Download Netvue for PC (Windows 11/10/8 & Mac)

This article is designed to be your complete guide for effortlessly downloading and installing Netvue on your PC (Windows and Mac). By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily get Netvue up and running on your computer. Once the installation is done, you can begin to explore and make the most of all the app’s features and functions.

Now, without any delay, let’s begin the process and get started on bringing this wonderful app to your computer.

Netvue app for PC

Netvue is a platform to access your smart home products related to the brand. In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and security are paramount, the integration of smart home technology has become increasingly popular.

With Netvue, you can elevate your home’s security, monitor your environment, and gain control over your appliances effortlessly. In this article, we’ll explore the features of Netvue, suggest five similar apps that cater to unique needs, answer eight unconventional FAQs, and conclude with the promise of a smarter, more connected future.

netvue for pc

App Name Netvue – In Sight In Mind
Developer NetvueTeam
Release Date Feb 22, 2012
File Size 136 MB
Version Compatibility Android 5.0 and up
Category Video Players & Editors

Features of Netvue

Security Surveillance

Netvue provides cutting-edge security solutions with high-definition camera systems. Monitor your home in real-time, receive alerts for suspicious activities, and even communicate with visitors through two-way audio.

Environmental Monitoring

Stay updated on your home’s environment with Netvue’s environmental monitoring devices. Keep tabs on different air factors.

Appliance Control

Access the lights, thermostat settings, or schedule tasks from the convenience of your mobile device, saving energy and enhancing comfort.

Cloud Storage

Netvue offers storage through cloud solutions to store and manage your files. Be at peace because your data is secure and usable whenever.

Smart Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Netvue with other products and platforms for a unified and streamlined smart home experience.

How to Download Netvue for your PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

Downloading Netvue on your Windows or Mac computer is very easy! Just follow these simple steps. First, you’ll need an Android emulator, a handy tool that lets you run Android apps on your computer. Once you have the emulator set up, you have two straightforward options to download Netvue. It’s really as easy as that. Let’s begin!

Method #1: Download Netvue PC using Bluestacks

Step 1: Start by visiting Here, you can find and download their special software. The Bluestacks app is like a magical doorway that brings Android apps to your computer. And yes, this includes Netvue!

Step 2: After you’ve downloaded Bluestacks, install it by following the instructions, just like building something step by step.

Step 3: Once Bluestacks is up and running, open it. This step makes your computer ready to run the Netvue app.

Step 4: Inside Bluestacks, you’ll see the Google Play Store. It’s like a digital shop filled with apps. Click on it and log in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Inside the Play Store, search for “Netvue” using the search bar. When you find the right app, click on it.

Step 6: Ready to bring Netvue into your computer? Hit the “Install” button.

Step 7: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the Netvue icon on the Bluestacks main screen. Give it a click, and there you go – you’re all set to enjoy Netvue on your computer. It’s like having a mini Android device right there!

Method #2: Download Netvue on PC using MEmu Play

Step 1: Go to, the MEmu Play website. Download the MEmu Play app, which helps you enjoy Android apps on your PC.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install MEmu Play. Think of it like setting up a new program on your computer.

Step 3: Open MEmu Play on your PC. Let it finish loading so your Netvue experience is super smooth.

Step 4: Inside MEmu Play, find the Google Play Store by clicking its icon. Sign in with your Gmail account.

Step 5: Look for “Netvue” using the Play Store’s search bar. Once you find the official app, click on it.

Step 6: Hit “Install” to bring the Netvue to your PC. The Play Store takes care of all the downloading and installing.

Step 7: Once it’s done, you’ll spot the Netvue icon right on the MEmu Play home screen. Give it a click, and there you have it – Netvue on your PC, ready to enjoy!

Similar Apps


Wink is a versatile app that gives you the ability to manage various smart home products from different producers in one interface, simplifying your home automation.


Wyze offers affordable smart home products and a user-friendly app that lets you monitor and control your devices from anywhere.


Vivint provides a comprehensive smart home solution with professional installation and monitoring services, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a complete package.

August Home

If you’re focused on enhancing your home’s security, August Home offers smart locks and a user-friendly app to manage access to your property.


Nest, by Google, offers a wide range of smart home products, all accessible through just one application.


Can Netvue cameras survive extreme conditions?

Yes, Netvue cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Is it possible to integrate Netvue with third-party security systems?

Currently, Netvue focuses on its ecosystem, but you can explore workarounds and third-party integrations through compatible devices.

Do Netvue environmental monitors require frequent calibration?

No, Netvue’s environmental monitors are pre-calibrated and require minimal maintenance.

Can I access my Netvue camera footage offline?

While real-time access requires an internet connection, you can set up local storage options to access footage offline.

Are there subscription plans for cloud storage, and what do they include?

Yes, they offer subscription plans with varying storage durations and features, such as motion detection alerts and continuous recording.

Do Netvue devices support 5G networks?

Some newer Netvue devices support 5G networks, but compatibility may vary, so check the specifications for each product.

Can I share access to my Netvue devices with family members?

Yes, this app allows you to share access with family members, enabling them to monitor and control devices.

Is Netvue compatible with smart locks for enhanced security?

Yes, Netvue integrates with various smart locks.


With a focus on security, environmental monitoring, and appliance control, they offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the evolving needs of modern homeowners. As technology continues to advance, Netvue is well-positioned to introduce innovative products that will further enhance the convenience and security of our homes. Embrace the future with Netvue, and transform your house into a smart haven where control and peace of mind are just a tap away.

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