Transfer Your Files Easily With SHARE Go For PC (Windows 11/10/8/7)

You want to share some important files with your friends or colleagues but do not have an internet connection? Don’t worry! You can use SHARE Go to overcome your problem. SHARE Go allows you to share files with other devices without an internet connection. The good news is the SHARE Go for PC can be run easily.

You cannot only share a variety of files like music, videos, and photos through SHARE Go but also in any format as well. It is a free app that allows the transfer of files at a faster speed. It has over 10 billion users that makes it quite popular.

Let’s discuss some noteworthy features of SHARE Go and how to download SHARE Go on PC?

Features of SHARE Go App


Share Files without Internet

The must mention feature of SHARE GO that makes it popular and reliable is that it lets you share files without an internet connection. Although, we are living in the age of Global Village yet there are some scenarios when we do not have a smooth internet connection. Along with that, sharing large files through the internet takes forever to be transferred which makes it a hectic activity.

So, you can use SHARE Go in this regard. As it allows the users to share their files without an internet connection. This is indeed best for sharing heavy files like seasons and movies with your friends.

Faster Transfer of Files

Every app claims to transfer files speedily without any disruption. But, most of those apps depend on a good internet connection. If your internet connection is not reliable, the app may fail to transfer files smoothly.
However, SHARE GO enables you to transfer the files between different devices without an internet connection up to the rate of 20 MBps.

Share File of any Format

Sometimes, the format becomes the biggest issue while transferring a file. As most of the apps only support specific formats. So, you can neither convert that format as it may affect the quality of the file nor share them.

At that time, you can definitely rely on SHARE Go. It lets you share the files in any format that makes it reliable among other apps. You can share any type of file like audio, video, docs, sheets and images, etc. in multiple formats.


SHARE Go is an entirely free app. Generally, the free apps have a bombardment of ads to fulfill their revenue that is quite irritating. But, despite being a free app, SHARE Go does not have any ads so you can enjoy the transfer of your files without any hindrances.

User-Friendly Interface

An extra fancy design of the app is not mostly liked by people. They prefer to use simple apps with no extra buttons and pop-ups. SHARE Go app has a user-friendly interface that is easy enough to use. It has multiple options to transfer the files according to the compatibility of your device. There are no starting formalities in the app except the send or receive button.

History Option

This app has an option of the ‘history’ that allows you to check that which files have been sent previously.  You just need to click on the option of history, and you’ll get all the records of the previous transfers.

Save your WhatsApp Status

This feature is not related to the app’s function. But, SHARE Go lets you save the WhatsApp status with just a single tap. So, now you can save the WhatsApp status of your friends and enjoy it later.

How to Download SHARE Go on PC – Windows 11/10/8/7?


SHARE Go is an android app but you can install it easily on your PC by following the steps.

Step # 1

First, you need to download an emulator to install this app on your PC. You can download the BlueStacks emulator as it is free and trustworthy as well.

Step # 2

After downloading the emulator, sign in to your Google account (using Gmail credentials).

Step # 3

Now open the Google Play store and search for SHARE Go: File Transfer and Share App.

Step # 4

Now click on the Download option to start downloading. Once installed, click on the app logo on the home screen to start using it.

Similar Apps Of The SHARE Go On PC

Although, SHARE Go is one of the best apps to transfer heavy files between two devices smoothly without an internet connection. It is simple to use and transfer files. But, in case you do not find this app working for you, here are some similar apps that can be used as alternatives to SHARE Go.

Share it

It is also a popular file-sharing app to share files between two devices having the same connection. It also allows you to share multiple types of files like videos, documents, photos, audio, pdf, and others. You can transfer files at a speed of 10 Mbps. It is available for android, IOS, and PC. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it reliable and accessible for users.


This app also allows you to transfer files between different devices without an internet connection. You do not need any wires or cables to transfer the data. It is a free app that is available on multiple platforms.

Along with this, it has a unique option of ‘chat’ as well. This option allows you to chat with other users while transferring the app. this feature is not present in any other file-sharing app. you can share different types of files like videos, audio, and images using this app.


This app is also available for multiple platforms. You can share a variety of files (music, videos, photos) through this app. it lets you transfer the files among the devices having the same connection. This app supports up to 30 languages which makes it easy to use according to your native language. You can share heavy files with no size limit. This app has an amazing feature of group sharing as well.


Sharing files becomes easy nowadays, with a simple app like SHARE Go on PC, you can transfer your files between your computer and mobile phone. Not only that, you can share anything with your friends, families, or loved ones easily.

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