iFruit For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Here’s the thing: One could never get enough of the GTA series. These series from Rockstar Games have been a part of many lives. Whether the gamers play it offline and do side missions with the pals Trevor and Michael, or if they go online and play it on a large scale, GTA-V is thrilling in both ways.

Anyhow, despite being packed with modes and features, sometimes one needs that extra one step ahead to accomplish. For example, any car enthusiast in real life will make sure that their vehicle inside the game would be lush, sophisticated, and the latest. Unfortunately, GTA-V doesn’t provide some customizations inside the game.

To counter these issues, Rockstar Games come up with a brilliant idea. They introduced another game under their banner that was primarily designed to customize the game cars into the latest customized technologies. Some other mini-games were attached to this newly-launched game as well.

Grand Theft Auto: iFruit or simply iFruit was the game. Let’s explore more about the game details below and learn how you can download and install the iFruit for PC.

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The iFruit App


The iFruit app is a project of the Los Santos Customs. This app’s main aim is to provide gamers the freedom to build their ultimate vehicle in GTA-V from anywhere they want.

Moreover, they can also perform certain premium customizations on their vehicles. They can apply paints, tint their windows, add colors to the car smokes, put special hoods and spoilers, replace old wheels with the latest ones, etc.

In addition to this, the GTA gamers can also make changes to the vehicles’ interior, add custom accessories, level up the engine capacities, add new horns and lights, and put strong armor around the tires and the body for ultimate protection.

The best thing about the iFruit app is that the gamer can create their user-specified customized license plates. These plates can be used in both Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. As quickly as one order, as soon as the plates are delivered to them. The GTA V online player can buy up to 30 license plates. They can switch those plates anytime during the gameplay.

The gamers can order their customizations upfront. They will find their new car the next time they log into the game. They can also place their car order during the gameplay. The mechanic will inform the player when the work is done.

Chop The Dog

The iFruit app contains a mini-game inside it named Chop the Dog. The game revolves around a virtual dog named Chop. The game will notify the users whenever Chop is hungry or thirsty, has pooed on the lawn, or wants to play hide-n-seek.

The player’s main responsibility in this game is to feed the dog and take him for a walk outside. Precautions are necessary as over-feeding the dog would make him feel nauseous, and he will vomit everywhere. This health issue will result in a decrease in Chop’s happiness mentioned in the top bar.

The Chop’s owner also has to pick up his poop and clean him afterward. The glove icon will help the player pick the poo and drop it into the trash chute.

The gamer can also train Chop with new tricks. Chop will memorize and learn these tricks and replicate them even in the main GTA-V game. one can also change Chop’s leash color according to the master’s will.

The trainer can put Chop into three modes: Park, Beach, and Street. Each mode has its task that the user has to accomplish; otherwise, Chop will become unhappy, and they will lose.

The Park Mode

In the Park mode, Chop has to become vigilant enough to save his bitch from other predator dogs. If Chop fails to save the bitch or if she gets scared, then game over. If he succeeds in saving the bitch, she will allow Chop to have sex with her, increasing his happiness level.

The Beach Mode

In the Beach mode, Chop becomes a naughty boy, and his only work here is to rip off the bikinis from the women lying peacefully on the beach. More bikini rips mean more point scores. However, he has to carefully perform the task and save himself from being shooed away by the juicers. Once they caught Chop ripping the bikinis off, they’ll arrive at the spot and kick the dog, hence failing the game.

The Street Mode

In the Street Mode, Chop becomes a watchdog and looks out for Franklin’s car Buffalo S located on the street in Los Santos. The Ballas gang is after that car, and Chop needs to get them away. If the Ballas succeeds in destroying the car, it will result in an explosion killing the poor dog. Keeping the gang away from the car for a long time will increase Chop’s happiness.

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How To Download The iFruit For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?

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To download the iFruit app on a PC, there are two ways. It is either from Microsoft Store or running the Android/iOS version app of the iFruit on a computer using an emulator.

However, not every Windows version is supported. Many people are still using Windows 7 as their Operating System, or you are using a macOS. But worry not because, in this article, we have created a guide on how to run it in these Operating Systems.

Get iFruit for PC (Windows 11/10/8)

  • Open Microsoft Store.
  • Enter “iFruit app” on the search bar.
  • Click the download to save the app.

iFruit For Windows 7 below and Mac Installation

The iFruit app is unavailable on Windows 7 or macOS. To get the iFruit app on PC and Mac, follow these instructions:


  • Go to the bignox.com website.
  • Open the Noxplayer’s main page and find the download page.
  • Download the NoxPlayer emulator to your computer.
  • Now, launch the NoxPlayer installer from downloads.
  • Complete the installation by following the details.
  • Launch the emulator from your computer.
  • Go to Google Accounts from the settings of the emulator.
  • Enter Google ID (New or Existing) and log in to your account.
  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Enter the app’s name “iFruit app” in the search box.
  • Confirm the developer name “Rockstar Games.” to ensure that you are downloading the right app.
  • Start downloading the iFruit app by clicking the install button.
  • The iFruit app will soon appear on the front page of the Nox Player.
  • After that, you have completed the installation of the iFruit on your PC. Enjoy!

Frequently Inquired Questions

  1. Is iFruit App safe?

Yes, the game is safe.

  1. Is iFruit App free?

Yes, the iFruit App is free.

  1. Can you use iFruit for GTA Online?

Yes, it is available for GTA Online.

Conclusion On iFruit For PC

The iFruit app is not much of a use to most GTA gamers. Those who are pet lovers or car enthusiasts would, however, find this game enthralling.

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