Install And Play Gacha Club On PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 Or Mac

The Gacha Club is one of the most popular animated adventure apps that was made by the Lunime company that can be download and installs for the Android and iOS devices. As of now, this app has millions of downloads and keeps on getting higher every day. Many people also love this app because of its cute and animated characters. If you are using your computer regularly and wanted to use the Gacha Club for PC, make sure that you read and follow the steps here.

Before we discuss it, we will tell you first some of the features of the Gacha Club.

Key Features Of The Gacha Club For PC


Create Your Characters

In the Gacha Club, you can design a cool character or avatar. It has a lot of character slots with over 90 extra characters. It also allows you to change the colors of almost any of your items to match your styles.

Unique Pose

With over 600 different poses, you can choose and apply the best one for you.

Pets System

There’s also a pet that you can add with your character to add a companion.

Import Other People Template

If you ever have a friend that gives you their character templates, you can import it to yours so you can copy it and apply it to your character.

Studio Mode

From here, you can add up to 10 characters on the screen and add your favorite pets, including objects to the scene. There’s also an option that allows you to change the foregrounds and backgrounds.

You can also set the characters to talk to each other by applying custom text boxes, including your pets. In Studio Mode, it also allows you to add a story-telling scene with narrators.

If you are planning on making different scenes, don’t worry because you can add for up to 15 different ones. Lastly, you can use the face presets to change the expression of your character’s face.

Battle And Gacha

There are over 180 units that you can use during the battle and choose a pet or companion that will increase your stats. During the Gacha, there’s a chance that you can get a very rare corrupted character, including DJ.

If you want to improve your characters, you can use materials that will enhance or awaken your characters and increase their skill levels.

From the battle menu, you can also choose different modes, including the Story, Shadows of Corruption, or the Tower, it is all up to you!

Mini-Games Included

If you get bored or wanted to try something, you can play fun mini-games such as Mascot Whack or Usagi vs. Neko, and many more. This will allows you to collect gem rewards that you can use to get more characters from the Gacha menu. The mini-games are also free to play so that you can farm for many gems and use them even without an internet connection.

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  • The developers are regularly updating it to add more clothing and colors.
  • It allows you to modify from the foregrounds to make the editing more accessible and get cute ideas.
  • It has a lot of slots available so you can apply different looks of your character.


  • This game lags for older devices.
  • New users can be overwhelmed with its confusing character modification window.

Requirements Of The Gacha Club For PC

Before you can run it, you must ensure that your computer will be able to install and run the Gacha Club on your PC. To find out the specs requirements, read the details below.

  • Your laptop or computer must have a dual-core processor or better and capable of running at least 1.5 GHz.
  • It requires computer RAM with 4 GB or more.
  • Your hard drive storage must be more than 10 GB.
  • It needs an updated graphics driver.
  • For emulators, you need to enable the Virtualization Technology that can be found on the BIOS.

Once you have the following, you are now ready to install the Gacha Club on your Windows PC/ Mac.

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How To Download Gacha Club for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7

There are two methods to install the Gacha Club app. You can either choose to install it using an android emulator or use the direct Windows version.

Keep in mind that the android version of the Gacha Club app provides you more benefits since it has more features because the Gacha Club on Windows has several limitations.

Now, if you decided to use the emulator program to install it, read the details on how to download and install an emulator.

Installation Of BlueStacks Emulator

The BlueStacks emulator is the one we are going to recommend for running the Gacha Club app on your PC. You can also try another android emulator, but it is highly recommended to stick on this one.

Now, to get the BlueStacks, make sure to follow the written steps here.


  1. Save the installer of the BlueStacks into your computer. You can get the official installer from its official website.
  2. Execute the setup file of the BlueStacks emulator and then install it. During the installation, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection.
  3. Open the BlueStacks emulator from your computer and then go to Play Store.
  4. Start Logging in your Play Store account ID.
  5. Use the search bar and find the Gacha Club.
  6. Hit the button for download and wait for it to finished.
  7. Browse the home of the BlueStacks emulator and check for its shortcut then click it.
  8. Now, you can enjoy using the Gacha Club on your PC using an emulator.

Playing Gacha Club For PC Without Emulator

This is another way to install the Gacha Club app on PC. Although it is much easier to install it, if you have already enjoyed using this app from an emulator, it is suggested that you stick with it. Otherwise, you can also try it if you want.

All you need to do is to download the Gacha Club from this link and then extract it to your computer. Now, find the Gacha Club.exe and create a shortcut on your desktop. Open it to start using this game on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

I installed the Gacha Club on my PC but the Units, Gacha, Battle, and Minigame are disabled, how to fix it?

This is why we recommend using the mobile version of the Gacha Club and run it on your computer using an emulator. The missing features are only available on it. Currently, it is not available on the Windows version.

Will my computer get a virus if I use it?

No, it is safe, and you can trust the BlueStacks. It won’t put any harmful files on your computer. Also, the windows version of the Gacha Club is safe and does not have a virus.

I used the emulator, but my computer freeze, help!

The reason for this is your hardware or computer itself is not powerful enough for running it. Make sure that your PC has the minimum specs requirements or better. See the topic above to check it.

Final Words

The Gacha Club is one of the best adventure games available for Android, especially for animated ones. Even if you don’t use your smartphone regularly, you can enjoy the Gacha Club on your PC because it has a Windows version, and you can also use the emulator to run the mobile version into your Windows PC.

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