Download Gaana App For PC – (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Gaana for PC is an app that offers free and unlimited access to any of your favorite Music, Hindi Songs, Regional Music, Video Songs, Radio, and many more. It is a complete app for music streaming made in India.

You can get millions of songs in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Gaani, and even English songs. All of it was available on this app for free. This application is available for Android, iOS as well as computers. If you are looking for a way to download and install the Gaana App for PC, read along to find out the method.

Next, we will discuss more information about this software.

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Why Use The Gaana App For PC?


If you are a music lover and looking for a way to play music, primarily the regional for India, then this application is a perfect solution. With its millions of music that you can play, all you have to do is to stay connected on the internet, and you’ll be able to play it anywhere.

Not only that, but you can also play music videos of other famous singers such as Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, and many more. Whenever new music comes up and becomes viral, the Gaana app will have it.


  • You can download MP3 songs and save them on your smartphone or computer.
  • It delivers very high-quality audio.
  • It has multiple language options that you can choose.
  • A lot of songs are available on it.


  • You need to subscribe to their monthly service to unlock the full potential of this app.
  • There’s an advertisement for the free version.

PC Requirements

  • You need a good processor that has two, three, four, or more cores. The more processor cores, the better.
  • It needs a 4 GB memory storage of RAM or more. Like the processor, the more memory, the better.
  • Make sure that you updated the graphics driver of your laptop or computer. The installer can be downloaded from the NVIDIA or AMD websites, depending on your card. Built-in GPU is also compatible with it, but make sure to get the latest drivers from Intel or AMD.
  • Turn on the Virtualization technology from the BIOS menu. This will increase the performance a lot, making the emulator smoother and better.
  • Check the hard drive storage of your computer and ensure that you have more than 20 GB of it. If you are running out of space, free some of your hard disk storage. You can also back up your files to free up some space.
  • Lastly, you need to install or update the .Net framework and Visual C++ Redistributable. This is only applicable to Microsoft Windows users.

How to Download Gaana App For PC Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

The installation method for the Gaana app on PC has multiple options; you can use an emulator or simply go to the Windows Store and get it.

First, we’ll have to discuss the installation method of the Gaana for PC using an emulator program. However, ensure that you have a good computer spec before you try it.

If you have an old and not so fast computer, the emulator might not work for you. Otherwise, check the following information for the list of its requirements.

Method 1 – Using Bluestacks to Download Gaana App for PC

To install the Android version of the Gaana app for PC, you need an emulator. You can choose either the BlueStacks emulator or Nox Player.

Both of these emulators are excellent and top performers. However, in this guide, we will only discuss the installation of the BlueStacks. But don’t worry about it if you want to use Nox because the method is almost the same.

Now, to install the BlueStacks successfully, keep on reading and follow the method listed below.


1. Downloading BlueStacks – Get the installer from their website and download it. To do this, open your favorite web browser and search for it.

2. Installing BlueStacks – After you have the installer, double click it to start the installation wizard of the BlueStacks, accept the installation agreement, and click the install button to start it.

3. Running the emulator – Once you finished the installation, open it from your desktop and start the setup of your account, specifically, Play Store.

4. Download Gaana App – After the configuration of the Play Store, open it and search for the Gaana app. Click the download to start the installation. Finally, you can start using the Gaana app on your PC once you completed the installation.

Method 2 – Get Gaana App for PC From Windows Store

An alternative way to install the Gaana app for PC is to download the installer directly from the Windows Store. This is easier to do than installing the emulator.

To get it, all you need to do is to go to the Windows Store and type this app. Once you found it,  click the Get button and the download will start.

Once it has successfully been installed, open your start menu and look for it on the search bar. Click its icon once you found it, and that’s how you can download and install this application on your PC.

Features Of The Gaana App

YouTube video

Over 45 Million Of Song

This application has a lot of songs available on it. Any songs that you may think of can be found on the Gaana app.

High-Quality Music

It delivers high-quality music that you can surely enjoy listening to the songs.

Always Updated

Whenever new music comes or is produced, the Gaana app is one of the applications that will have it in no time.

Embedded Lyrics

If you still do not memorize the song but wanted to sing it, there’s nothing to worry about it because it has lyrics so you can read and sing the song accurately.


1. Is there any other way to run the Gaana App on my PC?

If you don’t like the emulator or the Windows Store app of the Gaana, then you can also go to its official website. They have the web app version, and you can play music on it. This is also a great way to run it on a Mac PC.

2. Does Gaana App for PC eat a lot of hard drive space?

This application is lightweight; therefore, it won’t consume a lot of space on your device. However, if you wish to download MP3 songs or music on it, it will start to consume space, so keep an eye on your storage to keep your device healthy.

3. I want to use another emulator instead of BlueStacks, can you suggest me another one?

In our opinion, BlueStacks is the best one you can get. If you encounter some issues with it, you can also try the Nox Player, which is also suitable for the emulation of the Gaana app for PC.


Listening to music is a hobby for most of us. With the Gaana app, you can listen to your favorite song for free. And the good thing is you can download and use the Gaana on your Windows PC or Mac with the following method above, so the smartphone is not your only option for it.

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