How To Download Roblox For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Welcome back, techies and gamers, for another awesome app review. Today, I have decided to expand the horizon for gamers and tell them about a game that has a vast university of its own.

Roblox is one of the greatest role-playing games that take you to a whole new world of adventure and vivid imagination.

It has become one of the best and most downloaded games on all the gaming platforms, and the audience response is increasing day by day.

So you must be wondering why Roblox is so special when we have lots of games already. Let’s see why.

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The Inception Of Roblox

The online gaming platform Roblox was created by David Baszuki and Erik Cassel back in 2004. Both co-owners released Roblox for PC in 2006. Then Roblox made it to iOS, Android, and Xbox One in the later years.

Roblox was a sleeper hit. It wasn’t much famous until the late 2010s. Roblox’s popularity slowly began to increase since then. It was because of the pandemic, which made Roblox rise to newer heights.

Research showed that almost half the USA kids are playing Roblox during the pandemic –164M users per month approx.

What Made Roblox Famous?

Many factors were contributing to Roblox’s fame. These are the following:


Roblox Studio

The Roblox platform allowed its users to program and develop games on its platform –The Roblox Studio.

Most of the Roblox is children-specific. The revenue generated from Roblox games makes both the company and developer earn well. 20M Roblox games are being produced in a year.

Programming Engine

Secondly, the Roblox platform had its object-oriented programming language called Lua. Lua develops all games on Roblox.

Lua is a great language for creating the environment required for the game.

Roblox Market

The Roblox virtual marketplace is a huge shop where you can buy everything for your Roblox avatar. You can stylize your avatar in any way. You can buy decorations, and you can customize the body parts too.

The Roblox marketplace is maintained by several designers who buy and sell their creations to all. There are customized and limited-edition items that are only available by a premium subscription. You may trade items too.


Just like Roblox has its markets, characters, and programming languages –it has a currency, too, named Robux.

Robux is the credit money that you can use to buy anything from the Roblox universe. You can buy Robux credits with the help of real money. You can earn Robux too, and exchange it with real currency –Wow, now that’s something exciting.

Roblox Events

Roblox is famous for its majestic events –held physically and virtually.

There’s no other app that has created such spectacular events in the past, which includes promotional and fundraising events.

The annual Roblox Easter egg hunt events are one of the best. Other notable Roblox events were the BloxCon player’s convention, the annual Bloxy Awards, and the Wonder Woman 1984 promotional event.

Some Roblox Features You Cannot Miss

YouTube video

Let’s unveil some fun Roblox features for you:

Cross-Platform Supportive

The Roblox is expanded. You can use it on your PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS devices. The cross-platform sequence means that a PC user can play in synchronization with the other players gaming on all other platforms.

Avatar Creation

With such a big fat wardrobe, Roblox gives you the liberty to dress the way you want. Don’t forget to try out special offers.

Chat ’n’ Interact

Connect with your Roblox pals, contact them on the app or talk privately and make chat groups for fun reloaded.

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What Are the Most Popular Roblox Games?

Let’s have a quick sneak peek:

Adopt ME

One of the most favorite Roblox role-playing games is Adopt Me!

It’s one where the gamer pretends to be either adoptive parents or the adopted children. We can also adopt cute virtual pets and trade them with our friends. Adopt Me has been played almost 10B times till now.

Murder Mystery 2

It’s a murder investigation game in Roblox which finds clues and people that will lead to the murderer. One becomes the killer; others become victims and clue-givers. You become the sheriff who will stop the killing spree by identifying the killer.

Work At A Pizza Place

You own a pizzeria; make it worth the while. Roblox introduces the “Works at a Pizza place” game in which you create pizza according to the orders and deliver it on time to earn money.

Roblox for PC, Mobile, Mac – All the Pros and Cons


  • Roblox is wide, imaginative, and popular.
  • Most items are free.
  • Roblox Minifigures toys
  • Available on PC and Xbox One too.
  • Suitable for teenagers.
  • Lots of players.


  • Roblox doesn’t work without the Internet
  • Its community has a lot of online scammers.
  • Censoring in the chat is ineffective.
  • Verification looping after logging in

How To Install Roblox On PC – Windows 11/10/8 or Mac?


Roblox is free to download on PC and other devices. You can get the Roblox Android and iOS in their respective application stores.

If you want your Roblox app for PC, then there are two ways to enjoy your games.

Through Website:

In this way, you don’t have to download the installer of this game in order to play it.

  • Go to your web browser.
  • Type You will then proceed to the Roblox sign-up process.
  • Complete Roblox sign-up and enjoy endless games.

Through Microsoft Store:

If your web browser has a problem, or you simply want a dedicated version of Roblox on your PC, then you can follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Open your Microsoft Store (Windows 11/10/8 only)
  • Type Roblox in the search bar
  • When you find it, hit the download button
  • Roblox will be available for your PC once you completed the download.

User FAQs

Is Roblox Safe For My Child?

Yes, most Roblox games are kid-friendly, but we still recommend parent guidance.

Is Roblox A Lego?

No, Roblox is an online gaming platform, while Lego is a toy product.

What Is Robux?

Robux is the official currency for Roblox. You can use it to buy, sell, and trade Roblox in-game items.

Final Verdict

I am concluding the Roblox review by saying that it’s a fun and productive all-in-one gaming experience for you and your kid. So, if you want fun online and interactive games on your computer, you can choose to install and play the Roblox on your PC and start to create cool avatars and have a joy ride.

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