Guide For Downloading & Installing Via Browser For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Are you tired of using a web browser that is too slow and won’t load the page instantly? In that case, you should try to use the Via Browser. This app was optimized for loading the page faster than the regular web browser available in the market.

It is free and does not consume a lot of memory of your device making it light and fast. It also allows you to customize it depending on your preferences.

As of today, the Via Browser app does not have iOS, Windows or Mac versions. Android is the only Operating System that is capable of running this app.

However, with the emulator program’s help, you can still run Via Browser for PC Windows or Mac which we are going to discuss further for more details about it.

How To Install And Use Via Browser For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Since this app was made for Android OS, we are going to need an emulator program to create a virtualized environment of the Android Operating System inside your Windows or Mac computer/ laptop.

But before you jump in further, you have to make sure that your computer can run an emulator and its app. Starts by checking if your computer has 4GB or more RAM.

Although that minimum is 2GB, we recommend that you have 2GB and more. Else if your PC has less than that, your option is to increase the virtual memory or install an additional memory stick.

Once your RAM is qualified to run this, next, free up some space until you have 20 GB or more. If your PC has more than that, then you can skip this one.

After that, update your Windows OS or Mac to get the latest fix and software patches. If you are using Windows 10, this will fix most of the graphical issues due to its auto-detect software updates.

For Windows 7 or 8, update your graphics card manually. You can get the latest driver from your card manufacturer website.

Now, look if the virtualization technology is enabled on your PC. To check it, go to BIOS. You can access your BIOS by restarting your computer or laptop then enter F2 or Delete key from the keyboard.

Once you have set up everything above, your PC is ready and you can proceed with the installation of an emulator and install Via Browser.

Install Via Browser App On PC Windows / Mac With BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an emulator program which is very popular around the world. If you are still not familiar with this software, it is one of the earliest android emulator programs which is very stable because developers are always keeping it updated.

Now to install it, go to then download it.

After that, run the installer to start the installation. Select the path on which you want to install it, if you are unsure, you can leave it and check the agreement to continue. Now click the install button to continue.

This is where you would need to wait a bit. Go and take some coffee while waiting. But if your PC is fast enough, expect it to be done within 10 to 15 minutes.

Once it was finished, you’ll see the icon of BlueStacks on your desktop, if not, check the installed apps. Run this app and it will ask you to enter your Google PlayStore account.


Assuming that you provide the account details, enter the PlayStore and then search for Via Browser and install it.

Installing this app will let you run Via Browser for PC Windows or Mac.

Don’t Like To Use BlueStacks To Install And Run Via Browser App?

Some people do not like the BlueStacks emulator app on their PC. They prefer another emulator. And this emulator is Nox App Player, Ko Player, Bliss, and many more.

But in this guide, we will focus on using the Nox Player emulator.

Starts by going to then download and install this emulator. Make sure to grab the installer compatible with the Operating you are using (Windows or Mac).

Next double clicks it and install it to allow the installation. Now run this app once the installation has finished. Run it and like BlueStacks, it will ask for PlayStore ID. You can skip this part to use an APK instead but we recommend that you provide your account.

Now open PlayStore and using the search function, find and download the Via Browser app on your PC. Once done, you can enjoy to run it anytime from your Windows and Mac computer or laptop.

Features Of This Web Browser

  • This browser does not bother its users. You can make sure that your phone won’t get annoying notifications.
  • Since it was optimized for running fast, it does not consume lots of memory that will also help your android device to run faster.
  • You can create a layout from this browser and change the homepage.
  • Design is very simple and has a minimalist style.
  • Ensure that your browsing experience is smooth and very fast.
  • It has a built-in adblocker that can help you to prevent trackers.
  • There’s also a privacy protection feature of this browser.
  • You can download and install adds-on on this web browser.
  • It allows you to create a bookmark of your favorite websites.
  • Ensure that your eyes won’t hurt when browsing at night because of its night-mode feature.
  • Lots of language options that you can apply.
  • Built-in data saver.
  • It has an intelligence showing of pictures.


This web browser was made especially for anyone who looks for alternative browser giants such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Due to its powerful and simple features, people start to recognize and find a way to install the Via Browser for PC. With the emulator app, this is now possible to install and run it on your Windows and Mac computer.

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