Download Note Recognizer For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

If you are serious about creating music, the Note Recognizer app is one of the best tools that you can use. When you are singing or playing music, this application has the ability to analyze different pitch frequencies and it gives the note name based on that tone.

This is very useful for people who regularly sing to find a suitable starting note. You can also sing the tonic in case you want to know the key of the song.

The Note Recognizer is currently available for Android Operating System. There is no version dedicated to iOS, Windows, or Mac. But there’s a way to use it on your computer.

Using the Note Recognizer for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac) needs you to have an android emulator program installed on your computer. This is the only way to use it, if you want to continue, go ahead and read more about this information.

Before we discuss the emulator and running the Note Recognizer app, you need to make sure that you have a good computer or laptop.

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What to do Before Downloading Note Recognizer for PC?

Like most computer programs, an emulator software needs you to meet the minimum system requirements before you can install it and use the Note Recognizer app.

Check the system requirements before you try to download and install it. In case your computer or laptop is not capable of it, your only option is to upgrade or just use the Note Recognizer app on a smartphone or tablet.

  • The computer or laptop that you are using needs to have 2 GB RAM installed. If you have more RAM, it will be better. However, in case the memory of your PC is below the said requirements, upgrade it or increase the virtual memory of your PC.
  • Your computer or laptop processor must have a fast processor. The requirements are 1 GHz and above to ensure a smooth emulation of the Note Recognizer on your Windows & Mac.
  • To increase the performance of the emulator, enable the Virtualization, this will increase the speed of an emulator program and avoid lags.
  • Make sure you have 20 GB of free storage on your hard disk drive or solid-state drive. This is just common sense so before you download it, ensure that you have a free space.

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Software Requirements

After you follow our steps above, the next step that you need to do is to install or update the following requirements. But keep in mind that these are for a computer running a Windows Operating System only. Otherwise, you can just skip and proceed to the next step.

  • The emulator program requires a Visual C++ Redistributable installed. If you haven’t installed this, you can refer to the website of Microsoft and download it. If you have 64-bit Windows OS, installed both x86 and x64 of C++.
  • Some emulator programs need to have a .NET Framework installed on your system. Modern Windows OS has it already but if you are using old such as Windows 7, or 8, you can download the latest package from Microsoft website as well.
  • You also need to install the latest version of graphics drivers into your computer. Doing so will also install the DirectX into your computer or laptop which is required as well to run the Note Recognizer app properly.

How to Download Note Recognizer for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Now, we are going to install an emulator program on your computer. This program is currently one of the best available online.

You can download it for free and without any hidden costs. Even if it’s a free emulator, you can expect to run the Note Recognizer on your computer.

The website of the BlueStacks can be found at this link. Visit their website and click the download button. The download process will start, run it after you finished the download.

The emulator setup installation will appear on your screen, check the box indicating to accept the Terms and Conditions. You need to accept it, after that, click the “Install Now” button to start the installation.

Now, you need to be patient. The BlueStacks will connect to the internet so make sure you have a stable connection. After you finished the installation, find the shortcut from your desktop.

Double-click it to launch the BlueStacks emulator on your computer. The first time you open it will make the Play Store window appear automatically. Enter your account details on the Play Store to access its apps including the Note Recognizer.


Search for this app, or look at the screenshot above on the Google Play Store and then click the download or install button. It will automatically install it as well once you click the button. Once you finished downloading it, check your desktop and you can see the shortcut of the Note Recognizer for PC.

Double click its icon to start using this app on your computer and enjoy creating music from your computer.

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Using Nox Player to Download Note Recognizer for Windows & Mac

Another great alternative emulator that you can use to install the Note Recognizer for PC is the Nox App Player. This emulator is also popular and has a million users of it.

To use the Note Recognizer on a PC, you need to get this emulator and install it. The installer of this emulator can be downloaded from their website from this URL. Open the link and then click the download button to save the installer to your computer.

Follow the instruction of the Nox Player base on its on-screen guide to install it properly. Wait for it to finish and after that, double click the shortcut icon of Nox Player from your desktop.

Once the Nox App Player is running, find the Google Play Store and then run it. You must enter a valid Gmail address into it before you can use it. Just in case you have no Gmail account, create a new account and use it here.

After that, you need to search for the Note Recognizer app using the search function and after you found it, click the download button. Unlike BlueStacks, this emulator won’t create a shortcut icon for your desktop.

Instead, go to the app drawer or the Nox Player’s home and you will be able to find the app of Note Recognizer from here.

Double click this icon to start using the Note Recognizer app on your Windows & Mac computer. Have fun creating music.

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Using APK To Install It

Sometimes, you cannot use your Google PlayStore account, or you just don’t want that method. In case you want to skip the PlayStore, you can still install the Note Recognizer on PC.

This requires you to download the latest version of Note Recognizer APK. You can get the APK file of this app by searching for it on the internet.

Assuming that you have the Note Recognizer APK already, run your emulator program, either BlueStacks or Nox, and then find the option called “Install APK”.

Click that option and then browse for the APK that you downloaded earlier. Click the install button to start it.

This option will let you install the Note Recognizer without using Play Store. The only limitation of this method is you need to manually update the APK once the developers have released a new version of this app.

That’s because Google Play cannot update it since you downloaded it from an external source.

Final Words

Even if the developers have no plans to make a version dedicated to a computer, you can still use the Note Recognizer app on PC Windows or Mac. Using an emulator program, you will be able to achieve it and use this app without worrying about compatibility limitations.

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