CloudEdge for PC – How to Download it? (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

This article will explain CloudEdge and all its capabilities. It will also discuss here the installation guide of the CloudEdge for PC.

Securing one’s home or office has become too difficult these days. Technology can be a hazard also, and many people break security barriers and even hack into security cameras, leaving homes and offices vulnerable to theft.

There is a need for a security application that could not be easily hacked by anyone. An application that would become the eyes and ears of its users – wouldn’t back out in challenging conditions.

There are loads of surveillance apps in the market, providing cloud storage and many other amenities at a price. The application under review today is also a top security app, among others.

The CloudEdge application is a unique home surveillance tool that is more than just an app. It provides ultimate security with no lagging as well as 24/7 monitoring with a two-way intercom.

More About CloudEdge

CloudEdge is a fun Impreza app that has lovely and friendly UI support for its users. The CloudEdge app would connect to a user’s Wi-Fi cameras at a time to provide ultimate security even when the owners are not at home.

The CloudEdge app is available for iOS and Android, but this surveillance tool can also be downloaded on Windows and Mac through an easy shortcut discussed later.

Let’s move on to what the CloudEdge app has more to offer to its users.

Features Of The CloudEdge App


Here are the CloudEdge app’s best features:

Motion Sensors

The motion detector inside the CloudEdge app helps its users to be aware of any suspicious activity. They can receive motion-detected images through Email or app inbox.

Smart Alarm

The CloudEdge app users would receive an alarm notification whenever the camera detects something suspicious.

Intercom Facility

The users can use the CloudEdge app as their intercom. They can connect their Wi-Fi camera speakers with the app and interact 2-way within the premises.

Camera Closure

A single-tap option is available for the users to turn off their cameras when they are no longer needed.

Cloud Storage

The CloudEdge app users can upload their live videos to the cloud for a nominal fee. In this way, important CCTV footage wouldn’t get lost.

360 View

The CloudEdge app lets users rotate the camera to a 360 angle view so that no subtle detail gets missed.


  • Free to use.
  • Real-time video playing.
  • Easy snapshot sharing.
  • Alert notifications.
  • Easy to use.


  • False alarms sometimes.
  • Difficulty in connecting cameras.
  • Irking noises.

How To Download CloudEdge for PC (Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac)

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As told before, the CloudEdge app is only available for smartphones, which means that iOS and Android users can easily download CloudEdge and secure their homes. However, the CloudEdge app designed for PC needs to have specialized software in order to run it.

In addition to that, doing home monitoring on a smartphone isn’t always effective because one might miss little details due to a smaller phone screen. This is why the users of the CloudEdge app demand a more prominent screen OS for enhanced surveillance.

Luckily, the CloudEdge app on a PC, Windows, and Mac could be available. The user only needs to install an Android Emulator like MEmu to download this app.

An Emulator is a small software that can convert a small portion of a user’s PC into a live Android device. That Android OS can work like a typical smartphone, which means that the users can download Android apps and games.

Those who love to play games or do home surveillance prefer emulators like the MEmu because it does not lag during video play, which is crucial for a CCTV live video. Moreover, MEmu also provides different download options for Mac and Windows making it easier to download.

MEmu is also straightforward to use with minimal controls and a full-screen interface. The best part of MEmu is that it provides people with a built-in video recording option to record more live videos on the PC.

Minimum Requirements Of Emulator

The minimum requirements to install MEmu into a computer are:

  • Windows XP or above, or Mac OS X or above.
  • RAM 1 GB.
  • Disk Space 2 GB.
  • Dual-Core AMD or Intel processor.

Note: This is only a minimum requirement. If your PC is almost the same with its minimum specs, you have to expect that your computer won’t be able to run it to the fullest.

Method 1 – Download CloudEdge for PC Using MEmu


Here is how one can download MEmu and CloudEdge app eventually into their PC:

  1. Open any of your preferred PC browsers.
  2. Go to
  3. Download MEmu by clicking the download button according to the OS.
  4. The MEmu Windows and Mac versions will be available separately. Choose the version for your computer.
  5. Click the chosen file.
  6. The MEmu .exe file will download for Windows and the .dmg file for Mac.
  7. Once downloaded, go towards the installer file and double-click on it.
  8. The MEmu installation guide will soon appear.
  9. Accept the end-user agreement.
  10. Click next until you proceed to the next page.
  11. A window will appear asking MEmu’s default installation location.
  12. Users can choose their drive to install MEmu Player.
  13. Click next again.
  14. The MEmu installation will start and will take some minutes to conclude.
  15. The MEmu setup wizard will soon complete the installation.
  16. Click finish to run MEmu on PC.
  17. Launch the MEmu emulator.
  18. Begin the initial steps.
  19. Open the settings.
  20. Now go towards Google Accounts.
  21. Navigate towards Google Play Store.
  22. Go to the search option.
  23. Enter the title “CloudEdge.”
  24. Look for the developer: playstoreappdvlpmnt.
  25. Hit the install button.
  26. Let the CloudEdge app install on MEmu.
  27. The CloudEdge app on your PC will be available in a short time.

Method 2 – Get the CloudEdge app for PC Using Bluestacks

  1. Open the website of the Bluestacks and download the installer.
  2. After that, you need to install the Bluestacks emulator.
  3. Once the emulator has been installed, open the Bluestacks
  4. Now, open the Play Store and use your Google account to log in.
  5. Next, you have to search for the CloudEdge app.
  6. Click the CloudEdge once it appeared on the search.
  7. Click the install button to start downloading it.
  8. When you finished installing it, you can now use the CloudEdge for PC.

Recent Internet Queries

  1. Do users have to pay for CloudEdge?

No, the CloudEdge app is free to use except for video saving.

  1. How much does CloudEdge cost?

It costs $3.99 monthly for a three-day recording time.

  1. Is CloudEdge good?

Yes, it is a good security app.


The CloudEdge app is secure, user-friendly, and provides all the great features a paid surveillance app would provide. Download CloudEdge right away to secure homes and offices.

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