Download And Install Goodreads For PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac

Books are the backbone of our knowledge. It can provide useful tips, data, and much other information. Without books, you won’t be able to achieve your dreams. We won’t also know about the history of our world. In today’s technology, reading books from your smartphone or computer is digitally available. This made possible by downloading the Goodreads for PC.

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Features Of Goodreads For PC


Scan And Detect The Book Covers

With this feature, you can instantly find out different read reviews and add them to your read shelf so that you can start reading it later.

You Can Get Personalized Recommendations

There are millions of books available, and in reality, you won’t be able to know all of them. This makes the recommendations a great tool to save and read books base on your preferences.

Find Out The Featured Books

With the Goodreads app, it can show you the hottest and trendiest book available that you can find interesting to read.

Connect With Your Friends

This feature lets you see what your friends are reading and recommend a book.

Free Service

The Goodreads app itself is free and does not have any hidden costs. But keep in mind that some books require you to buy or borrow it.

Keep Track With Your Books

Sometimes, it can be confusing to keep track, especially if you read so many books. With this feature, you have a log of the books you finished and planning to read later.

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How To Install Goodreads For Windows 11/10/8/7 or Mac

This application can be download and use for free by going to the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also find it from the Apple App Store.

For some people, studying and reading are more comfortable on a bigger screen monitor, that’s why they are more comfortable when reading from a computer.

When you look for the Goodreads app, you won’t be able to see an installer for PC/Mac. Thus, your only option is to browse its website or run the Android/iOS version of it.

In this article, we can teach you how to run the Goodreads app on your Windows PC using an emulator software. An emulator is an excellent choice if you find an Android app, but you cannot see an installer for Windows.

With an emulator, you can create an Android environment inside your computer. Thus, giving you the power to run any Android app like Goodreads on your PC.

Before jumping to the installation method, it is highly recommended to install the prerequisite software and hardware requirements.

  • The OpenGL and DirectX must be installed on your PC.
  • Your graphics driver must be running and updated to the latest version.
  • You need to have a processor that has a minimum of 1.5 GHz speed.
  • Your PC memory must be more than 2 GB.

When you have the following, you can start proceeding to the installation of an emulator.

Installing Nox App Player

To download the Goodreads on your computer, we recommend that you use and install the Nox App Player. The Nox Player is a widely used emulator, and many people appreciate its technology.

It is fast and responsive that allows people to run apps like Goodreads on their PC. To download and install the Nox Player, read the instruction listed here.


  • Open another tab on your web browser and go to
  • Start typing for the Nox App Player and enter their website.
  • Find the download section and grab the installer for your PC/Mac.
  • Save the installer on your computer and then run it.
  • Agree to its license terms and conditions and then install it.
  • Find the Nox App Player on your desktop and double click to start it.
  • Now, check the Google Play Store and open it.
  • From here, you must enter a valid Gmail account to start logging in your account.
  • Once you can access the Play Store, you can now look for the Goodreads app by looking for it on the search bar.
  • After you found it, click the “Install” button to start saving it and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Check the home of the Nox App Player and find it.
  • Hover your mouse to its icon and click it to start using the Goodreads app on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an emulator to use the Goodreads for PC?

If you are talking about the app for smartphones, then yes, you need an Android emulator to run it on your computer. However, they also have a website, and you can also browse it without the use of an emulator.

How To Increase Speed Of Emulator?

The emulator relies a lot on your computer processor. In order to emulate correctly, you need to have a modern or fast PC. You can refer to the information above for the minimum requirements of this app.

It Shows An Error About Virtualization

An emulator program may run even without this option turned on. However, if your processor supports Intel VT-x or AMD-v, you might need to consider enabling it. When you enable this option, the emulator program will run more smoothly and responsive eliminating lag issues.

Is It Safe To Run The Nox App Player On Windows PC?

Yes, this emulator is perfectly safe. If you get a notification about your antivirus, it is just a false positive. Millions of people download and use an emulator, including us, so that you can trust it completely.

I Can’t Access Google Play Store, Help!

The most common issue of this problem is your internet connection. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and the antivirus and firewall do not block it. If the following is not the issue, then your internet connection may be blocked or limited. Your other option is to access the Google Play Store from an excellent VPN service. Or you can also install the Goodreads APK on the emulator.


Reading your favorite books from a bigger screen is always better, especially for people who have a poor vision. Downloading the emulator and running the Goodreads for Windows is easy to do and an alternative way to read even without your smartphone.

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