Download SoundHound For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

SoundHound for PC can be downloaded to Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac using the guide written in this article. Ensure that you follow the procedures to install the SoundHound app for Windows & Mac.

What is SoundHound?

All people have a different tastes in music. From love songs, classical, rock, heavy metal, jazz, pop, punk, reggae, and many more, music give us energy. And to enjoy the music, even more, you can try the application called SoundHound.

This application allows you to identify the music that plays around you. Whether you are driving and listening on the car radio, listening to music at home, or from coffee shops, the SoundHound app will identify the song title, artist, and album and even show the lyrics for you.

Though it may sound great, don’t expect it to be perfect because the result can be a hit or miss. Due to its demanding popularity, people are starting to look for the Windows & Mac version of it.

However, since it was made for Android and iOS platforms, you cannot find an installer for the computer. But there’s a way to run an Android app such as the SoundHound for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac).

Advantages Of Using The SoundHound App

  • The SoundHound app can help you to identify different music just by humming or singing a part of its lyrics.
  • After the application detected the song, it will show the real-time lyrics to you.
  • It allows you to use your voice for searching for specific songs.
  • It is compatible with Spotify and allows you to transfer the songs that you have discovered into the playlist of Spotify.
  • You can stream your music from your Spotify account and integrate it with the SoundHound app.
  • The song that you have discovered can be played using the built-in player for YouTube.
  • It is also compatible with other music apps like Apple Music and Pandora.
  • You can track your discoveries by using the history page so that you can go back and play again the music easily.
  • It allows you to find out what music is being currently played near you or around the world.
  • This application can also provide you with a list of the hottest available music by genre, and popularity.
  • The songs that you have discovered can also be shared on social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and many more.

How To Download SoundHound For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

As you might already know, the SoundHound for PC requires you to have an emulator program installed on your computer before you can run it. So, the first thing that you need to do is to download and install an emulator.

But before you do that, you must make sure that your computer will be able to run this music application into your computer. The emulator program has a minimum system requirement including the required installed programs. Therefore, you need to check if your PC has the following:

  • The minimum speed of your processor must be running at 1 GHz. For most recent computers, this is not an issue and won’t pose a problem.
  • Check if the installed RAM of your computer has at least 2GB. Anything below the 2GB won’t be able to run the Android emulator properly.
  • There’s also a minimum space requirement for the emulator program. You must have at least 1GB of free space but we recommend that you have 10GB and above to create a spare space for breathing.
  • The emulator program requires that you have an installed .Net framework and Visual C++. In case you have it already, it is a good idea to update it to the current version.
  • An optional speed enhancement can also do by enabling Virtualization Technology. This setting may not be mandatory but recommended to enable it to boost the performance of an emulator program.
  • It also requires you to have an installed DirectX version. This is usually bundled with the drivers of GPU. Therefore, it is also a good idea to update your computer’s graphics card.
  • Using the SoundHound app for a computer requires that you have

Make sure that you follow everything above to ensure your PC runs the SoundHound for Windows & Mac without any issues.

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Method #1 – Using BlueStacks to Download SoundHound for PC

BlueStacks emulator is very popular and almost every people know about it. It has a massive number of users around the world and is probably the most installed emulator program on different computers.

This emulator is very fast and capable of emulating any apps you throw with it including the SoundHound for PC. No wonder, a lot of people use and prefer it for running android apps on a computer.

Downloading the BlueStacks emulator is pretty easy to do. Just check the official website here and click the button for download and it will start downloading easily.

Double click the installer of this emulator after you finished downloading it and wait until a new window appears. This window indicates that you must accept its terms before you can install it. If you agree with it, click the install button.

The installer will now connect to the BlueStacks servers to download and install it on your computer. It takes around 10 – 20 minutes to wait for it.

Once the installation has been completed, check the BlueStacks on your desktop. Double-click the emulator shortcut to start running it on your computer.

The Play Store will prompt you to enter the account details of your Gmail. You must supply it with your account otherwise, you cannot use Google Play Store. If you don’t have an account, you can create a Gmail account easily.


Once you enter the details and sync your account successfully, open the Google Play app and start searching for the SoundHound app.

Just click download once you found it to start installing the SoundHound for Windows & Mac. Wait again for the download process to finish and after that, check your desktop.

The shortcut of SoundHound will be generated on your computer indicating that you have finished installing it on your PC.

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Method #2 – Get the SoundHound for PC Using Nox App Player

Another great tool for emulating android apps into your computer is the Nox App Player. Like BlueStacks, it has a huge list of users around the world. Some of them even prefer this emulator compared to others because of its fast loading times.

This emulator is also perfect for running apps including the SoundHound and was optimized to run it really well. To get the installer of this emulator, you need to visit their site from this link.

Once you got this emulator’s setup package, you must run it to start the installation. Follow what it says and make sure that you agree to its terms before you start installing this emulator.

Wait until you complete the installation after you click the install button. Your computer or laptop will create a shortcut icon on the desktop once the installation has been completed.

Double click the icon of the Nox App Player to start using it. This emulator won’t ask for your Gmail credentials immediately that’s why you need to open the Play Store and provide it with your account.

You will be able to search apps once you finished logging into your account in Google Play Store. After that, search the SoundHound app from the Play Store.

Now, click the install button after you found this music app and wait for the download to complete. Go back to the app drawer or home and you will be able to see the SoundHound for PC already installed. Click the icon to start launching this app and to enjoy the music.

APK Installation Of SoundHound App

If you skip the part where you need to enter the Play Store and don’t want to do it for some privacy reasons, you can use the APK installation for the SoundHound app.

An APK file is the executable version of the Android Operating System which can be compared to a .exe or .dmg file on Windows or Mac. Therefore, by having the APK file of SoundHound, you will be able to install it without using your Google Play Store account.

To get the SoundHound APK, you might need to look somewhere else by searching for it on Google or Bing search engine and save it to your computer.

Now, assuming you have the APK file of SoundHound, you need to run the emulator program and drag the file to the window of either BlueStacks or Nox App Player.

This will start the installation window. Just follow what it says and continue installing it. After that, you will be able to use the SoundHound for PC from your Mac or Windows computer. Just a reminder, the APK file downloaded outside of Play Store won’t update itself automatically. To update it, you have to look for the latest SoundHound APK version and install it again using your emulator.


Even though the SoundHound app is only available for Android and iOS devices, you can still enjoy listening to its music by installing an emulator program and running the SoundHound for PC. In that way, you don’t have to wait for the installer dedicated to Windows & Mac.

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