Play The Golf Clash On Your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7) and Become The Champion

Ah, Golf – One of the most elite games that one can play. Golfing is not just a mere game; it’s a hobby and –a Lifestyle. A golfer always finds solitude in playing this game. It not only is a good time passing, but it sharpens one’s mind and makes the player better their instincts.

Therefore, this is the best day to introduce the audience to an exceptionally unique Golfing game called the Golf Clash.

The Golf Clash is a free golfing game for iOS and Android users to enhance their golfing skills. A brief description of the Golf Clash game’s features is mentioned below

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User Installation Manual For Golf Clash On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

The Golf Clash game is a great time pass, especially if one gets bored during those big lectures. Unfortunately, the Golf Clash is only available for Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows Store. Therefore, it does not support working on Mac and PC that uses Windows 7 or less.

Though there are alternate ways to use Golf Clash on PC, let’s first look at how to download it on other devices.

How To Play Golf Clash On Android


  • Have an Android Version exceeding 4.4
  • Open the Play Store.
  • Click the search bar and type “Golf Clash.”
  • Confirm the game developers “Playdemic.”
  • Tap the install option.
  • Golf Clash is ready to be played on Android Phones and Tablets.

How To Get And Play Golf Clash On iOS

  • Have an iOS 9 or more to play Golf Clash.
  • Open the App Store and search for “Golf Clash.”
  • Check if the developer is “Playdemic.”
  • Download the Golf Clash game by tapping on the Install button.
  • The Golf Clash is ready to be golfed on iPhone, iPods, and iPads.

Downloading The Golf Clash From Amazon

  • Open the Amazon app store.
  • Search for “Golf Clash” with the developer “Playdemic.”
  • Download the Golf Clash game.
  • Enjoy the Golf Clash on Amazon phones and Amazon Tablets/Kindle Fire.

Alternate Methods To Play Golf Clash On PC

There are three best methods to play the Golf Clash on PC and Windows.

  • Through Facebook.
  • Via Microsoft Store.
  • Using Emulator Software.

First, we will discuss how to Play the Golf Clash on your PC using Facebook.

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Golf Clash Through Facebook

If one does not want to go into the hassle of getting the Golf Clash game download into the computer, it might be the easiest way to play the game. The Golf Clash through the Fb method can benefit both Windows and Mac users.

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Go to the sidebar and search for Games.
  • In the Games tab, search “Golf Clash.”
  • Tap on the game and start playing.
  • Or go to the Golf Clash’s Official page on Facebook, and find the gameplay option there too.

Installing Golf Clash Through Microsoft Store

Another way to play this game is to get it from the Microsoft store. However, not all of the Windows version is compatible with it.

It requires your PC to have the latest Operating System such as Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 in order to get it on your computer. The minimum requirement of the Golf Clash game is that the computer must have at least x86 Windows, and a touch-system interface is preferred.

  • Navigate the Microsoft Store.
  • Go to the search bar on the top right.
  • Type “Golf Clash” and search.
  • Get the game.
  • Install the game on PC.
  • The Golf Clash game is ready to play on Windows 10, and 8.1 supported PCs, laptops, and Tablets.

Starting This Game Through Android Emulator

What if a gamer wants to play Golf Clash on their PC, but their system doesn’t support it? The Golf Clash game cannot be played on Windows 7 or less. It can also not run on Mac. So that is why a quick hack is needed to run the Golf Clash game on such computers, and that is why an Android Emulator is necessary.

For downloading the Golf Clash game on PC, NoxPlayer Emulator will be a fine choice. The reason is that the NoxPlayer Emulator has two separate versions for Mac and Windows, making it easier to download for its users. The NoxPlayer is super efficient for such games and doesn’t slow down the PC. The NoxPlayer supports as low as Windows XP and Vista, and it can be downloaded on Mac Sierra too.

In order to install it, you must follow the steps written in this guide.

  • Access the website
  • Windows users must go for the NoxPlayer Windows’s version.
  • Mac users opt for the NoxPlayer Mac version.
  • Install the NoxPlayer Emulator in the respective Operating System.
  • Open the NoxPlayer’s main page.
  • Go towards Google Accounts.
  • Enter new or existing IDs in order to login into your account to it.
  • After the setup, hop towards Google Play Store.
  • Search the game Golf Clash by developer Playdemic.
  • Download and install Golf Clash by clicking the button.
  • After that, the Golf Clash game is moved towards the main page, open it and start golfing.
  • Enjoy Golf Clash on PC or Mac.

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Best Features Of This Game


  • Lots of Golf courses and scenarios for users.
  • New weekly golf tournaments.
  • The one-on-one game plays in real-time.
  • Real-time chats with fellow golfers.
  • Saving the most magnificent golf shots clips.
  • Unlocking new clubs for added power and authority.
  • Perfect shots with perfect sticks.
  • Golden shot option to win exciting gifts.
  • Golf tours for more adventure.

Things That We Like

  • It’s a free game.
  • Weekly bonuses and gifts.
  • Allows connecting the Facebook account and play with your friends.
  • You can send Emoji on chats.
  • No tournament joining fee.

Things That We Don’t Like

  • Slow loading.
  • App glitches.
  • Difficult to win.

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Clubs like The Hornet, Nirvana, and The End bringer are considered the best in the Golf Clash game.

  1. What is the Best Ball In Golf Clash?

King Breaker is supposed to be the best ball used in the Golf Clash game.

  1. What’s The Best Long Iron In Golf Clash?

The B52 Long Iron is the most praised and considered everyone’s favorite in the Golf Clash game.


This game is an excellent way to learn the art of golf and spend leisure time. Start playing the Golf Clash on your PC or mobile and select which platform is more comfortable for you.

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