Download Nest app for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & MacOS

This article will teach you how to download and install Nest app for PC (Windows and Mac). Make sure that you read this article to learn how to get it working on your PC.

Without any delay, let us start discussing it.

Nest app for PC

The Nest is a company that primarily focuses on producing IP cameras, smart speakers, displays, thermostats, smoke detectors, and many more in the world. It has an application called the Nest App, which is excellent for remotely monitoring its devices. The Google corporation acquired Nest, and they are maintaining it. As of now, the software has been downloaded more than five million times on the Play Store alone. If you own one of its devices and you are looking for a way to download and install the Nest App for PC, you need to follow the instruction here because you won’t be able to install it on Windows or Mac directly.

To ensure that you will be able to install it properly, read the instructions carefully. If you want to know more details about the Nest apps, check the details below.

Nest app Features


Thermostat Controller

It allows you to remotely view the current room temperature and then change it based on your needs. You can also see the overview of how much energy you consume and its reasons. There’s also the temperature schedule, and you can change it the way you want.

Secure Alarm System

The alarm system can be remotely accessed from the Nest App. This feature is beneficial, especially if you want to monitor if someone is entering the door or if the window has been opened. When it detects it, this software will immediately notify you. You can also disarm your alarm remotely if you don’t want to receive an update.

This app also has a motion detector, and when there’s an activity, it has the option to let you talk and have a conversation with people around your device.

Smoke Detection

If there’s smoke around its vicinity, especially carbon monoxide, this can also send you a notification.

Safety Checkup

You can run a diagnostic test to see a brief overview of your sensors, Wi-Fi connection, and even the status of the batteries of your device. This will also let you test your alarms all at once. Once it completed the safety test, you can view the history and see what happened and why.

24/7 Live Monitoring

This software allows you to set and monitor your IP camera anytime you wanted so that you won’t miss any important events or moments.

Full HD Quality Video

When you use this software for your Nest Cam or Dropcam Pro, you have the option to view the videos on a 1080p HD quality video.

Face Alerts

Another great thing about this software is the face alerts that save a history whenever it captures it for up to 30 days.

Why Use the Nest app?

With its so many features, it is no wonder that installing the Nest app on your computer provides you with a lot of benefits, especially for monitoring the activity captured by your Nest devices.

Using only the internet, you can comfortably remote and view the events of your home or around the Nest device’s activity. You don’t even need to get near your device to check and see its status, so you can safely take a vacation while you monitor your house or office.


  • It is maintained and updated by Google company to ensure a great user experience.
  • Anyone can use it easily because it is not complicated to use.
  • It is compatible with almost any Google Nest product.
  • You can get this software for free.


  • Sometimes, it is slow to recognize that you are already at home.
  • The audio is not that great.
  • Some of its features like Nest Aware need a subscription.

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How To Download Nest app for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

The Nest app for the PC can be run if you use emulator software. As of now, the developers have only released an app for phones and tablets.

So, using an emulator program is the best way to run the Nest app for computers. Before we proceed, you must check your computer specification if it can run an emulator program.

  • You need a good processor or a modern one. It must be able to run at at least 1.5 GHz speed or better. Otherwise, if you are using an old computer, just make sure that it has at least two cores or more.
  • You need RAM that has a 2 GB capacity or more. Again, if your computer is old, your only option is to either increase the RAM by upgrading it or by just increasing the virtual memory.
  • For the free space requirements, it is enough to have at least 5 GB. But it is always recommended to have at least 10 GB to ensure that you can have more breathable space.
  • Download the drivers, especially for the graphics because they can fix glitches. When you already have the drivers of GPU, ensure that it has included OpenGL and DirectX because an emulator requires them.
  • If you are not using a macOS, visit the website of Microsoft and then download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable and Microsoft .Net framework.

Finally, you can now start the installation of the emulator once you have the following requirements.

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Nest app for PC Download (Windows & Mac) Using An Emulator

To run the Nest app using an emulator, you can either get BlueStacks or Nox Player. But in this guide, we will only focus on installing it using the BlueStacks. Make sure that you follow the steps below to install it successfully.


  1. Find the installer from the BlueStacks official website. To access the website of BlueStacks, open the Google or Bing page, and then search for it.
  2. After that, save the installer on your desktop for easy access and then run it.
  3. Follow the installation guide and make sure that you agree with its conditions to continue the installation.
  4. While installing the BlueStacks, ensure that your connectivity is stable and fast because it will connect to the internet.
  5. After you completed the installation, open the BlueStacks from your desktop.
  6. The Play Store login will appear, this is nothing unusual, so enter your account to log in from the Play Store.
  7. Now, start looking for the Nest App on the Google Play Store.
  8. Once you found it, click the install button to download it.
  9. The Nest app will be installed on your PC, run it, check your desktop, and double click its icon.
  10. Finally, you have completed the installation of this app on your computer. Start connecting your device and controlling it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we listed the most commonly asked questions and problems when about the emulator. See if your issues are listed below, if not, you can try contacting us, and we will try to help you as soon as we can.

Can I use the Nest App on a PC without using BlueStacks?

If you are looking for an app exactly like the Android app, then no. The official Windows/Mac version of the Nest app is not available for now. But from the website of the Nest app, there’s a page that allows you to log in to your account and view and control your devices from there.

How can I make sure that the emulator is safe?

The BlueStacks emulator is perfectly safe; you can use your antivirus to scan it or have your own research about it. However, if you use another emulator, we cannot guarantee it since some of them are bundled with unwanted programs.

It makes my computer freeze, is it normal?

An emulator requires considerable power from your computer. If your hardware is below its minimum requirements, you cannot run it properly. So make sure that you refer to the above information to check if your computer or laptop has enough power to run it.

I have a virtualization error; how do I make it disappear?

This can be easily fixed if you are using AMD or Intel processor. Most of the models of these processors support virtualization; therefore, you must check your BIOS menu and then enable this technology. When you allowed it, you will feel an additional performance boost and will get rid of that error.

Can I use the Nest App on non-Nest devices?

Unfortunately, this software was designed only for its devices. That’s why you can only use it for controlling Google’s Nest products.


With this tutorial, you don’t have to worry if you do not use your smartphone frequently to check your devices. Now you can use the Nest app an control your devices even if you only use your computer.

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