Nixplay app for PC – How to Download it? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

If you are interested in downloading the Nixplay app for PC, then continue reading. It will be discussing the installation guide of this app on (Windows & Mac).

Photographs are memories that stay with you for as long as you want to keep. It is such a nostalgic moment to look at old photos and relive a small flashback. People nowadays emphasize clicking pictures and taking videos for digital display. Did you know you can use digital frames to display your family portraits or casual images?

Nixplay is a fantastic app that helps you to display any photo of your liking. It is a non-traditional photo posting and exchange app which allows you to interact with different people. You can download Nixplay for windows for a bigger and better display.

Digital frames like Nixplay are a hassle-free way of spicing up your space. You can use Nixplay to digitally display any photo of your liking and also connect with people to enter within their frame. We love how versatile the app is with tons of outstanding features.

One of the main advantages of Nixplay is that you do not have to print out an image to display. You can select any image from your gallery or make a college.

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Features of the Nixplay App


Nixplay develops the Nixplay app with the initiative of reliving new memories each day. You will undoubtedly smile when you look at the digital frame each day. Every picture says a thousand words, and Nixplay wants to make you stop and think back to the most beautiful memories each day. Let’s have a glance at Nixplay features:

Add Captions

Nixplay is not a boring digital frame in which you display photos, and your task is done. It is an interactive app in which you can communicate with other people. You can share pictures with them and comment on photos they share with you. It is an interactive digital frame where your friends can also relive your memory.

Control Other People’s Frame

Nixplay is an excellent app if you want to engage with your family and friends. You do not have to be physically present to change digital frame photos of others. You can scroll through your friends and family’s frames online and change their frame photos with their consent. One of the best things about the app is that you can line up pictures for each day. This way, you do not have to change photos every day as they change automatically manually.

Invite Friends to Connect

Nixplay is an interactive frame with diverse video and image settings. The app is quite engaging and has different controls to connect with your friend. You can invite your friends and connect with various people to access their frames. Your friends have complete control over your frame as they can change the photo according to their liking. You can also edit images before putting them up, such as the brightness, contrast, and background.

Switch Photo Through the App

Nixplay is a highly user-friendly app that does not demand excessive user input. You can use the app associated with Nixplay to change photos. You do not have to use the digital frame itself to change the picture. It is also a beginner-friendly app with simple controls; hence, even a technically challenged person can use it easily.

Multiple Frame Controls

You can make your display picture look more attractive using the Nixplay app. Nixplay app for Windows allows you to use edit options such as brightness, shadow, blur, diffuse, etc. You can use all these options to make your picture more attractive. And more appealing to the eye.

How to Download Nixplay App for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

To make it simple, yes. You can download the Nixplay for PC. However, this application cannot be installed directly on your computer without using a special tool called “Android Emulator”.

With an emulator program, you can almost run any Android app including the Nixplay on your Windows or Mac computer. To efficiently run the Nixplay, ensure that your computer is good and fast enough to run it.

There are many emulators out there for the installation that you can use to emulate the Nixplay app. Choose either of the following below.

YouTube video

Method 1 – Download Nixplay App for PC Using LD Player

Step 1: Download LD Player

LD player is a popular Android emulator which you can use to download Android apps into your windows. You have to visit the official LD player website if you wish to use this emulator. The first step is to click on the link presented on the website. It may take a few minutes to download, depending on how fast your internet connection works.

Step 2: Install the LD Player Emulator

You will see a notification box on your screen after you have downloaded the app. Click on the install button to complete the download process.

Step 3: Use Your ID

There is no rocket science when it comes to creating the ID. Simply enter your Google account details and fill in the boxes with the requested information. You will be able to access the ID almost immediately.

Step 4: Look for Nixplay App


You will see a search bar in the LD player application, write Nixplay in the app. Click on the download option besides the app and wait for it to download.

Step 5: Run The App

Once you have access to the Nixplay app, you can set the image in the frame.

Method 2 – Install Nixplay App for PC Using Nox Player

Step 1: Download Nox Player

Visit the official Nox player website to download an emulator. The first step is to click on the link presented on the website.

Step 2: Install Nox Player

Click on the install button appearing on the screen to complete the download process.

Step 3: Start Entering Your ID

Enter your Google account details to create an ID. Mention your full name, profile photo, and email to complete the process.

Step 4: Search for Nixplay

You will see a search bar in the LD player application, write Nixplay in the app. Click on the download option besides the app and wait for it to download.


How do I transfer photos from my computer to Nixplay?

You will see an add photo option on the top of the screen. When you click on add photo, your computer’s media will open, giving you access to images. Select one photo to upload on a digital frame.

How do I set up Nixplay?

You have to enter your Google account details to create an ID. You need to add your full name and a profile photo to complete the steps.

Will Nixplay work without WIFI?

Nixplay needs WIFI to upload photos and access the media. However, you can see the display photo without WIFI.


If you are fond of seeing and reliving new memories each day on a big screen, then the Nixplay app for windows is the answer. It is a fun way to interact with people and watch their frames each day. You can also leave a comment on your friend’s digital frame photos.

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