Download SoCatch for PC [Windows 11/10/8/7] With These Simple Steps

Are you tired of hiring a watchman for the security of your home? Or have you been fed up with the performance of your security guards?

If yes, you need a camera app that can provide video surveillance services. For this purpose, the SoCatch application is a perfect match for you.

Here the questions arise: What is the SoCatch app, what are its credible functionalities, and can we download and then install the SoCatch app on Windows PC – 11/10/8/7 or MAC. If you are also exploring the answer to these queries, stop here because you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss all the above queries related to the SoCatch app. So carry on your reading to know about this fantastic app.

What is the SoCatch app?

Whether you want to protect your home or office, or any other property, SoCatch is the ultimate solution for your security. It is the latest version of iWatch DVR that is the H.264+H.265 DVR remote viewer.

This app was developed by andi.pratama and belongs to the category of “productivity” on the Google Play Store. Many people rated it between 4 to 5 stars so and the total is around 4.3 rating. This only proves that it is authentic and many people love using it to secure their environment.

The most crucial point to notice is that you do not need to spend a single penny to use it. It is free of cost, and anyone can use it.

Features of SoCatch


Different video surveillance apps assist you in enhancing the security of your living place. But SoCatch beats all other competitors and has proved itself as a beautiful app. Of course, there are the magic characteristics that make it outstanding. Some of the top features of this app are present below, which will give you a clear idea about SoCatch.

Live Streaming

It does not matter how many cameras you manage through this app; SoCatch always facilitates you to watch live stream videos. In addition, you can see them at any time and at any spot. For this purpose, you can use a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

View Mode

Some users of SoCatch tend to watch videos in the landscape mode. On the other hand, many people use to view videos in the non-landscape mood. SoCatch supports both of its users. Therefore, it provides the landscape and non-landscape view simultaneously.

Time and Event Search

SoCatch offers you “Time search and play” and “Event search and play.” Through this efficient feature, you do not lose any video of any of your cameras. And you can easily explore by utilizing these functionalities.

PTZ and Relay Control

It assists you in securing your home or office with its advanced features like PTZ control and Relay control. It means that you can take snapshots from your camera videos and also conduct zoom videos with the help of SoCatch.

Backup of Data

Many of the people stay worried because of the wastage of data of their videos. But SoCatch does not have this flaw. It provides you an opportunity to back up your recorded videos. But remember, this is available for some devices only.

Easy to use Interface

If you want to use the SoCatch app, you do not need to learn any specialization course. It is comprised of an easy interface with straightforward options. Any person can understand and manage the surveillance cameras through the SoCatch app.

How to Install SoCatch for PC – Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac?

Are you trying to get set-up files of SoCatch for Windows PC/Mac and have failed? If yes, do not worry. The fact is that there is no installer directly available to use SoCatch for PC. For it, you need to get aid from the android emulators.

Whether you want to install SoCatch for Windows or MAC, emulators help you achieve your desired goal. Here we will discuss the installation procedure of SoCatch with popular emulators, Bluestacks. So let us get started!

Method of Installation


  1. First of all, grab the setup file of Bluestacks by going on its official website using your desired browser.
  2. Find the installer of BlueStacks from their website and then start the download.
  3. Once downloading accomplishes, run the installer into your computer.
  4. After the above steps, the icon of bluestacks can be seen on your computer desktop. Otherwise, you can start searching for it from your Windows/Mac search by typing “BlueStacks”.
  5. Double click the BlueStacks to open it. If it takes time, do not quit it because it loads in a few moments at the first time.
  6. After opening, find the search bar that is visible on the home page of the Bluestacks.
  7. Write the SoCatch; it will show the app through Play Store. In case it requires you to log in to your Play Store account, use your Gmail address.
  8. Start the download of this app by clicking the “Install/Download” button.
  9. Be patient while you wait for the installation to complete.
  10. The icon of SoCatch will become visible on the PC once you completed the download.
  11. Double click to open the SoCatch for PC and start to get an advantage from its features.

Alongside the manual installation of Socatch, you can implement another technique. For it, grasp the APK file of SoCatch and install it on Bluestacks. After a few times, Socatch will be install. You can now start this app. This is useful if you can’t log in to your Play Store account on BlueStacks.

Suppose you do not want to use BlueStacks for some reason. In that case, you can also install SoCatch through other emulators like LD Player, MEmu Player, Nox Player, etc. To install these emulators, you have to follow almost the same steps above, and SoCatch will install on your PC with no difficulty.

Alternatives of SoCatch

  1. AtHome Camera – Home Security
  2. Avy Mobile Cvms
  3. Wps-DVR
  4. Divis DVR Viewer
  5. Amcrest View Pro
  6. HRGX
  7. Vantech_v1
  8. Speco Player

YouTube video

Final Words

In sum, we can say that you have to install the Socatch up. It will definitely help you get rid of various threats that you may face at home or office.

In this blog post, we have covered the brief introduction of the Socatch app, its great functionalities, installation guide for Windows or MAC, and some of the common alternatives of this app. We, from appzforpc hope that you learn a plentiful of knowledge regarding this surveillance system app.