Download Loklok for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

This article aims to provide you with a user-friendly guide on how to effortlessly download and install Loklok on your PC (Windows and Mac). By following our concise instructions, you’ll be able to seamlessly bring this app onto your computer and begin enjoying its features and functionalities.

So, let’s get started without any delay and begin the process of getting this app on your computer.

Loklok app for PC

Loklok is a comprehensive video streaming app that aims to enhance your viewing experience. With its multilingual subtitles, an extensive collection of film and television content, a history tracking feature, and a user-friendly interface, Loklok provides a seamless and immersive platform for enjoying your favorite movies and shows.

loklok for pc

Let’s explore the key features that make Loklok a must-have app for video enthusiasts.

App Name Loklok
Developer lokcenter
Release Date Dec 22, 2022
File Size 158 MB
Version Compatibility Android 5.0 and up
Category Entertainment

Loklok Features

Multilingual Subtitles

Loklok offers multilingual subtitles that help you better understand the video content, making it accessible to a broader audience. Whether you prefer watching content in your native language or wish to explore foreign films, Loklok has got you covered.

Extensive Content Library

With a vast collection of film and television content, Loklok ensures that you never run out of entertainment options. Whether you’re into the newest hit films, timeless classics, or highly-rated television series, there’s a wide selection to cater to every individual’s preferences.

History Tracking

Loklok keeps track of your viewing history, allowing you to easily resume watching from where you left off. Regardless of the device you use, this feature guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience, ensuring a hassle-free transition between different devices.

Smooth HD Playback

Experience high-definition playback like never before with Loklok’s optimized streaming capabilities. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with impeccable picture quality and minimal buffering.

User-Friendly Interface

Loklok features a concise and clear interface, making navigation and content discovery a breeze. The app is designed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing you to find and watch videos effortlessly.

How to Download Loklok for your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

In order to use Loklok on your Windows or Mac computer, all you need to do is follow these straightforward steps. First, you’ll need to have an Android emulator installed, which is software that allows you to run Android apps on your computer. Once you have the emulator installed, you can choose from two simple methods provided below to download Loklok onto your Windows or Mac system.

Method #1: Download Loklok on PC using Bluestacks

Step 1: Begin by visiting the official Bluestacks website at From there, locate and download the latest version of the Bluestacks emulator software.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, proceed with the installation of Bluestacks on your PC. Simply run the setup file and carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

Step 3: After the installation process, launch Bluestacks and patiently wait for it to load fully.

Step 4: On the Bluestacks home screen, you will find an application called Google Play Store. Look for it and click to open. If this is your first time using the Play Store, you will be prompted to sign in using your Gmail account details.

Step 5: Inside the Play Store’s search bar, type “Loklok” and press enter. This action will initiate the search for the Loklok app within the Play Store.

Step 6: Upon finding the Loklok app, locate and click on the “Install” button to begin the download process. Once the installation is finished, you will discover the Loklok icon conveniently placed on the Bluestacks home screen. By simply clicking on this icon, you can instantly launch and enjoy Loklok on your PC.

Method #2: Download Loklok on PC using MEmu Play

Step 1: To proceed with this method, first, access the official MEmu Play website at Once there, locate and download the MEmu Play emulator software, which is specifically designed for PC usage.

Step 2: After the download is complete, proceed to install MEmu Play on your PC by following the provided instructions meticulously.

Step 3: Once the installation process is successfully finished, open MEmu Play on your computer. Take a moment to ensure that it loads entirely before proceeding.

Step 4: Within the MEmu Play interface, you will find the Google Play Store. Access it by clicking on its icon. In case you haven’t signed in to your Gmail account yet, you will be prompted to do so at this stage.

Step 5: Use the search bar provided within the Play Store and enter “Loklok” as your search query. Hit enter or click the search icon to proceed.

Step 6: Upon locating the Loklok app within the Play Store, click on the “Install” button to initiate the download. Once the download is complete, the Loklok icon will be prominently visible on the MEmu Play home screen. By clicking on this icon, you can launch Loklok and enjoy its features directly on your PC.

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Amazon Prime Video offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and unique content. It provides special advantages for members of Amazon Prime, such as entry to the extensive collection of Prime Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Loklok?

Loklok is a mobile network video playback client designed for mobile devices. With this incredible tool, you can effortlessly discover and enjoy a vast collection of videos, such as the newest movies, TV shows, animations, and much more. It simplifies the process of finding and watching these videos, making it a breeze for users.

Can I watch videos offline with Loklok?

Indeed, Loklok is equipped with a remarkable feature that simplifies your experience by enabling offline video caching. This means you can conveniently download videos and enjoy them at your convenience, even without an internet connection. So go ahead, download, and watch videos whenever and wherever you like.

How can I find videos to watch on Loklok?

This app provides several features to help you find videos easily. You can use the recommendation feature, view your watch history, mark videos as favorites, and use the search function to quickly find the videos you want to watch.

Will I be able to keep track of my favorite videos?

Yes, Loklok allows you to mark videos as favorites, making it convenient for you to revisit and watch them again whenever you want.

Can I watch highlights or important scenes from videos again?

Absolutely! Loklok provides a feature that allows you to mark highlights or important scenes in videos, ensuring that you never miss them again.

Does Loklok offer a variety of video categories?

Yes, Loklok offers a rich selection of video categories, making it easy for you to enjoy a wide range of shows. Whether you’re interested in movies, TV series, or animations, you’ll find options to suit your preferences.

Is the video playback quality good on Loklok?

Loklok ensures a high-definition and smooth playback experience, allowing you to enjoy videos with excellent visual quality and seamless streaming.

Does Loklok support multilingual subtitles?

Yes, Loklok provides multilingual subtitles, which can help you better understand the videos you’re watching, even if they are in a different language.


Loklok offers a captivating video streaming experience with its multilingual subtitles, extensive content library, history tracking feature, smooth HD playback, and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a movie buff or a TV show enthusiast, Loklok provides a platform to explore and enjoy a wide range of popular videos. By delivering a seamless streaming experience and keeping you engaged with its compelling features, Loklok ensures that you have a memorable and immersive entertainment journey.

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