Download And Install Matrix VPN For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Finding the best VPN provider can be a bit hard. Especially if there are a ton of programs to choose from. Upon some extensive testing. We can confidently say that one of the best apps is the Matrix VPN for PC.

They own dedicated servers around the world that will guarantee you to have a fast, strong, and secure Virtual Private Network.

Connecting through their network will also ensure that you have a high level of encryption which is very helpful for protecting your device especially when you are connecting on a public network.

You won’t know that there is a snooper around that network. But with Matrix VPN, you don’t need to worry about it.

In order to install the Matrix VPN for PC Windows or Mac, you will install another program because the developers haven’t created a version of this app that was made exclusively for Windows or Mac. In case you like this app, you can also check FishVPN For PC Windows Mac Download For Free.

How To Install Matrix VPN PC Windows Or Mac?

Because of the limitation of Android apps being compatible with the Android Operating System only, you are going to use an emulator program to install and run it.

Installing an emulator program is easy but you need to check if your computer can run it. Start by checking if you have enough hard disk space. You need to have 20GB and above to download and install some apps through it.

If you have below 20GB, remove some apps or files that you don’t need anymore or create a backup from your flash drive or external hard disk.

Next, your computer graphics card must have the latest version of it. DirectX 11 must also install. If you have a DirectX 12 or higher, you can probably run it without any problems.

After that, restart your PC and enter the BIOS. Look for the option about Intel-vt or AMD-v. If you find it, you must enable it. This is very important because it can increase the performance and fix most lag issues when running an emulator.

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The last one, this step only requires you to have a Windows Operating System. This step is to update your .NET framework system. You can get the installer from the Microsoft website. Updating your Windows will also automatically install this software.

Once you have installed and updated everything above, the next step is choosing the emulator of your choice to install Matrix VPN for PC.

Which Emulator To Use? BlueStacks Or NoxPlayer?

Choosing any of the emulators in this guide is your choice. But if you ask us for some advice, BlueStacks is best for running apps and it is considered as an all-around emulator. While the NoxPlayer prefers by lots of gamers because it was optimized for emulating Android-based games.

Both emulators can install and run the Matrix VPN app without any issue. So, we are going to leave the choice to you. You can’t get wrong installing any of them.

If you decided to download and install BlueStacks, you can find its link here:

For Nox Player, you can check this website instead:

Now download it. After that, browse your PC download folder and look for the setup file that you have downloaded. Run it and follow the on-screen instruction then hit the install button.

This will start the installation. If your PC is old or slow, you can take a coffee break while waiting. Once the installation has finished, run the emulator and a new screen will show you to enter your Gmail account.


Make sure to enter your Gmail so that you can access the PlayStore app. Now, open this app and click the search then enter Matrix VPN. Once you found it, click the download button.

Clicking it will also start installing the Matrix VPN for PC on your Windows or Mac computer/laptop. Once finished, you will notice that there’s a new app on your computer. This is the icon of the Matrix VPN app. Double click to launch it.

Main Features Of Matrix VPN App

  • Unlike any other VPN provider, they own dedicated servers for a VPN connection.
  • It is compatible with Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, 3G, or any network as long as you have internet.
  • They guarantee that your connection is anonymous from anyone.
  • You can enjoy using this app to its fullest without worrying about bandwidth limitations.
  • Easy to navigate due to its friendly user interface.
  • It has a wide list of servers around the world that you can choose to connect.
  • They provide a fast and secured VPN connection.
  • Enjoy browsing country-specific blocked websites while connected to its network.

Final Words

This app may have no Windows or Mac version. But by using an emulator, you can install and enjoy running the Matrix VPN for PC without limitation. Using a PC to connect to its network is more enjoyable compared to connecting with small screen smartphones or tablets.

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