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Workday is a famous app for corporate solutions. The developers have started this app since 2005 and the result is positive. Many companies around the world use this application for financial management, reports of the analytics, and human capital planning.

Using the Workday app on a computer will provide more versatility and compatibility. To install the Workday for PC on Windows/Mac you will need a necessary software called an android emulator.

If you are wondering about the emulator, it is a program that you can use for emulating an android software into your computer. This is the only way to run android apps into your PC.

In case you want to try this method, you can either choose BlueStacks or Nox App Player. Both of these emulators can perfectly run the Workday on Windows or Mac.

Before you think about getting these emulators on your computer or laptop, you need to consider checking your computer specs first. The list of PC requirements will be listed down in this article.

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Requirements Of An Emulator To Download And Install Workday For PC On Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

The installation of an emulator is easy to do. But the question is, do you have a capable computer or laptop to run it? To make sure that your computer is already prepared to run the Workday app, read the PC requirements of this app.

  • Ensure that you have a good computer processor. If the processor can run 1 GHz speed and above, you will be fine when it comes to processor.
  • Also, you have to consider checking the memory module of your computer. The emulator program requires that you have a 2 GB installed RAM or better to run the emulator properly.
  • An emulator program is lightweight and does not have a big size. However, you might need to check your hard disk space before downloading this software into your computer just to make sure you won’t get a storage issue later.
  • Go to the website of Microsoft and then look for the installer of the Visual C++ Redistributable. Also, look for the .Net framework. Download both software and install it on your Windows OS machine. Just a reminder, this cannot be applied for people who use a Mac OS as their computer.
  • Check if you have the virtualization-technology enabled. This option can enhance the emulator and to speed up the Workday on PC. It is optional but we strongly recommend that you enable this option. You can find this setting on the BIOS menu during the boot-up of your computer.
  • The drivers of your graphical processing unit must be installed correctly. In case you have it already, you can just update yours to get the latest fix and patches. This will also install the DirectX module automatically which is required of an emulator program.

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Using BlueStacks For Installing Workday App On Windows Or Mac

We have discussed that we are going to recommend the BlueStacks for running the Workday app for PC. Some of you might be wondering why did we choose the BlueStacks.

Based on our test, this emulator is one of the fastest and always updated to the latest Android trends. This is why we recommend using the BlueStacks as your emulator to run the Workday app on Windows or Mac from your laptop or computer.

Downloading this emulator is also really easy. You just need to visit their website from the given link. After that, just hover your mouse to click the Download Bluestacks button.

Your computer will now start to download the lightweight installer of this app. Just save it to a location where you will be able to execute it easily such as your desktop.

Launch the BlueStacks installer and then click install the “I accept” checkbox before clicking the “Install” button. Keep in mind that you cannot proceed to the next step if you don’t accept its requirements.

Next is to wait until the installation completed. After that, browse the BlueStacks shortcut from your computer desktop then open it to launch the emulator.

The next thing is to provide the details of your Google account once it prompts you to enter the credentials of your Google Play account. If you don’t want it, then you can proceed to the APK installation method that we will also discuss later on.


Assuming you enter your account, browse for the apps of Google Play and search for the Workday app. If you can’t see it, you can refer to this link.

Click the download button and wait for it to finish. Check your desktop and you will be able to find the shortcut of the Workday for Windows or Mac.

Installing The Nox App Player To Run The Workday App For Computer

If you can’t use BlueStacks or do not like it, there’s an alternative emulator program that you can try. It is called, the Nox Player emulator.

This emulator can execute and run both apps and games really fast. Emulating the Workday app for PC is a piece of cake on this emulator program.

To get the installer of Nox Player, look here for the shortcut of their website. If you see the download button, click it and save the installer to your PC.

Wait for the installer to finish downloading and after that, launch the setup of Nox Player. Just like BlueStacks, you need to accept its Terms and Conditions before you can continue using it.

Follow the on-screen guide of this emulator and hit the “Install” button. The installation will take around 10 to 15 minutes depending on the speed of your computer or laptop.

After the installation, double click this emulator on your desktop and proceed to the Google Play Store app. Use your Google account to login to your username and password.

If you enter a valid credential, you will be able to proceed to its apps. Assuming you did, search for the Workday app using the search button at the top of the Play Store.

In the next window, you will find the download button. Click this button in order to start installing the Workday for PC.

And once the installation is over, go back to the app drawer and find the icon of the Workday app. Click this app to start using it on your computer.

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How To Install This App From An APK File

The Google Play Store is not the only option for installing the Workday app on computer. You can also use the APK installer file to install it.

An APK works like a .exe or .dmg file of Windows and Mac. In other words, it is a package installer of an app. Installing APK is easy, you just need to look for the Workday APK file from the search engine and save it.

Now ready your emulator program on your computer. Its either BlueStacks or Nox Player. Once the emulator is already running, you can use your mouse to drag the APK file and drop it to the window of Nox Player or BlueStacks.

The installation window will appear if you do that. Click the install button to load the Workday app from an APK file.

Using this method provides a convenient way of installing an app since it won’t require you to have a Play Store account logged in. But there’s a catch, the apps installed from this method will not update itself automatically from the Play Store.

If you want to update it, you have to download the latest APK file and overwrite the existing app.

What Special Features Does It Have

  • The Workday app lets you conduct administrative tasks rapidly.
  • It allows you to view the task that you needed to take action immediately.
  • You can browse the directory of the company and leave feedback to it.
  • Using the Workday app will also allow you to view the profiles of your team and take a relevant action base on your role.
  • It has a quick list of important reports and updates that you can view from the dashboard.
  • This application has a security feature to make you the only one who can access your sensitive information by using fingerprint biometrics.


With an emulator program like Nox Player or BlueStacks, installing and using the android version of the Workday app on Windows or Mac is possible and easy to do.

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