Download Bass Booster For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Enhancing the sound quality of your smartphone, tablet, or computer can be done easily by using the Bass Booster for PC. This application has a lot of audio tweak settings that you can apply for improving the sound effects.

While there are some laptops or computers that will allow you to modify the sound system effects on Windows & Mac, sometimes, you may find it lacking. To solve these issues, you need the Bass Booster app on your PC or laptop.

With the Bass Booster software, the music and the song quality can be changed based on your preference. The Bass Booster app supports different audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, VMA, and even video files like MP4 or AVI.

Using the Bass Booster for PC on Windows & Mac requires that you have an emulator installed. Since the Bass Booster is an app for Android, you need it to make it work on your PC.

An android emulator is also safe and easy to install. We will recommend you the two best options for emulating the Bass Booster app on your PC. These are BlueStacks and Nox Player, both are capable and perfect android emulators that you can use to run the Bass Booster software.

Before the installation, you need to prepare your computer for its requirements.

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How to Download Bass Booster For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Most emulator program does not require you to have very high specs in order to run the Bass Booster app on a PC. So, if you have a good computer or laptop, running this software is very easy.

For computers with older hardware, you might need to consider checking the information below before attempting to install an emulator and the Bass Booster software.

  • It requires your processor to have a minimum of 1 GHz speed before you can run this app properly.
  • You need to have a space on your hard drive before you download the installer and of course, the Bass Booster app.
  • It also requires your PC to have at least 2GB of memory installed. If your computer has below the minimum requirements, you can try to increase the virtual memory. In case it does not fix, your only option is to upgrade your computer.

The above information primarily focuses on hardware requirements. For the software, you can refer to the information below. Also, please keep in mind that this will be applicable only for a PC that runs a Windows Operating System.

  • Make sure that you have installed or have the latest update of the Visual C++ Redistributable. If you are not familiar with that, you can search it on Google or download it from the Microsoft website.
  • On some emulators, it requires that you have a .Net Framework installed on your computer. The installer can also be found on its website of Microsoft as well.
  • Before you can run the Bass Booster app, you need to have a DirectX and OpenGL installed on your machine. This can be easily installed by installing the graphics driver of your computer.

Now that you have installed and checked the following, the next step is the installation of the emulator.

Method 1: Using Bluestacks

One of the best emulators that you can use for installing the Bass Booster software on PC is to use the BlueStacks emulator. Most people use it because it is easy to install and lots of android apps can be run from it.

To get the official installer of the BlueStacks emulator, you have to visit their website from here. Find the download button and click it to start saving the installer on your computer.

Locate the installer file from your computer and run it once the download has been completed. The installation window should appear after that, accept the terms and conditions if you agree with them in order for the install button to be clickable. Click the said button once you agree with it.

Now, the internet connection of your computer must be stable because the installer file is incomplete and it will try to connect to the BlueStacks servers to download the files. Be patient while you wait for it.

Once the installation has been completed, check your desktop and open the BlueStacks icon. This will show you the Play Store login page. So, enter the correct details of your account to use it.


In case you don’t have an account, create a new Gmail account and use it here. Launch the Google Play Store after you integrate your account and then look for the “Bass Booster” app by searching for it. If you are having a hard time locating it, you can refer to this link.

Hit the “Install” button and wait for it to finish. You will be able to find the shortcut of Bass Booster for PC from your desktop or app drawer. Double click to launch and use this app to enhance the sound of your computer.

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Method 2: Using Nox Player

If for some reason you don’t like BlueStacks, your other option for running the Bass Booster on Windows & Mac is to use this great alternative emulator.

The Nox App Player is also very popular and a lot of people are using it on their PC. To download the installer of Nox Player, you need to visit their official website –

Download the appropriate installer of the Nox Player for your Windows & Mac Operating systems. Once you have finished downloading the installer, locate this file and then execute it.

You must agree to its terms and conditions before you can install it. We from will assume that you agree so the next step is to click the Install button.

Launch the Nox Player once you have completed the installation. Now, look for the Google Play Store and then open it. Since this is the first time opening it, the Play Store will ask for your Gmail credentials.

Use your Google account here. You can also sync your apps but for now, we recommend that you skip it and start looking for the Bass Booster software for now. Use the search at the top of the Play Store to locate this app easily.

Click the download or install button to start saving this app to your computer. You will be able to find the shortcut of the Bass Booster app on Windows & Mac by going back to the app drawer. Double-click the icon of this app and start using it on your computer.

Use Bass Booster APK to Install it on PC

There’s an alternative way of installing the Bass Booster on the computer. But keep in mind that this method still requires that you have an emulator program installed.

The good thing about this method is you won’t be needing a Google Play Store account to install the Bass Booster software for Windows & Mac.

However, if you have already had this app from the Play Store, you can just skip this method and enjoy it. For people having trouble logging into their accounts, use this method instead.

Download the Bass Booster APK from the internet. Use your favorite search engine to find it. Once you have the Bass Booster APK file, open the emulator program.

Drag the APK file to the window of the BlueStacks or Nox Player and then release your mouse button. It will start the installation window. Click the “Install” button to confirm the installation.

Now, you have installed the Bass Booster software even without a Play Store account. However, you have to remember that this software won’t be able to update itself automatically.

Since it was an app downloaded outside the Play Store, Google Play cannot update it automatically. You need to replace it with the latest version by doing again the steps above.

Fixing A Slow Or Lag Issue

If you are wondering why using the Bass Booster is so slow or lagging even though you have a powerful PC, most of the time, enabling the Virtualization Technology will fix this issue.

The Virtualization Technology settings are located in the UEFI or BIOS settings. This can be done by repeatedly tapping the “Del” or “F2” keys of your keyboard during the boot-up of the computer.

Once you are inside the menu, don’t change other settings, just look for the virtualization and then enable this option and save it.

Now, reboot your computer normally and run again the Bass Booster app on your computer. You will see a huge performance increase after that. If the problem persists, make sure that you’ve followed our preparation guide above.


There are a lot of Bass Booster apps for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac), but this is one of the best that we found during our research and test. Downloading and installing this app is easy and simple. In case you are having trouble installing it, you can write us a comment and we will try to help you to make your PC sound stronger and better.

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