Download EZVIZ For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Some apps cannot handle multiple cameras at once and will cause lag on your smartphone or device. But there’s an app that can handle it smoothly. This app is called EZVIZ for PC that was made by EZVIZ Inc. both are available on PlayStore and App Store.

Using this app will expect you to remote and manage your cameras smoothly. Because the EZVIZ app was made optimized for running multiple instances of CCTV cameras.


You can also control your surveillance camera and take a video file of the footage whenever you wanted. The only downside of this app is being difficult for a starter to set up.

Now if you also want to run this app on your computer due to its better monitor screen compared to smartphone devices, you are going to download and install another software to achieve this. And this is why we created this article to help people with the installation of EZVIZ for PC Windows and Mac.

Download EZVIZ on PC Using Bluestacks

Since the EZVIZ app is available only for iPhone, tablet, or Android devices, then the only way to run this app is to use an emulator program.

This emulator is BlueStacks. If you never heard about this program, it is used by many people around the world to run any kind of Android app on their PC Windows, or Mac.

It is one of the earliest Android emulators that was released on the internet for free.


  1. To download and install the BlueStacks, you have to visit their website at
  2. After you get the package installer, run and install it to start installing it on your PC. Follow its on-screen guide to continue the installation.
  3. Once the installation is completed, open PlayStore and provide your username and password on Gmail. You can also skip this but it is suggested to enter your account so you can download it easily.
  4. Now I will assume that you enter your account so open PlayStore and click search and type the EZVIZ app here. Click it and download this application to start installing the EZVIZ for PC.

Download EZVIZ on PC Using Nox Player

While you can install and enjoy the EZVIZ app with the BlueStacks emulator, you can also install it using an alternative emulator that is also fast and reliable.

This emulator is the NoxPlayer app. Basically, the installation procedure is almost identical to the BlueStacks emulator. To get the installer of this emulator. Visit their website or click this link instead.

Click and download it then double-click the installer to install the Nox on your computer or laptop. Once you have installed it, enter your account on PlayStore and then run it.

Now search for EZVIZ and then download it. You can see the shortcut on the Home and this will indicate that you have successfully installed this app on your PC.

Troubleshooting BlueStacks Or Nox Player

In this guide, we are going to discuss the most common issues that you may encounter when running an emulator. The first and most common problem is Virtualization Technology.

Virtualization is a feature of your processor that you must enable in order to emulate an app such as EZVIZ.

Another option that you need to check is your computer’s memory or RAM. If you have below 2 GB then your only option is to upgrade it or increase the Virtual memory of your PC.

The hard disk space can also affect performance. If you have below 20GB, free up some space and this will increase the performance and allow you to install more apps on the emulator.

GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is also worth checking. The drivers must be updated to the latest version so make sure to get it from your GPU manufacturer’s website.

Updating and freeing up some space will solve most of the common issues. In case you still encounter some issues whenever you run the EZVIZ app, you can write your comment below and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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Summary Features Of The EZVIZ App

  • EZVIZ app is capable of controlling multiple CCTV at the same time.
  • It is compatible with DVR and Wi-Fi or IP-based cameras.
  • You can view the live stream videos anywhere.
  • Create and set up an alarm to detect motion and took a screenshot.
  • You can also create an alarm that will make noise on the camera.
  • The video taken from this app has excellent HD quality.

Final Words

The EZVIZ for PC Windows or Mac can control and view easily with the said Operating System using the emulator BlueStacks or Nox Player. With this software on your PC, you can control your cameras and save the feed on bigger and better storage compare to smartphone devices. You can also see the feed of the cameras on the large screen monitor that a smartphone cannot provide.

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