Minecraft Earth For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Let’s be honest; Minecraft Earth for PC is an epic game to play on a computer. This augmented reality world is a whole different level of fun, adventure, and pleasure. One gets to build whatever one imagines. Their exploration becomes even better.

Minecraft has released quite some exciting games over these past years. The game being discussed today is said to be a spin-off of this epic series.

Minecraft Earth is the game that is on the discussion today as this topic will cover all the magical secrets of this game.

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What Is Minecraft Earth?

Well, Minecraft Earth is a game developed by Mojang Studios in mid-2019. It was first available as early access in October 2019 and has become quite a hit on its release.

The Minecraft Earth game was published by the Xbox Game Studios, and it is also available for Android and iOS users.

How To Play Minecraft Earth for PC?


Minecraft Earth has a gameplay that is quite similar to Pokemon Go. The player has to get out of their homes, explore their surroundings, and collect the collectibles that would help build the Minecraft World.

The game is centered around creating high buildings, finding the necessary resources to build those buildings, and exploring the surroundings for more surprises. The mechanism and game engine of this game are no different than other Minecraft games. The only difference is that the gamer will have to go out to collect their things.

The Minecraft Earth game contains some game modes that help the user to finish it. These modes are explained under:

Build Mode

In the build mode, the gamer can create AR structures in their area. The areas where they can build such structures are called the Buildplates. The users can also invite their friends or neighbors nearby to collaborate to build more structures on those Buildplates. These build plates will be placed in real-world locations, and the person can also access them at the site they were being constructed in the real world.

Play Mode

The Play Mode in Minecraft Earth refers to the activities done other than building. The player mode includes exploration, collection, and collaboration. First of all, the player can explore the buildings in full-size to know about the structures better. The device cameras will show how the buildings and their locations.

The Play mode also contains a vast map of the area. The map will show where there might be a chance of collecting precious items. The user will have to go to that location, turn their camera in front and collect all the “tappable” present.

Demolition Mode

The demolition mode in the Minecraft Earth game is pretty self-explanatory. The user can demolish their structures in this mode. The raw material obtained from the demolition will earn the gamer more rubies. They can also use that raw material for building other materials as well.

Adventures At Minecraft Earth

The ‘Adventures’ option will take the players on a Minecraft quest. The quest could be a tricky puzzle, an unspecified map with clues, or a virtual location where the user can defeat the enemies.

Minecraft Earth’s gameplay is secure as the UI understands hazardous places and objects such as pits, lakes, and trees, so the user doesn’t need to worry about banging their head in the tree while searching for the items.

The players will encounter many Minecraft mobs along the way. The Minecraft mobs are the living Minecraft objects moving inside the game. One can play with them or defeat them. The Minecraft Earth will feature a new variety of exclusive mobs.

The main currencies used in the Minecraft Earth game are rubies and minecoins. One can earn rubies by completing the quests, collecting the collectibles, or even purchasing through real money. The rubies can be used for buildplates, building materials, and many other purposes.

The Minecoins, however, can be purchased only with real money. The minecoins can be used for Minecraft skins, texture packs, and buying cosmetic items.


  • This game is free to download.
  • It is fun and engaging.
  • It is a decent outdoor mobile game.


  • The Minecraft Earth app drains a lot of battery.
  • Users have complained about a few game glitches.
  • Dangerous for underage kids.

How To Download Minecraft Earth for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

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The Minecraft Earth game is currently available on Android, Mac, and Xbox. Unlike other Minecraft games, the PC version will need you to have specialized software to run it. A big reason might be the outdoor nature of the game. Nevertheless, those who have their laptops can still enjoy this game.

The only method to download Minecraft Earth for PC is by first downloading an Android emulator on the PC and then installing this game on it.

To do so, follow these steps:

Method #1 – Download Minecraft Earth for PC Using LD Player

  1. First of all, access the PC browser.
  2. Then enter the URL www.ldplayer.net.
  3. The LD Player webpage will display.
  4. Download the LD Player on the laptop.
  5. After that, launch the LD player installer.
  6. Once the installation is complete, launch LD Player.
  7. Then the user needs to enter their new or old Google ID and password to start using the PlayStore.
  8. After entering the credentials, enter the Google Play Store.
  9. Then type “Minecraft Earth” by the developers Mojang Studios.
  10. Hit the install button.
  11. Let the game download on the laptop.
  12. Once the Minecraft Earth game is downloaded, it will appear on the front page of LD Player.
  13. Enjoy exploring the Augmented Reality world.
  14. The macOS users can also download Minecraft Earth on their MacBook by following the same strategy.

Method #2 – Get Minecraft Earth on PC Using Bluestacks

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to download Bluestacks.
  2. Once you downloaded the Bluestacks, it’s time to install it, simply double click the setup of the Bluestacks emulator.
  3. After the installation, open the Bluestacks and then run the Play Store.
  4. Now, log in to your Gmail account inside the Play Store to get access to it.
  5. Once you finished the log-in, click the search bar and type Minecraft Earth to start looking for it.
  6. In the search results, you will find Minecraft Earth, just click the download button to get it. Now, the installation will start, wait for it to be finished.
  7. After that, the Minecraft Earth for PC is now available to use, to open it, go back to the home of Bluestacks and then click its icon to start.


  1. Is Minecraft Earth Free?

Yes, it is free.

  1. Is Minecraft Earth Suitable For Kids?

Yes, it is suitable for 13+ kids.

  1. Is Minecraft Earth Available On App Store?

Yes, it is available on the App Store.


The Minecraft Earth for PC is an epic game series of fun-filled adventures. Playing the game can relax one’s mind and quench their thirst for beautiful experiences. Don’t waste time and play Minecraft Earth now.

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