Talkatone On PC (Windows & Mac) – Step by Step Guide for Beginners


Hey People! We live in a weird world where connecting and talking with someone is not free. Yes, the mobile data and calling plans are getting trickier and costly each day, making it impossible for students and other people to connect.

There was a dire need for a mechanism that could allow people to connect at much less cost. This is why the developers of Talkatone created such a phenomenal application that would cater to all the caller’s needs.

The Talkatone calling application was designed to run on internet facilities like cellular data and Wi-Fi. The app allows people to connect with their loved ones, both locally and internationally, at low rates.

Is Calling Free On The Talkatone App On PC Or Mobile?


Yes, the calling service is free on the Talkatone application on a Wi-Fi network. A person can send texts too on Talkatone. The residents of the USA and Canada can call and text each other for free through this app.

If one is interested in interacting with their loved ones abroad, they can buy extra credits for an International call on the Talkatone app at cheap rates and connect with them.

The Talkatone gives the caller the authority to call whenever they want without worrying about the costly phone bills. Just have a Wi-Fi connection, and that’s it.

What’s A Number In The Talkatone App?

The Talkatone calling and texting app now provide its customers with a US-based phone number of their choice. That particular Talkatone number can act as their phone number, and one can receive texts and calls on that number with or without the internet.

With a Talkatone phone number, a user can connect any landline or phone number in the US and Canadian regions. Other regions where a Talkatone international call can be acquired within low rates are Columbia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Guatemala.

The Talkatone phone number can be changed anytime. There is no fee to acquire a Talkatone number or change it. Although repeating this process might charge the user more, there is no need to switch numbers. Like an ordinary call and text system, the Talkatone app gives its customers their call and text history.

How Is Texting Done In This App?

The texting feature on the Talkatone app is almost like a traditional chatting app interface where people can send each other text messages, pictures, audio notes, Emojis, GIF images, and more fun features –all free of cost.

The group chatting in Talkatone is easy and fun, just like any typical chatting application. One can switch from texting to calling within no time.

What Are The Benefits Of The Talkatone App Both PC And Smartphone Users?

There are many benefits to this Talkatone calling application. First of all, it’s a good option for students who have friends and study circles as this app can help them connect whenever they want. Moreover, the Talkatone is free to download, which adds to its charm.

The texting and calling in Talkatone are unlimited in the US and Canada, which means that there will be no interruption as soon as the internet is intact. It gives its users a free number for calling too.

The audio quality for calling in Talkatone is clear and loud too.

The Talkatone application is available for both iOS and Android users making it more diverse for the audience.

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What Are The Negative Points Of This App?

One of the most alarming issues in the Talkatone app is that it does not support emergency calls, which can send someone in trouble at the wrong time.

Secondly, the ads running in the Talkatone app can affect the phone, make it slower, and even disconnect the calls. Some customers have also complained to miss the calls and essential texts on this app.

A user has to buy the Talkatone Plus subscription to get an ad-free mechanism and a permanent number.

If a user does not use its Talkatone number for long, then there is a chance that it might expire. The calling on Talkatone can sometimes disrupt, and the pause can become longer.

How To Call Using The Talkatone On PC And Laptop?

The Talkatone application is only available for Apple and Android; therefore, a PC user cannot enjoy its services on their pc.

To use the Talkatone for PC and Mac, there is a simple and easy way that any person can follow.

To download the Talkatone app for PC and Windows, and Android Emulator is needed. An emulator is what transforms a PC into acting like a smartphone. It’s like an OS within an OS.

The best choice to use Talkatone on PC Windows will be the MEmu Play Emulator. The MEMu play is a power-pack emulator that has the experience to run the latest and most massive games on it. It provides outstanding performance, visually stunning graphics, and a multi-tasking decorum.

Follow the procedure:


  • Go to the website
  • The official MEmu play website contains the MEmu play emulator in the front.
  • Download the latest version of MEmu play for the best performance.
  • Double click the MEmu setup file that you download on the PC and start its installer.
  • Finish the installation by accepting its requirements.
  • Once done, now go to the MEmu play’s home screen on the PC.
  • The next step is to open the Google Play Store.
  • Enter your account for it to log in.
  • In case you don’t have it, make a new one and use it here.
  • Finish the setup.
  • Move towards the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the search bar and type “Talkatone: Free Texts, Calls & Phone Number.”
  • Confirm the app developer “Talkatone” to ensure that you will only download the right app.
  • Tap the Talkatone icon from the Play Store, and hit the install button.
  • The MEmu play will notify the user about the installation when completed.
  • In this way, the Talkatone is ready to use and connect your account.
  • Click its newly generated icon on your desktop to start using the Talkatone on your PC.

If you are using macOS, you can also install it the same way above. The only difference is you have to download the installer compatible with your Operating System.

Alternative Emulator

If you are having troubles with MEmu and looking for alternatives, then you can try using the BlueStacks emulator.

The installation is almost the same with MEmu so you can see the above guide for your reference.

Most Common Queries

Is Talkatone legal?

Yes, this application is legal.

Do Talkatone numbers expire?

The Talkatone number expires when the user doesn’t use it for more than a month.

Does Talkatone show user’s name?

No, it doesn’t show the name.

Is there a Talkatone app for Windows PC directly?

Unfortunately, this one is not available for now.


Talkatone is a decent calling and texting application. It’s free, easy, and hassle-free, so download it and enjoy free services.

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