iVCam Webcam For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac) Download

In this article, we are going to teach you how to download iVCam Webcam for PC (Windows & Mac). All you need to do is to read this article to know how to get the iVCam for Mac & Windows.

Safety is something that hangs like a thread. You think you’re safe inside your home, but then something happens that makes you question many things. Thieves and burglars have gotten smart, and they know how to make their way inside our homes.

What is our responsibility as homeowners? What can we do to protect our homes? The only possible answer is to have a better surveillance system inside and outside of our homes.

Only with a good surveillance system can we detect the thieves on time and save ourselves and our families from getting robbed, or worse, hurt.

You will find many CCTV systems in the market, but we recommend a system that can connect with your mobile phones and PC. There are many benefits of it that we will discuss in this blog.

The security and surveillance app that needs to be installed in your home is iVCam Webcam. It is a top-rated home monitoring app that will keep your home secure with the latest technology standards. Let’s discuss more its features and how you can download the iVCam Webcam for PC.

What is the iVCam Webcam App?

The iVCam Webcam app is a tool that will turn your smartphone or tablet into a High-Definition webcam that you can use for surveillance.

The reason to use the iVCam app is that webcams have become insanely overpriced now. One cannot afford to buy multiple webcams and fit inside their homes. However, there are more smartphones inside your home than web cameras. Turning them into a webcam would do the job.

Moreover, you can also replace the old USB webcams with better-quality ones when the iVCam app connects with your phones. You will find everything with crystal clarity.

Features of the iVCam Webcam for PC?


Here is why the iVCam Webcam app should be your number one choice for home security.

HD+ Videos

Most smartphones these days come with epic cameras. The camera quality provides leverage to the iVCam app to use the app and camera together, and better monitor your surroundings at home. Moreover, the real-time video monitoring would be without any lag. You will experience low latency levels throughout the monitoring process.

Background Running

One good thing about the iVCam app is that it can secretly do its monitoring job. You don’t have to stop your work as the app would let you use your apps like normally while doing surveillance. Your apps wouldn’t be affected.

Connected Loop

The iVCam Webcam app can form a network inside your home. You can use it on multiple smartphones inside your home, and then those devices will connect to the mother device, which is usually the PC. These webcam/phones can connect to the PC at the same time too.

Perfect Capture

Since you are using a high-definition mobile phone camera instead of a webcam, the iVCam app will capture crystal clear images and video. The app can support video sizes like 4K, 2K, 1080p, to 144p. Moreover, you can also use advanced camera modes like Autofocus, EC, Zooming, and WB. You can also choose to switch between portrait and landscape mode according to your needs to better look at the surroundings.

Rear/Front Switching

When you use the iVCam app, you have the option to switch between both cameras. This feature makes the range even wider. You can use the front camera first to look at what’s happening on the front, then you turn to the back camera and see around the back comfortably. If the room is dark, you can command the camera to turn on the flashlight to have a better look.

Security Feature of The iVCam Webcam

The best security feature inside the iVCam app is the audio support. You can use your smartphone at home as a wireless microphone. This little feature can save you and your family. Imagine someone breaks into your home, and you use your phone to scare them off by telling them that you’ve called the cops. You can also frighten them with alarm tones or warning sounds.


  • Automatic connectivity through Wi-Fi or USB.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple device connectivity allowed.
  • Easily configurable for video quality, encoder, and frame rate.
  • Supports video flip and mirror.
  • Easy replacement of integrated and USB webcams.
  • Video and screenshot previews on the client app.


  • Connecting with a PC can be difficult.
  • The frames can freeze at times.

How to Connect iVCam Webcam With Your PC?

The iVCam app has an easy setup. Basically, the app works in collaboration with the PC client app. You install the iVCam app on your smartphone and download the iVCam Webcam on your Windows PC. Once both are downloaded, they get automatically connected. You don’t have to configure them manually.

With the PC client app, you can do surveillance, record a particular incident, and store them in your PC’s storage for future use. This feature can help catch the bad guys after they’ve broken into your homes.

How To Download iVCam for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac?

Here is the complete procedure to connect your iVCam app with the PC client.

  1. Install the iVCam app on an Android or iOS device.
  2. Buy the iVCam client on PC and install it.
  3. Allow the iVCam app to use Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn off Windows Firewall on PC and disable VPN.
  5. Ensure that your PC and phone are using the same Wi-Fi and router.
  6. Disable your router’s AP isolation and allow guest mode.
  7. When you find the PC detected option, click on it and connect your PC and phone through the iVCam app.


Is iVCam free?

No, the client app has to be purchased.

Is iVCam effective?

Yes, it is pretty effective.

Can you zoom in on iVCam?

Yes, you can zoom in and out.

Can I download iVCam for Mac?

Yes of course! You only need to follow the instructions given above in order to download iVCam for Mac.

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The iVCam app is a genius solution for turning your home phones into surveillance cameras. It saves money, provides express monitoring, and protects your loved ones. Install the iVCam Webcam on your PC and start protecting your home now.