mobile device. The amazing features in the app are also visible to PC users on their computers.

But what is the performance of this app when used on the PC? The main features of the app will be reviewed in order to reveal how they are used on a computer.

IP Camera Connection

The major function of this iSmartView is the ability to create an IP camera connected to the app. This can be easily done by providing the ID number and password of the camera.

It functions properly on the PC. It develops no issue when connecting cameras to the app. It also provides a reliable connection after the camera has been linked with iSmartViewPro.

It Supports Multiple Cameras

This app enables the connection of multiple cameras seamlessly at once. This allows you to create a mobile security center using the app to monitor your home and business.

The multiple camera support works incredibly on the PC with very clear video feeds and very minor lag.

Alerts For Motion Detection

It comes with motion detection alerts that are compatible with most cameras which will offer instant notification whenever there is a movement outside your home or business.

The app performs incredibly on the PC although issues may arise when the app is in the background.

Record Video Feeds

iSMartViewPro for PC doesn’t only come with the ability to take video feeds, it can also record the feeds gotten from the camera. The video feeds can be revisited any time after selecting the record feature for later viewing.

This function works very well on a mobile device as does on a PC. The recorded video feeds can be reviewed anytime on a full screen and will offer better detail than what the mobile device provides.

Absence Of Timestamp

The main setback of this application is that timestamps cannot be shown on the videos or photos. The time for any of the video feeds will have to be taken manually.

Complete PC Security Features

iSmartView enables complete security monitoring with full features on your PC or mobile device. These features can all be gotten without any extra charge.

How To Download iSmartViewPro For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The features that come with this software are very compatible with a PC. A more detailing effect of the footage can be viewed using the full screen on the PC and monitoring several feeds from multiple cameras is also very easy on a bigger screen.

Although iSmartView does not come with a specific Windows or macOS version, it can still be used on a computer.

An android emulator is required to run iSmartViewPro for PC. Mobile emulators create a similar interface that resembles a mobile operating system on your PC that will enable you to run mobile apps with all its features on a PC.

There are many suitable emulators available online that can be used to run iSmartViewPro on a computer or laptop.

Using Bluestacks to Download iSmartViewPro App for PC

BlueStacks is a well-known application that can be used to run mobile apps on the computer. Although many game lovers use it, it can also run any mobile application.

This application comes with wonderful graphics support which makes it a great choice for running this program. Different video streams and screen orientations can be easily selected.

Different shortcuts can even be created using the keyboard for easy movement within camera feeds.

BlueStacks can also be downloaded for free here.

Download iSmartViewPro for PC (Windows & Mac)


  • Download BlueStacks compatible with Windows OS or macOS online for free.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the application on your Windows PC.
  • Open the installed BlueStacks app and using a valid Gmail ID, login to Google Playstore.
  • Now search for iSmartViewPro.
  • Then download and enjoy the app.


iSmartViewPro for PC is one amazing app that can ensure the safety of your home and business. It can also be downloaded easily with the provided instructions which you can find in the above information.

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