Eseenet Esee Eseenet+ For PC Download (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Eseenet for PC is an Android and iOS app that was developed by meyetech. This software can be used to monitor and manage your CCTV from anywhere around the globe. It is very useful if you want to see what’s happening in your house or office even when you are not there.

This application is very powerful in that you can add multiple cameras inside this application. Doing this will have gridlines and tiles making you see every camera of your home and office that you can click to view the full-screen footage of the camera.

There’s also an option to record the footage and take a screenshot of the recorded videos. Using it will use the local storage of your device.

Connecting the Eseenet app on your CCTV camera is fairly simple and easy to do. You just need to provide the IP address of your camera to connect and that’s it.

Most apps like these are primarily built for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. To make it work on your Windows or Mac computer or laptop, you will need to do some little tricks. To learn more about this method, just continue reading to learn about it.

Features of Eseenet App for PC

The most basic features can be found below:

  • Monitor your camera feeds from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Browse the recorded feed and watch it anywhere.
  • Take a screenshot or record the feed in real-time.
  • Manages a lot of your CCTV devices at home and office.
  • You can zoom in and out of the camera feeds.
  • Allow you to use the pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • Adjust the brightness of the camera app.

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How To Download Eseenet Esee Eseenet+ For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

To download the Eseenet for PC, you are going to install an emulator program on your computer or laptop. This is the only way for running this app so to download an emulator. Click this website link – This will brings you to the BlueStacks website.

The BlueStacks emulator is one of the best you can find and download on the internet. Another option is the Nox Player Emulator. To download it, you can go here –

We recommend using any of the following emulators above. You can pick one of them or install both. But don’t run both of them at the same time. Because if your PC is not powerful enough, your computer will start to lag.

Download Eseenet Esee Eseenet+ for PC Using Bluestacks or Nox Player


Step 1: Once you have finished downloading any of the emulator apps. We can proceed to the next step which is the installation procedure.

Step 2: To install it, open and browse the installer of BlueStacks or Nox Player. Follow the guide and accept the agreement to continue.

Step 3: Installation time will take a bit of time. You can drink coffee while waiting. If you have a powerful processor and internet, it will be done in ten to fifteen minutes only.

Step 4: Once the installation has been done, you can open the emulator program on your computer. Running it will ask you to enter the PlayStore account, you can skip it to enter later but we suggest you enter your Gmail now.

Step 5: After you provide it, you can open the PlayStore app and search for the Eseenet App. Then click the install button.

Step 6:  After that, it will finally be installed on your computer and will give you the ability to run the Eseenet for PC both for Windows and Mac.

Trouble Installing BlueStacks Or Nox Emulator?

In case you are unfortunate to encounter some problems when installing or running the following emulator program, the first this that you need to check is if your computer has 2 GB or more RAM and also if the SSD/HDD space has enough room to breathe.

You may also need to check if your BIOS has Virtualization enabled. This is very important because enabling it will make the emulation faster and better thus fixing most lag issues.

Updating the graphics card driver may also fix most graphical bug issues. So make sure to do that.

Final Thoughts

Using an emulator program to manage your CCTV devices is a good choice. With the computer’s big monitor or screen, you can easily spot the feed of your camera. That’s why it is recommended to use the Eseenet for PC compared to smartphones.

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