Download PojavLauncher for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) Guide

Do you love playing Minecraft? Why not try to download the PojavLauncher on your PC?

To come across a video game so popular as Minecraft, users would be tempted to find a platform to help improve their gameplay without getting interrupted. With PojavLauncher, users won’t need to look too far because it is available in Google Playstore. It has already 5,000,000 downloads and still counting. A perfect tool for players who are looking forward to an app so simple to use, loads quickly, and is free from ads. Oh, and did I mention that users can launch almost any version of Minecraft even the much older version. Cool right?

How to enjoy the full features of the game? Well, I can certainly say that the more appropriate device that can offer a smoother and faster experience is your big screen. Yes, fellas! You would not want limited access due to device incompatibility or restrictions. Therefore, you would agree with me that reading this article, it’s starting to interest you about how PojavLauncher works on your PC. We are getting there already!

Features of the PojavLauncher Application


For the key features of the PojavLauncher, let me walk you through the list laid down for your reference and guide.

  • The launcher allows users to connect with other players and even find friends or groups through chat. Users are able to view players’ profiles and browse chat history.
  • Its launcher has flexible support such as enabling users to try various patterns to launch the app.
  • The user interface of this app is made in a minimalist design.
  • Create up to four different screens that can be for chat, shortcuts, contacts, and other apps.
  • It has a feature to control button scaling.
  • This app has an option to modify mouse size.
  • It has multilingual support and a language changer.

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How To Download PojavLauncher on your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)

Mobile devices became popular nowadays because of their portability which means you can play the game and use apps anywhere and anytime. However, there are also other gamers and users who prefer to play on desktop PC and laptops.

This is because of the multi-tasking capability when you are using a PC instead of a mobile phone. You can work while you’re listening to music and watching some news. This feature is possible with the help of an android emulator.

A lot of android emulators are available for free download on the web. Depending on your PC specifications either high-end or low-end you can choose between different emulators that will suit your preferences and hardware.

In this article, I will discuss two different emulators. One is applicable for a low-end PC specification and the other one is for a high-end PC spec.

Bluestacks: Download PojavLauncher on PC Using This Emulator

Bluestacks is one of the pioneers in the android emulator niche. Without any arguments, it is also one of the best emulators that you can download for free. Bluestacks best work on a higher-end PC spec to maximize all its feature.

Depending on the user’s gaming preferences, you can easily tweak the controls and settings of Bluestacks so you can enjoy using them while playing or using your favorite apps. Bluestacks is known to be very safe.

  1. Install this emulator by downloading the installer file for windows on the Bluestacks website.
  2. Double click the Bluestacks exe file to start the installation process.
  3. Follow the installation procedure and wait for it to complete.
  4. Initiate the emulator by simply double-clicking the Bluestacks icon.
  5. Open Google Playstore inside the emulator app lists.
  6. Search and install PojavLauncher.
  7. Click the PojavLauncher to start it and open the desired games you want to Launch. Enjoy.

LD Player: Download PojavLauncher for PC Using This Alternative Android Emulator

Unlike Bluestacks, LD Player is recommended for users with a low-end PC spec. In terms of stability, LD Player is known to be very stable and with less lag gaming performance.

Like Bluestacks, most of the games and apps in Google Playstore are playable and usable in LD Player. The multi-instance feature is also available in LD Player. This feature will clone the main LD Player and let you open multiple android windows.

  1. From the web, search and download the LD Player installer.
  2. Double click the downloaded exe file to start the installation process
  3. Once installation is complete, open the emulator by simply double-clicking the LD Player icon.
  4. Open Google Playstore inside the emulator.
  5. Search and download PojavLauncher.
  6. Follow the installation process and wait until completion.
  7. Click the PojavLauncher app and now you can launch any games or app you want to use.


Here is the additional information that would interest you about this PojavLauncher.

  • PojavLauncher is available in Google Playstore and can be updated on Playstore for free.
  • PojavLauncher is a Java-based game launcher developed by Artdeell back in 2009.
  • The developers have been constantly fixing bugs before the release of the newest version.
  • It can optimize even on a slow internet connection.
  • It can launch almost all Minecraft versions including the Test versions.
  • Android emulators are free and accessible for the user to optimize their gameplay and other general application.


As you can see, there are other launchers offering the same practice as PojavLauncher. However, the vast majority of users globally have affirmed the effectiveness of this product. Besides, PojavLauncher and android emulator applications are available to choose from the internet that won’t cost you a cent.

I suggest you stretch a bit while you begin to download PojavLauncher and any of the emulators I have listed above. Just follow the steps-by-steps correctly and have fun playing Minecraft.

Hope that this article becomes favorable to you. I recommend checking some other articles on this page to boost your knowledge of other applications that you would likely try next time.