Download And Install gCMOB for PC Windows Or Mac


gCMOB is a software for managing your surveillance cameras from anywhere for as long as you have internet. This app lets you preview the real-time feeds of your cameras whenever you are.

The gCMOB app is compatible and will work with the Wi-Fi or IP cameras, DVR, or NVR. After running several tests, the gCMOB app proves that it is very useful for controlling your camera.

This CCTV surveillance app is available on Google Play with the same name. In the App Store, its name is iCMOB. But the gCMOB for PC Windows and Mac version, it is not available. And because of this, installing it will require you to use additional software which we will discuss later on.

Below, you can see its best features that you can maximize.

Best Features Of gCMOB For PC Windows & Mac

  • You can control this app easily on your device because of its simple GUI.
  • It supports the Live Preview option that can split for up to 16.
  • This program supports the InstaOn-Instant Cloud which you can use for viewing IP Cam, NVR or DVR.
  • Add the device easily by scanning the QR code.
  • You playback 4 channel feeds.
  • Has the ability to merge the Image and Video Playback.
  • It can quickly start the live feed using the Instaon feature.
  • You can slide to view the next camera. This is important for managing lots of CCTV cameras.
  • Easily zoom in and out the live preview of videos.
  • They support the Push video feature.
  • You can also control relay outputs such as close and open doors remotely as long as your device supports it.
  • The gCMOB app supports PTZ or Pan, Tilt, and Zoom controls.
  • Configure your device remotely.
  • If your camera has a built-in speaker and mic, you can use the two-way talk feature.
  • Monitor the status of your HDD on DVR or NVR.
  • View the cameras anytime.
  • It also supports the E-PTZ feature.
  • You can export the videos easily.

This app has a lot of features and this is enough reason for us to use it on a different device such as a computer or laptop. To learn more about how to install the gCMOB app for Windows PC or Mac, read more information below.

How To Install gCMOB App On Your Computer

As of today, the only way to run this app on your computer is to use an Android Emulator app. An emulator like BlueStacks or Nox Player can be able to run the gCMOB app on PC.

To prepare your computer, make sure that you have enough computer disk space. If not, remove some of your files. 20GB and above should be enough.

Next, install the .NET framework or simply update your Windows Operating System to install it. If you are using Mac, you don’t need to apply this.

You must also check the drivers of your graphics card. It should be updated to the latest one. After that, you can reboot your PC and go to BIOS settings. If you are using Intel, check for Intel-vt and for AMD, AMD-v.

The option above will enable Virtualization which is important when running an emulator on Windows or Mac. After you enabled it, restart your computer and follow our guide for installing an Android Emulator.

Install BlueStacks Or Nox Player To Run gCMOB App On Windows Or Mac

Installing gCMOB app will require you to use an emulator first. We give you two options for this. The BlueStacks or Nox. It is up to you since both of them can run the gCMOB without any issue.

If you wish to install BlueStacks, download it from

In case for Nox Player, you can go on this website instead:

After you download any of them. Run the installer of the emulator of your choice and you must accept their terms and conditions. When you accept that, click the install button.

Installing it will take some time but if you have fast internet and processor, you can expect it to be done within 5 – 10 minutes only.

Once the installation completed, open BlueStacks or Nox and then run PlayStore. Enter your Google Account and this will enable you to search for different apps on Play Store.


Now search for gCMOB app from the Google Play and then click install. This will start downloading this app and once you found its icon on your desktop. You can finally run gCMOB for PC on your Windows or Mac computer.


Some would say that installing the gCMOB for PC Windows and Mac using BlueStacks or Nox is a bit of hassle. But believe me, you can benefit more if you run this app on your computer. You get the benefits of having a large screen which is more suitable for viewing CCTV cameras and of course, is faster than a regular smartphone because of your computer processor.

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